"I Love Luke...AHH!"-The Game S6, E13 (RECAP)

Ready for another recap of The Game? Picking up from last week, Keira takes Blue around the set of her indie movie. Blue playfully taps her butt, but she tells him that "friends" don't do that. It's obvious that they have feelings for each other, but both of them are trying to pass it off. The next day is Blue's first official game of the season, but he still came out to support her and calm her nerves, which Keira appreciates. As Blue walks away, one of her co-stars taps her butt and Keira thinks nothing of it! In fact, she laughs, which raises an eyebrow with Blue.

Later, Malik gets fitted for a suit, when he should be working on his business pitch with Reece for her father the next day. She doesn't want him to make her look bad because he's playing around. Her dad is a hard sell, so she wants to bring him to Malik's game tomorrow to try to impress him. Malik really thinks that Reece doesn't have anything to worry about, though, convinced he'll win her dad over.

At the game, Tasha and Chardonnay make up after Chardonnay went off on her last week. Tasha's impressed by how she stood up for herself. However, Tasha says that somebody needs to knock Jason flat on his behind and knock him down a peg. Right at that moment, Jason is tackled very hard, leaving him laid out flat on the field, shocking Chardonnay and somewhat pleasing Tasha! Jason gets checked out by the team doctor, but still has to be taken to the hospital for further examination. Chardonnay is extremely emotional, but Tasha tries to calm her down, telling her that it is all a part of the game.

The Sabers, even without Jason, still win the game. Afterwards, Keira meets up with Blue, who happened to get two touchdowns! He wants to celebrate with her, but she has brought her male co-star Luke and has plans to hang out with him. Blue is definitely a little jealous. He tell them that they should go hang out at Dropbar (in hopes of seeing her for sure), but Luke has already made reservations for them at a fancy restaurant Chateaux.

Meanwhile, Malik meets up with Mr. Sheibani, and gives him the game ball signed by all of the players minus Javon. Malik tells him that he is trying to take his brand to the next level, and thinks that working with Sheibani on a new venture will do just that. However, Mr. Sheibani is not interested in working with Malik, citing the facts that he is a recovering addict and was charged of assault (which was back in probably season 2 or 3). It's clear that Sheibani doesn't take Malik seriously because he's a football player, and he figures that football players can't be good businessmen.

Later, Keira watches a movie with Luke. Luke admits that at first, he didn't want to do the film because she was cast, but he warmed up to her. He flirts with her, and kisses her. However, when he tries to go further, she runs to the bathroom and calls Blue telling him she doesn't want to have sex with him! He lets her know that Luke probably thinks that she's getting ready for it, but Blue refuses to bail her out. However, moments later, Blue knocks on the door, and comes in to break up the moment, telling them he was "locked out." Blue and Keira talk and joke, making Luke uncomfortable and wanting to leave, obviously sensing something between them. Blue runs him off by telling him that they dated only a week and a half ago. Keira sees that he's jealous, but Blue thinks that she was trying to make him jealous on purpose. Aren't they cute?

That night, Tasha comes over to visit Chardonnay with a Sunbeam concussion guide complete with medical books and energy drinks to keep herself up so that she can keep Jason from falling asleep with his concussion. Chardonnay is being very protective of him, and goes to run him a bath. Tasha tells Jason that Chardonnay loves him to death, and basically implies that he isn't as young as he used to be and maybe should slow down. However, Jason says that they both have sold their souls for this game, so they have to take the knocks that come with it. He would rather die as the late, great Jason Pitts with the championship rings and all than to just live forever as some regular dude. However, because of the concussion, he's repeating himself and seeing things, adding some rumor to the serious scene.

The next morning, Reece visits Malik while he is chilling in his hot tub. Malik tells Reece that he's done rying to work with her and her father. It's like he's not good enough to be a businessman, but he's good enough to bet on like a racehorse when he's out on the field. Reece tells him that she is there because she sees something in him, and thinks that he could be a very good businessman. She also tells him that he is very handsome and sexy, proceeding to get in the hot tub with him, suit on and all, and make out with him! Guess he wore her down after all!

Later, Luke tells Keira he dreamt about her last night, comparing them to Janet Gaynor and Frederic March from the original A Star is Born. He plans to fight to be with Keira, and will deal with Blue as competition but Keira tells him there is no competition and kisses him. Lies she tells! Like I've said from the beginning, I love seeing the progression of her and Blue's relationship, even including the in-between dates and boyfriends. They'll be together soon enough!

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