"How To Lose All Your Phat In One Day"-The Game S6 E8 (RECAP)

Another recap of my show The Game! Picking up from last week, Malikehas a special party to present his newest idea and possibly get investors. Legit inspired by a girl's butt, he created the Phatty Burger! He then proceeds to announce his idea for a new restaurant named Phatty's, and even has girls bring out these burgers shaped like booty! Yet another TERRIBLE idea, but I admire Malik's dedication.

Meanwhile, Keira tries to drag Blue to Malik's party, and tells him that he'll be cool with him after Malik sees that he's with her. Well, not WITH her yet, but friends.

Tasha gets to the party, and sees that Rick is there. Of course, Malik senses that something is going on. Tasha tells Chardonnay that she better run interference and get the Phatty girls away from him. She blackmails Chardonnay into doing it, by announcing that she'll tell Jason about how Chardonnay lets them have sex in their house. Chardonnay quickly goes over to Rick, and it's clear that Rick wants to be in a fully committed relationship with Tasha. However, the minute Tasha walks over to him, Pookie walks in!

Of course, Rick cracks jokes on him, questioning why Rick and Tasha aren't together. Tasha walks away to see Pookie. However, once Pookie sees that Rick is here, he decides to go over talk to him. Meanwhile, Blue and Keira arrive, and they try to find Malik. When Malik's assistant says how good looking Blue and Keira look together, Blue decides to play a game. Every time someone assumes they're a couple, they take a shot! And as great as they look together, they're definitely going to get drunk quick!

Malik meets with a potential investor Patreece, and really did his homework on her. She tells him that she thought the presentation was "cute," but the idea is not for her. She doesn't believe that this venture is going to help his brand go to the next level, which is true. I mean, all of his ventures seem to be focused on the anatomical parts of a woman, so he needs to move on to something different!

Later, Pookie announces to Tasha that Rick wants him to be his bodyguard while he's in San Diego. At first, Tasha thinks he's joking, but he isn't. Chardonnay confronts Rick for Tasha, who is speaking to her through a headpiece in Chardonnay's ear. He tells Tasha that it's time for her to choose between him and Pookie once and for all. This bodyguard thing may just be a way to do that.

Meanwhile, Malik tries to get at Patreece later to try to win her over with a romantic adventure, but she's obviously not impressed. She rips up her business card, and walks away. However, Malik takes Patreece's words to heart, and shuts the Phatty's idea down. He even tells his assistant to get in contact with Patreece to work this out.

At the end of the night, both Blue and Keira are HAMMERED. They have an awkward good night handshake, but end up kissing! You know, I really HATED the idea of a new couple coming in, especially taking the place of Melanie and Derwin. However, I really, REALLY love Blue and Keira's storyline. Jay Ellis and Lauren London have great chemistry together, and it's so cute to watch the progression of the characters' relationships. I'm a hopeless romantic!

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