Kate Middleton and Prince William Plan Royal Baby Tour

Well this is different! The Duchess and Duke of Cambridge, Kate Middleton and Prince William, will show off their coming newborn when the family embarks on a royal baby tour in spring 2014! "The trip is planned for Australia and New Zealand," a source told Us Weekly.

Kate's due date is in TWO days on July 11, but she said herself in April, "babies have their own agenda." Regardless, news of the birth will be revealed via a framed announcement placed on a wood and gold easel behind the gates of Buckingham Palace. The couple and their staff have done an amazing job in keeping details about the royal babe private, but eventually they will share with the public.

"While it is a deeply personal and private event, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge realize this is a time of national celebration and that there will be vast interest in the baby," a spokesman said back in June. "They realize many people will want to share in their happiness."

After the baby is born, William will take a two-week paternity leave before heading back to the Royal Air Force. Kate and the baby will travel between London and her parents' home in Berkshire.  In September, the family will move into Kensington Palace's Apartment 1A, where Kate has been busy working on the baby's nursery.

I've never heard of a royal baby tour before, but then again, I'm not from England! But just about every celebrity, political, or royal couple have, in some way, shared intimate details and shown pictures of their bundles of joy, so why should this royal couple be any different? I look forward to seeing the little one! I wish I was still down in Australia to actually be a part of this...Back to Aussie 2014?!

Image via Chris Jackson/Getty Images

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