Hollywood Exes S2, Episode 4 (RECAP)

I've been trying to get this recap up for a while! The excitement from Beyonce's concert Monday night took over much of my week, especially Sunday night when Hollywood Exes aired! But it's here! Picking up from last week, Mayte arranges for Nelly to get a complete makeover when Mayte's dad comes over from Puerto Rico to meet Gia. Nelly hasn't seen him for over a year! After getting a fierce cut, she looks so good!

Meanwhile, Sheree and Andrea go shopping for the baby. They are genuinely happy for her, because Mayte has wanted to be a mom for so long! Of course, they end up talking about Jessica and her comments when she first saw Gia. Jessica just didn't get how a birth mother can give up her child. Even though she didn't mean it in a malicious way, it just wasn't the time or the place!

That night, Josie and Jessica cook in the kitchen, and talk about a party that Josie threw without Jessica's permission while Jessica was away. Josie has a babysitter, Nikki, who is 20. Because Nikki wants to be Josie's friend instead of authority, she allowed the party to go on, which pissed Jessica off. Jessica grounds Josie and takes away her car for two weeks!

The next day, Sheree, Jessica and Nicole try on costumes for a costume party that Nicole's friend invited them too. Too bad the costumes are terrible! Jessica is busting out of hers, and Nicole tries on some astronaut suit that's just not working! It was a funny time for them though.

Mayte's dad and aunt come to meet Gia for the first time, and are absolutely smitten. Mayte's dad tells her that her social life is going to be different with Gia, but she plans to celebrate her birthday with her girls, saying that her life doesn't have to end just because she has a child. He also tells her that Gia needs a father too. However, Mayte wants to make herself happy, and not just force something because he thinks Gia needs a dad. I think that Gia should have a strong male figure in her life, but it doesn't have to be a boyfriend or husband of Mayte's. It can be her grandfather, or a male friend of Mayte's. I definitely don't think Mayte should rush anything just to give Gia a dad.

That night, at the costume party, the ladies dress to the tee! Mayte comes as Sher, Andrea as a showgirl, Nicole as a sexy pirate, and Sheree as Nicki Minaj, booty and all! Jessica decides to let the party be a mini crusade as a vegetarian, and comes as a semi-slaughtered cow! I'll leave that alone. All of a sudden, Jose pops up in a mask, and Jessica immediately notices that it's him. The girls see that they are very flirty all night long! Obviously lingering feelings between the two!

The next day, Jessica and Nicole talk, and Nicole asks her about what happened after the party last night with Jose! Jose did stay over since he was drunk, but Jessica made up the couch for him and insisted nothing happened. Nicole doesn't buy that Jessica hasn't thought about getting back with him. Jessica says in a confessional that she might possibly consider getting back with him if Jose got his stuff together. There's still something there, even though she has a boyfriend! Jessica says that she's enjoying her guy and her new credit card he got her. Seems like she's enjoying the card more than the actual guy. If there is still a thought that you could get back with your ex, there is no reason to get as serious with another guy as Jessica is doing now!

This season officially adds on a new ex, Shamicka Lawrence, who was married to Martin Lawrence. Shamicka was with Martin for 16 years, though they were only actually married for almost two of those years, and now they are in the process of getting divorced. She goes to visit Nicole, who she was neighbors with when they were both still with their exes. Shamicka realized that the celebrity wife role wasn't for her, and thinks that she was constantly putting herself last in that life. She gets very emotional talking about it, but now Shamicka is working on being herself, and that's a great thing! Nicole talks about doing a cooking segment on Michael's show. Sheree and Jessica will go as well, and Nicole invites Shamicka to come too! It will be a good chance for her to meet some of the ladies and hear their stories.

Later, Jessica and Sheree talk about installing a monitoring app for Josie's car to know where she is in her car, if she's speeding, etc.! Sheree had the same thing for her son's car. They drive the car a few miles away from the condo, and try to install it in the car, but they are so confused! Jessica finally finds the plug where it needs to go, and they get it working. Your mama sees you Josie!

Later, Nicole's daughters Bria and Shayne go visit her. Nicole is packing to see Michael in New York. She goes every other week and she wonders if she should move out there full time. I think she should, especially since they plan on being married eventually.

That night, Mayte and Sheree have a joint birthday party. Nicole couldn't make it since she was going to NY, but the rest of the ladies show. There is tension between Andrea and Jessica, and Jessica feels very uncomfortable. Suddenly, she says that something is going on with Josie and she leaves. Though there may be something genuinely going on with Josie, the girls have their suspicions, especially when they were were only there for 10 minutes before Jessica dipped out. Mayte brings up how Jessica acted when she presented Gia, giving Andrea the perfect chance to say her piece and she goes off! She's done ignoring Jessica's mouth. Gia's mother did the ultimate sacrifice, and Andrea feels like Jessica took away from Mayte's ultimate celebration in adopting Gia by making the comments she did. Andrea will never look at Jessica the same. I understand where Andrea is coming from, but I'm so TIRED of hearing about Jessica. That's ALL she talks about now it seems. Yes, Jessica needs to learn to filter her mouth, but hell, either you like her or you don't. Either you're going to be her friend or you're not. Either way, stop letting every other word out of your mouth be about Jessica! Over it.

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