"I'm Not Kelly Pitts"-The Game S6, E12 (RECAP)

Every Tuesday is Game Day! Picking up from last week's explosive episode, Chardonnay and Tasha spend time together at Spadonnay. Tasha tells her that this spa gift doesn't make up for what Jason did to her. Chardonnay tells her that he doesn't want for Chardonnay to hang out with Tasha, but she's going to hang out with whoever she wants, because she does whatever she wants to do. But then, at that moment, Jason walks in, and Chardonnay automatically tries to block him from seeing Tasha!

Chardonnay runs to hug him to distract him. He offers to take her home (to save money on gas which went up two cents), but she tells him that she needs to finish up on a client aka Tasha. Tasha tells her that she's starting to act like Kelly, tiptoeing around Jason like she is. Chardonnay, of course, gets annoyed because she's not anybody's Kelly Pitts!

At the Dropbar, Malik talks to Keira about how she didn't tell Blue that she was a virgin before they had sex. It's against a man code, apparently. Malik informs her that if a guy has sex with a virgin, it's basically like you're committed. To an extent, I understood what he meant. Women do tend to get emotional after sex, and it can be heightened when someone is losing their virginity, because you feel like he might be "the one." However, Keira tells him that Blue is the one with the problem, and that all men are dogs. Malik tells him to look at herself and realize that she played a part in this too, which is true. She could've just been honest from the jump about it. I think Blue's more upset about her lying to him than anything, really.

Later, Chardonnay gets home late, as Jason waits for her, thinking she was going to make dinner for her. Jason tells her that Spadonnay can't interfere with her "wifely duties," such as making him dinner while he's training, while she thinks that he can pick up the phone and order something. It's the age old battle of the career woman, balancing work and home. However, we're in a new age, and Jason needs to get with it!

The next night, back at Dropbar, Keira vents to her friend Nina about how Malik got on her. Nina tells Keira that she lied, and she needs to make amends. Keira pulls out her phone to call Blue to clear up any confusion between the two, and leaves a voicemail with him. If he calls her, cool. If not, cool. So she says. However, later, Keira calls him again, clearly getting drunk. She keeps calling him, sounding a mess. She even goes to his apartment and bangs on his door after she gets home. When he opens the door, she proceeds to throw up in his doorway and then fall in it.

Later, Tasha knocks on the door of Spadonnay. She's losing her hair, and is itchy, and it all stems from how she did Pookie wrong. Chardonnay wants to go home, but Tasha guilt trips her into doing her hair. Jason pop ups after getting tired of waiting for Chardonnay, saying that he made it clear that he needed her at home. Then Tasha reveals that she's there. Jason gets pissed because he "forbade" Chardonnay from seeing her. Chardonnay gets them both together, saying that Jason has been a jerk since he started football again, and he's going to have to deal with the fact that she has a career. If he doesn't want to compromise, he'll be divorced again. She then turns to Tasha, and tells her that she got exactly what she deserved and tells Tasha to stay out of her marriage. She's nobody's Kelly Pitts, and then she tells them to lock up, leaving both Jason and Tasha speechless! Good for her!

The next day, Keira wakes up confused, but Blue took care of her, sleeping on the couch and making her some breakfast. She apologizes for being a drunk mess. Blue tells her that maybe they should "stay in contact" and maybe hang out. Glad that they're working things out. Of course, we all knew they would, and eventually they'll get together. I just love seeing their journey!

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