Danity Kane In The Studio?!

Look who's back! After rumors of a possible Danity Kane reunion kicked off a while back, the girls might actually be pulling it off! Last night, group members Shannon Bex, Aubrey O’Day, Dawn Richard and Andrea Fimbres, hit the studio with Freshm3n 3 (producers of Chris Brown’s song ‘Love More’) for a recording session! The studio was even the same studio that their sophomore album Welcome To The Dollhouse was recorded in!

Dawn is still working on her solo career as an independent artist, planning to release her sophomore album, Blackheart, in October!

Looks like this reunion might seriously be happening! And without Diddy and Bad Boy, which I'm actually A-Ok about! I'm excited for them! I wish that D. Woods was a part, but she's chosen not to participate, which is fine. Four out of five ain't bad at all! It would definitely be a great time for them to make a comeback. Female groups are seriously lacking in music nowadawys. There are some great ones of course, but since the 2000s there has been a huge decline. Danity Kane could come back and make a great impact if they play this right!

Are you excited for a Danity Kane reunion?

Image via Aubrey O'Day

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