Hollywood Exes S2, Episode 2 (RECAP)

Another Sunday night gone, another recap of Hollywood Exes! Picking up from last week, Nicole goes to Sacramento to spend time with his family after his father's passing. Her mom is hanging in there, but is still very much in shock. His father decided that he didn't want a funeral, but a celebration of life, so Nicole is planning that with her family, complete with a slideshow and karaoke! Funerals can be depressing, so this will be a happy time for her to remember her dad. She's sad that she couldn't make it in time to say her final goodbyes, but what's important is that she spends time with her fam now.

Later, Jessica meets up with Mayte to talk to her about this adoption, which Jessica thinks is moving pretty fast. She's excited for Mayte, and gets her a single mother's guide to raising a kid, but she is also honest with her that this will be tough. Mayte kind of gets annoyed because she doesn't want to hear all of the doubt when she's so happy, but she lets it go at the dinner. Jessica is just the type with no filter. We all know those, who voice their opinion on everything, giving unsolicited advice. If I'm honest, I can be the same way too, thinking that I'm "just trying to help." But sometimes friends just need love and support, not advice.

Meanwhile, Andrea meets with her assistant Tony to figure out what jobs she can take on to make money, so that she can pay others. She's not cool just being an ex-wife that collects checks. She wants to go out and fulfill her dreams to be a good example to her kids.

The next day, Nicole reminisces with her mom over some pictures that she finds of her dad. She finds a picture of her parents for her mom's 80th birthday, which is the last time that all of them hung out together. However, her mom, even at 80, is so full of life and FUNNY!

Mayte and Andrea go shopping, where Mayte reveals her conversation with Jessica the other night. Of course, Andrea gets upset about it, because she thinks that Jessica needs to use her filter and stop getting into people's business. Mayte didn't want to have a confrontation with her, because Jessica is very headstrong about her opinions. She says that "that's just Jessica," which makes Andrea's blood boil.

In Sacramento,  Nicole goes with her mom and older brother Nathan to check out their old neighborhood. Nicole hadn't been there since she was 17. She grew up with such a different life that her kids, but she appreciates where she comes from and values the childhood she had. They see Nicole's old elementary school and the family apartment. She waves over one of the kids Mimi who actually lives in her old room now! It was a good time for the three to reminisce and reflect on where they came from.

Meanwhile, Jessica makes a family dinner for Josie's birthday, including Jose as well. She invites them to see pieces from her clothing line, JC Collections. Her pieces are definitely for Hollywood folks with money, with some pieces going for $5000! They have dinner, and update each other on what's going on with in their lives. The conversation goes to who Jessica is dating and how old this new guy is. Jose apparently always has something bad to say about her boyfriends, but that's because he still have feelings for her. He even says that the only time he was really happy in love was when he was married to Jessica. Josie talks about how she's fallen in love, to which Jose tells her that she'll know real love later in life. And, if she loses him, that pain will stick with her forever, he adds. Seems like he's thinking of a special person of his own there!

Meanwhile, Sheree, Mayte and Andrea go out to dinner, and they talk about Andrea and Jessica's unresolved issues. Andrea feels like she's not going to go out of her way to change Jessica, but wonders why she acts the way she does. Sheree asks her if she cares enough to have a conversation with her about it. Andrea does care about Jessica, and she can't just sit by and let Jessica continue to do what she does. That's definitely a conversation they will have.

At Monika Chiang's, Nicole invites all of the girls to come shopping. Jessica arrives and immediately feels the tension between her and Andrea. Jessica is being Jessica, chatting with all of the girls, but, because of this tension, Andrea can't stand it. She pulls Jessica to the side to figure things out. Jessica tells her that she is who she is, and will say what she continues to say, but if Andrea has a problem, say something at the time. Don't let it fester. Jessica realizes that she has to be more careful about what she says, but hopes that they can move forward. The two are a work in progress. Andrea still doesn't trust her, but I'm hoping that they will get back to normal eventually.

The next day, Mayte gets a call from her lawyer about the adoption. She can actually go pick up the baby now! The mom signed the adoption papers, and now Mayte can be a mom to this little baby! She goes to tell Nelly, who is not all that excited, but plans to support her. It was definitely a very fast adoption, but if Mayte's happy, that's all that should matter. So excited for her! And, next week, Mayte shows off the new addition to her family to the rest of the ladies!

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