Hollywood Exes S2, Episode 3 (RECAP)

Another great night of Hollywood Exes! Picking up from last week, Mayte and Nelly go on a last minute shopping trip for the new baby! Mayte has absolutely nothing for her new daughter, so she definitely has to get on it. The two are both so overwhelmed, but manage to get the bare essentials. Nelly gets a little excited and distracted with the shopping, but together, she and Mayte manage to get what they need for when the baby arrives.

Meanwhile, Sheree and her husband Terrell have officially sold the house in San Diego, with Terrell planning to move to L.A. to spend more time with his wife. Sheree goes through his stuff and wants to get rid of a lot of things, but Terrell has "quality items" he wants to keep. Sheree is going to have to get used to sharing her space again!

Later, Nicole tells her mom that she was approached by the Associates for Breast and Prostate Cancer Studies to accept an award for her work with the association. She's very nervous for her speech, though her mom tries to encourage her. Nicole definitely plans to fight past the nerves, though, because she wants to raise money and bring awareness to find a cure for cancer.  Her mom tells her that she is proud of her daughter, and that Nicole's father would be proud of her too.

Sheree goes over to Jessica's later on in the episode, because Jessica needs some advice on her boyfriend. She wonders if she should move in with her boyfriend or take it slow. She openly admits it's not like her relationship with Jose. Sheree tells her that if she doesn't have that spark right away, it might not be a good idea. Jessica wants that feeling that she had with Jose again, and believes that she should try. However, she admits that she and Jose are really comfortable with each other again, and Sheree warns her that her boyfriend might pick up on that. Personally, I think that Jessica needs to slow down and figure out exactly what she wants. She's definitely not over Jose yet, and there is no point in getting so serious with someone else until she fully moves on!

The next day, Mayte meets with a baby proofer to fix the house before a social worker comes to check out the house. Mayte was definitely nervous, because she felt like her house would probably be unsafe for a kid. The baby proofer points out different things from plants to cords, so Mayte has a lot of work to do on fixing up the house! Another stressful thing, but it will all be worth it when the baby arrives!

Meanwhile, Nicole and her mom go to get their hair done to get fabulous for the event. She drinks some champagne to try to calm her nerves, though it's not really working. Later, the girls go out to support her at the event in Beverly Hills. Nicole continues to drink her nerves away. Nicole is announced as the recipient for the Spirit of Entertainment Award, and is described as a very hands-on person with this cause. Nicole gets up to receive her award and is obviously a little tipsy, even slurring while she speaks! It's a little embarrassing, and the girls laugh a bit at her. However, Nicole manages to get through it, dedicating the award to her dad.

The next day, Mayte and Nelly go to pick up the baby!!! They struggle to get the car seat in the car but manage to get it together. Mayte is definitely really excited because she's never really been Mayte the mom. Though she had a baby when she was younger, the child, unfortunately, passed away after a week. Mayte never got to fully experience raising a child, so it's awesome that she has the opportunity now, especially after wanting a baby for so long!

Meanwhile, Jessica takes Josie to get her belly button pierced and brings Nicole, Nicole's mom and Nicole's daughter Shayne. Jessica gets her cartilage pierced and she freaks out! Nicole, her mom, and Shayne just get their cartilages pierced as well, not making as big a fuss as drama queen Jessica! Josie, spitting image of her mother, gets her belly button pierced and starts cussing up a storm in front of everybody!

At the end of the episode, Mayte has the girls over for lunch. She tells them that she has a new addition to the house she wants to show them, and brings out the baby!!! All of the ladies are excited, and the baby is soooo cute!   Jessica is shocked that it happened so fast, but the parents have signed off, so the baby is all hers! And what's even more amazing is that the baby says "Mama" already in front of them! Even Nelly is happy now that the baby is here! I'm definitely happy for Mayte and know that she'll be an amazing mom!

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