Guess Who's Bizzack-The Game S6, E6 (RECAP)

Every Tuesday is Game Day! Picking up from last week, the Sabers move in for training camp. While a lot of the players focus on moving in with all of their TVs and material things, Blue merely has a bag and some sheets. One of the players gets on him about the fact that he doesn't have a Sunbeam in his life, saying that the Sunbeams are their main support system. The team also TP's him as a part of rookie orientation!

On the field, Blue struggles to connect with Malik's throws. The team is clearly frustrated, and thinks the Sabers may have made the wrong choice in trading Derwin for him. Jason goes over to talk to Blue, and tells him that he has to extend his arms and snatch the ball, instead of waiting for it to come to him. Jason goes out on the field to show him what he means, and KILLS! Even though he's retired, he does great, and gets loud applause from the sidelines.

Later, Malik skypes with Tasha and Tee Tee and talk about how big of a bust Blue is. Malik doesn't think that he has it. Tee Tee tells Malik that his brand can't afford a losing season. However, Tasha thinks that what Blue needs is a Sunbeam to take his mind off things, and help have his back. However, Malik and Tee Tee think they need to come up with a plan B.

The next day, Tasha and Jazz pop up on Keira and tell her that she needs to support Blue and become a Sunbeam. Keira doesn't see what that has to do with her, seeing as though they are not even together. She declines the offer, and politely asks them to leave.

Meanwhile, Malik meets Jason at his house to talk about Blue. Because Blue's such a disaster, Malik tells Jason that the Sabers want him back! He took the tape of Jason on the field to the practice room, and the team wants to negotiate his contract. They offer him $1 million, but Jason is less than enthusiastic because that's the veteran minimum. Because of what he's done for the team, he feels he deserves much more, and kicks Malik out for even suggesting it.

Back at her condo, Keira gets a call from Blue to ask her to bring him his special pillow to camp. When she refuses, he hangs up on her. It's clear that he wants and needs her support even though they're not official yet.
Later that night, Chardonnay watches the championship video from a few years back. Though Jason still doesn't want to play for the Sabers because of their less than appealing offer, she makes the point that football makes him HAPPY and it's not about the money. It's about the game! Even when he came back from the field, he was ecstatic about his good day. She wants to be a part of that football life that she missed out on, seeing him happy like that.

That night, Keira brings Blue his little special pillow. She asks him if he's okay, and he fakes like he is. Keira tells him that because he has a lot on his plate, she will be there to be his little "sunshine" or "suntan" to support him. Especially since he helped her out with the 75 G's from the auction! They talk more about training camp, and Blue admits how hard it is for him. I love their storyline. They're so cute!

At the end, Jason walks up into training camp, having made the choice to focus on the game and not the money! JASON PITTS IS BACK!
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