"Getting To Know All A Butt You"-The Game S6, E4 (RECAP)

Yet another episode of The Game! Picking up from last week, Jason and Chardonnay have breakfast with Brittany so they will get to know each other better. Brittany, being the dramatic brat she is, is rude to Chardonnay. However, Chardonnay herself reveals that she has 80,000 in loans and Jason freaks out being the cheap wad he is. Chardonnay continues to defer her loans even though Jason will eventually end up paying for them himself as her husband.

Jason goes to interview Brice, and they eventually talk about relationships. While Brice mentions that his kiss on camera with Keira wasn't serious, Jason casually brings up his spur-of-the-moment marriage to Chardonnay. Brice quickly questions it, but then relaxes because he assumes that Jason was smart enough to get a post-nup. Not the case! The conversation got Jason thinking about who exactly he married.

That night, Jason wakes Chardonnay to talk about her outstanding loans. We realize how much this couple doesn't know about each other's lives and how they want different things (For example, Chardonnay wants kids, but Jason had a vasectomy so that's not really going to work out!). So word to the wise: don't get drunk married to anybody!

The next day, Tasha plans to bribe Chardonnay with clothes so she won't say anything about seeing Tasha and Rick kissing in the car. Chardonnay came to talk to her about Jason and that vasectomy though! However, she takes Tasha up on her offer to

Later, Malik meets up with an investor to talk about his bikini that gets rid of a wedgie for women. His stay-kini is a failure and is very uncomfortable for the model wearing it! It was a total waste of the investor's time, and he walks out, discouraging Malik.

That night, Chardonnay checks Jason's junk, and doesn't believe that he had a vasectomy. He confesses that he didn't. However, he wants to pump the brakes after finding out about her incarcerated brother and student loans on hold. It's clear that, as a couple, they have so much to talk about and get on the same page with. Chardonnay tells him that he better get on board with having a baby or she's walking out. In fact, she tells him that, while she's in the bathroom, he needs to make up his mind! Ultimatum!!

Later, Malik talks to Tee Tee about his failed idea. He's really discouraged because he has no investment or business for after he's through with the game. Tee Tee encourages him to push through and continue his path to a business. I'm actually proud that Malik is even taking this route, instead of focusing so much on girls and booze!

Meanwhile, Chardonnay marches out of the bathroom, demanding an answer from Jason. He always had his life planned out, and Chardonnay was completely opposite of the plan. Life doesn't always happen like we plan, but Chardonnay refuses to give up her dreams of having kids. Jason decides that he wants to step outside of what he knows, and reluctantly decides to have a baby with Chardonnay because he wants to keep her in his life. They decide to wait a few years until Brittany leaves the house, but they both are excited!

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