"Welcome To The Jungle"-The Game S6 E7 (RECAP)

I need to set a reminder on my phone or something to watch The Game Tuesday nights. I'm always forgetting until the next day (life is busy but I love it)! Picking up from last week, Jazz hosts a Sunbeam meeting at Tasha's, introducing the Sunrays (the newer Sunbeams that are just joining the club). Chardonnay introduces herself as Jason's wife (wife #2, a member points out), and says that she's excited to join the volunteer work that the Sunbeams do. Keira also states that, even though she and Blue are NOT together (yet), she has some affiliations with non-profit organizations that they could work with. Jazz quickly shuts them up though, pours out more liquor, and brings out strippers! What in the world?!

Tasha shuts it down quick, saying that Jazz didn't ask and kicks all of the strippers out. Jazz tells everyone that the Sunbeams need to step it up in the skybox, looking like 10s at all times. Meanwhile, Chardonnay calls Jason and tells him that she doesn't want to be a Sunbeam because they're all crazy, and could be a great football wife without that. Jason tells her that she needs to stick with it, throwing in a little jab that ex-wife Kelly was the president back in the day.

In their tape review, a coach tells a Saber to grab his playbook and come with him, indicating that he's been cut. At that moment, Jazz gets a call from her husband and tells the wife that her husband has been cut, and she has to go. It's training camp, and no one is safe. Tasha calls Jazz out for her lack of leadership skills, and brings up the fact that Kelly would never do that (or half the stuff Jazz does really). Chardonnay then offers up a little get together with wine for the Sunbeams to try to make nice.

Meanwhile, Blue is struggling in training camp, especially when the team pranks his room, painting all of his stuff blue. Jason tells him that it's all a part of the camp, and that he just needs to get even. However, the team gets Jason too by painting his room yellow (he is a little light bright!).

At her spa night, Tasha asks Keira about Blue, and asks her why they're not together. He's not going to be on the market long. Keira tells him that they're just friends. Meanwhile, one of the Sunbeam vets throws shade at Keira about being a washed up child star, acting so superior because she's been there longer, irritating Keira.

At camp, Blue makes a video and brings in the team to watch. While the team was off eating, he brings in homeless guys to use their stuff (mouthwash, toothbrushes, underwear, etc!). Needless, to say the team is PISSED!!!!!! They even start to CHOP his door down to get to him!

Keira, meanwhile is getting hit hard by Jazz and another vet, and Keira is ready to go OFF! She is pissed, and is showing her angry side. Chardonnay pulls her to the side, and lets her know that the key is to make sure that these woman don't drag her to ugliness. Keep your composure and dignity. However, Chardonnay loses it when Jazz talks about messing with Jason, and goes RIGHT for her jugular! Tasha gets them ALL together, telling her that all of those players are fighting to keep their cushy lives. She tells them that the Sunbeams back in the day understood the game, and toasts to herself for being the last woman standing. She even makes herself the new president, which I'm all for, because the Sunbeams have become trashy (*side eye Jazz*)!

Back at Blue's room, the team tied him up with nasty dirty hobo clothes. Jason tells him that he has to play the game. All of them were leaders, and he's not better than anyone. Jason tells him that he needs to figure out a way to become a part of the team, before he's not anymore. Later, the rookies host a talent show in cheerleading uniforms. Blue makes a special surprise appearance, dressed up in all blue, and sings a little song about learning his lesson and being a part of the team, gaining their respect.

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