Hollywood Exes Season 2 Premiere (RECAP)

My show Hollywood Exes has returned for a second season, and I'm excited to be recapping! For those who may be new, the show follows five women--Mayte Garcia, Sheree Fletcher Jessica Canseco, Andrea Kelly, and Nicole Murphy--who were all married to big time celebs, and are now doing their own thing. They all connect and relate to each other because of their similar circumstances. Last season, the girls got to know each other better and bonded, as well as had drama over their differences. However, the good has far outweighed the bad, especially in comparison to other reality TV shows, which is why I keep watching.

Picking up from last season, we see what the ladies have been up to since they stopped filming. Andrea has been spending more time in Chicago to be with her kids. While talking to her assistant Tony and packing to visit L.A., she reveals that she does have beef with Jessica. Apparently Jessica called her a hypocrite on Twitter, calling her fake from her weave to her chest! Drea clarifies that she's too grown to have a Twitter war with anyone, but she doesn't appreciate that Jessica says and does what she wants whenever she wants, getting a pass for her actions all the time.

In L.A., Nicole goes to see her new house that she bought with her fiance Michael, which is currently in the process of being renovated from top to bottom. Her future sister-in-law Jamie now works as her assistant. With Michael working on Live with Kelly and Michael over in New York now, Nicole has been dealing with the renovations mostly herself, which is stressful. However, it looks like it will be beautiful when it's done.

Jessica and Sheree meet up for lunch. We find out that Sheree has opened up her boutique with jewelry, handbags, and more, and bring a couple of pieces to show Jessica for her daughter Josie's 16th birthday. With Jessica, her ex Jose has moved back to L.A., and is coming back around a little bit, but still isn't completely around for Josie like he should be.

Later, Mayte and her mom Nelly go to walk their dogs, while Mayte vents about her terrible dating life. It's hard for her because she's single, and she really wants to have a family of her own. After visiting a fertility specialist and learning that it's probably best that she doesn't freeze her eggs, Mayte has decided that she wants to adopt. She even met a mother with a baby that she might be able to raise as her own. Nelly is not really feeling the situation because she feels like a grandchild should be blood. Mayte reveals in her confessional that, in the Latino culture, if someone is not blood, they are not family. Personally, I think that's dumb. Many of us know friends, mentors, etc., that are closer to us that some of our "family" ever will be. So for Nelly to disregard her daughter's decision like this is absolutely terrible. However, Mayte has already made up her mind regardless of how her mother feels.

That night, Nicole, Sheree and Jessica go shopping and spend time together. Come to find out that Michael gave Nicole a black card, so she's pretty much set to shop! Jessica's dating a new guy, who's given her a new card too! Must be nice.

The next day, Andrea surprises Mayte at the spa and they get their nails done. Andrea's foot is still hurt after her injury during her dance practice last season before her showcase. It's not 100% but it's definitely better than where it was. Even though they catch up on what's been going on, Mayte holds her tongue on the planned adoption since it's not official yet.

Later, Jose, Jessica and Josie go car shopping for Josie's Sweet 16! Jessica and Jose are really comfortable with each other now, going into instant family mode. Jessica thinks that Josie should hang out with his dad more, and Jose suggests that maybe he and Jessica should hang out, too. Jessica, of course, says no comment.

At her house, Mayte gets an email from the baby's birth mother who is 100% positive that she wants Mayte to adopt the baby! Of course, Mayte gets emotional and calls her mother to come in the kitchen. She tells her the good news, only it's not good news to Nelly, who shuts down the idea. She'd rather have her daughter risk her health and go to a sperm bank, and have a baby of her own, rather than give a baby the love and care she needs but can't get from her biological parents. Nelly turns and walks out on her.

In her brand new Mercedes, Josie goes to practice driving with her parents. Josie is a terrible driver, but it's funny to watch. When Josie does a circle by herself, the parents talk to each other, and talk about their past. They've both moved past being angry with each other, which is necessary for Josie's sake. It's good to see them getting along so well.

Later, Mayte goes to do a photo shoot for the cover Life + Dog, a lifestyle magazine for dog lovers, which is right up her alley! Sheree meets her there, and talks about the issue with Drea and Jessica. Sheree admits that she has absolutely no idea how those two are going to be in the same room together.

The next day, Nicole has everybody over for brunch after Mayte reveals she has some news to share with everyone. Mayte also invites Daphne Wayans, ex-wife of Keenan Wayans. Jessica senses the tension between her and Andrea. Mayte breaks the ice with her announcement that she plans to adopt, which the girls are excited about! The baby was born on her birthday, and is about nine or 10 months. Sheree, of course, being Sheree, has so many questions about the adoption, but all of the women plan to adopt her as their honorary niece! It's a very happy moment for Mayte, and I'm glad the ladies could celebrate her news together. Especially when Mayte's own mother wasn't so accepting.

The episode ends on a very sad note as Jessica gets a call from Nicole, who has found out that her dad just passed away from cancer. Nicole's worried the most about her mother who has been taking care of him. Thoughts and prayers to her and her loved ones as they continue to grieve their loss.

This season is full of fun time for the ladies, and even a new ex-wife Shamika Lawrence, ex-wife of Martin Lawrence! We find that Jessica may have unfinished love with Jose (but who didn't know that?). Mayte might really get her new addition to her family. Of course, it's drama between the ladies, especially between Jessica and Andrea, so I'm definitely intrigued to see what will go down, and if these ladies will be able to work it out.

And I'm SO glad that Hollywood Exes is moving to Sundays at 9 p.m. I don't know what made VH1 think to premiere it last night behind Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta and Hit The Floor, but it wasn't a good move. After all that drama, people are ready to go to sleep! Glad they decided to switch it up!

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