"Blue Canvases"-The Game S6, E9 (RECAP)

Time for some Game talk! Picking up from last week, Keira and Blue go for a run, and they stop to talk. It's clear that Blue wants to start a little bit of a romance with Keira, but she brushes him off.
Later, Tasha and Chardonnay go out to the movies, or were about to go anyway. Until we see that Rick Fox sneaked into the car to tell Tasha that he's serious about picking either him or Pookie. Tasha realizes then that she loves him and she can't live without him, so she tells him that she will let go of Pookie. She just asks for a day or two to break the news to Pookie. Then the two of them proceed to start shedding clothes, right while Chardonnay is in the car!
Meanwhile, Malik sneaks in a meeting with Patreece by acting like he is another client. She reiterates that she's not interested in working with him until he's ready to take his brand to the next level. Malik pulls out 50 Gs to show that he's serious about a business venture with her. He likes the way that she does business, and he knows he needs to create something for himself outside of football. Patreece then tells him to meet her at her office at 11 am sharp, or don't bother coming at all.
The next day, Tasha holds a meeting as the new Sunbeam president. She has a list of activities for the pre-season and invites the rookie Sunbeams to sign up. Keira passes, and says that she doesn't think that she'll be a Sunbeam much longer. Tasha promptly kicks the rest of the Sunbeams out to talk to her. Keira thinks that things are getting out of hand when it comes to Blue, and reveals that she is still a virgin!

This all stems from the fact that Keira doesn't want to give her virginity up to the wrong person. She plans to look to her list to guide her. She wants someone who has her back, someone who doesn't think that wining and dining will lead to her pants, and someone who can make her laugh even when things are bad. Yes, she is 25 and a virgin, but there's not a problem with that at all! I personally would rather have been a virgin that to give it up to the wrong guy, so kudos to Keira for waiting!

Later, Tasha plays out a scene with Pookie like she needs space from him because of all of Pookie's stuff everywhere. Now granted, there are boxes everywhere, but she is just looking for any excuse to get rid of him, because she knows that he's a great guy. While rummaging through his stuff, Tasha pulls out a ring that Pookie got just for her (a ring like one that Janet Jackson had when she was married) He promptly asks her to marry him, and her stupid behind says yes! Yes, I wanted to go through the TV and strangle this fictional character. When Rick calls Tasha and asks her if she has broken things off with Pookie. She's says that it's taken care of, knowing good and well that it's not!

The next morning, Malik gets to his meeting late because the elevator was broken down with his meeting on the 35th floor! He hits the stairs, and though a huge struggle, he gets there! However, there was never a meeting, and Patreece had the elevator shut down to test him. She brings in gentlemen that sponsor a new sports drink, and reveals that they wants him to be the spokesperson! Guess that running and sweating was worth it!

That night, Blue goes to see Keira to see why she's been distant from him. She claims she's been busy learning lines for a new indie film she's in, which he asks to help with. When he leans in to kiss her ("part of the script" he says), she backs away. Blue then tries to get closer to her, by talking about how he used to fend for himself too since his parents were both deployed. After running through the lines again, they kiss passionately, and Blue starts unbuttoning Keira's shirt. It's clear that she was ready to give it up to him!

Meanwhile, Tasha calls Chardonnay to reveal that she's engaged to Pookie. Of course, Chardonnay brings up the fact that Tasha still wants Rick, and Jason overhears her bring up his name (already wondering what's going on between them). Chardonnay jokingly plays it off, but it's evident that Jason thinks something's up. Now, whether it's the truth about Tasha, or if he thinks that Chardonnay is the one cheating with Rick, that's to be determined!

Apparently the SEASON FINALE is next week?! I don't know what BET is thinking, or planning to put out new episodes. However, it would be a huge mistake to wait until NEXT YEAR this time to start a new season! There's still so much undeveloped, so unless this season finale is going to be a big kicker or they're coming back in late summer or fall, BET should have produced more episodes. There's no way that fans should have to wait until next January or next April to get new episodes when there was only 10.

So I guess we'll check out the season finale of The Game next week on Tuesday? 10 p.m. only on BET!

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