"Trashbox"-The Game S6, E5 (RECAP)

Another Game day! Picking up from last week, the Sunbeams host their annual charity auction, with the fine gorgeous men of the Sabers up on the block! It's clear that Keira is eyeing Blue for her date, but guest star Angela Simmons may have her eye on him too! Angela gossips with her friend, saying that Keira is no competition for her, seeing as she's a washed up child star with no money. Keira overhears her, and is determined to prove her wrong!

Meanwhile, Tasha freaks out about the ratchetness of the event (I mean, the Sunbeam prez Jazz is serving pigs in a blanket for appetizers).  However, Pookie is there to calm her down. He loves her, but still has no idea that she's cheating on him.

On the auction block, Blue is first up, and the ladies are ready to bid on that number one draft pick for sure! Blue himself opens up the bidding at $10,000. Angela and Keira go back and forth in the bid, with Keira eventually outbidding her with $75,000.

Later, Chardonnay tells Tasha needs to think twice about her rendezvous with Rick Fox (Pookie might send her to a hospital using only a cell phone like he did a guy at the party!). That night though, Tasha has sex with Rick again in spite of Chardonnay's warning.

Meanwhile, Keira goes shopping at a high end store, but it's clear that she's shopping on a budget after blowing all that money! Tasha and Chardonnay end up at the store, and Tasha confesses that she is still messing with Rick. She is in love with two men clearly. They spot Keira and get her advice, and Keira thinks that whoever the woman is is a total trashbox. Chardonnay talks about her own double love, but Keira believes in transparency when it comes to relationships. Meanwhile, the ladies get Keira to try on a gorgeous dress that is clearly past her budget.

Later, Keira goes out on her date with Blue, where he calls her out on paying 75 G's. The waitress tells her that her tag is out, which Keira clearly kept on to return it later. Her tag keeps popping out, and Blue rips it out for her, accidentally spilling her wine in the process! Needless to say, the night is ruined.

Tasha later goes over to Chardonnay's and tells her she appreciates her having her back. However, she brings Rick over there to have sex. Chardonnay is shocked, and tells Tasha her house isn't a sleazy hotel. However, Tasha flips out on her, saying that it was all Chardonnay's idea for making it seem like it was okay to be in love with two guys. She takes a picture of Rick sitting on the couch to implicate Chardonnay in the whole thing and plans to use her house as a getaway for them. Tasha is being unbelievably reckless with both Rick and Pookie's feelings. I say that even if you are in love with both of them, work out a friends with benefits situation until you figure out what you really want. I know she wants them both, but cheating is not the way.

Back at Keira's room, Blue tries to cheer her up, but she is upset about not having money. She didn't have the money to bid on Blue like that in the first place. She hates the fact that she's judged all the time for being a washed up child star, and tries to keep up appearances to prove to them and herself that she's still relevant. Blue tells her that he understands the pressure of having to live up to expectations. He has no idea how to deal with it either, but believes they can help each other with that. He spots her the 75 Gs and gives her a gentlemanly kiss on the forehead. She invites him in to enjoy the rest of  their dinner together.  I love this start of their relationship. They care about each other, even though they're not together...yet. It's so sweet to watch!

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