"We Gotta Stop Meeting Like This"-The Game S6, E3 (RECAP)

Players come and go, but The Game goes on! Picking up from last week, Pookie and Tasha have FaceTime. She is still in New York, even though the draft is over, which is weird. Pookie can tell a little bit that something's up, but plans to see her in San Diego in a few days. Then it's revealed that Rick Fox is laying right beside her, and they definitely slept together! Which isn't all that surprising, seeing as though he showed up at her door last week.

Tasha freaks out on Rick, who still clearly loves her. This wasn't random sex for him, and he wants to work things out. Tasha thinks she's made a huge mistake messing with him, but Rick calls her out, saying if she was so in love with Pookie, then what was she doing with him? TRUTH!

At the bar that night, Keira and Malik sip on ginger ale, and toast to being rich and famous. Blueprint comes in with Jason, and Keira clearly wants him nowhere around because he messed around with Ciara. Meanwhile Jason tells Blue to enjoy being young and new in the game. They chat and enjoy the night, with everyone eventually migrating over to their table, even Malik, leaving Keira behind and irritated.

The next day, Pookie surprises Tasha in her hotel room. He tries being intimate, but she pushes him away. She tries to pick a fight saying that she needs "consistency" in her life, since Pookie is a security guard for Too $hort. Pookie reiterates that he is committed to their relationship, and they both go to get tattoos of the other's names on them. It's all so stupid, and Tasha is way too old to be trying to force her feelings like this. If you love someone, be with them. Don't lead someone else on, and definitely don't get their name tattoo on you thinking that will bring y'all closer! Pookie definitely feels like something is wrong, and doesn't want to jinx it with a tattoo. He wants to be around her every day, and plans to move his security business to San Diego for her.

At the grocery store, Blue and Keira run into each other (such a coinky dink!). Blue tries to talk to her about New York, and Keira feels like he embarrassed her by sleeping with her friend. She wants them both to go their separate ways, and he agrees. However, later, she sees him moving into her building!

That night, Pookie and Tasha go back to her hotel room. Tasha gets flowers from Rick, and hides it from Pookie. She calls Rick, and tells him to meet her in an hour. She shows Rick her "Pook" tattoo, and they end up making out and having sex in the car regardless. Tasha keeps telling him that she loves Pookie, but she's only trying to convince herself, knowing that she still loves Rick. The ball is in her court. Chardonnay sees her and Rick Fox in the parking lot, and it's not clear if she plans to run her mouth about it or not yet!

In the garage, Keira's car is stuck right when she has to make it to an audition. Of course, Blue sees her as she is trying to change her tire, laughs, and seemingly drives off. However, he comes back to help her out, and gives him her jacket to wear too. He tells her that he understands that she's pissed, and tells her it was just one night. Keira, at first, doesn't want to hear it, but tells him that if he fixes her tire, they can throw in a couple of "pleasantries" here and there. Eventually, they'll get together, but I actually like seeing their progression towards being a couple. They're cute together!

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