"New Girl"-The Challenge: Rivals II Episode 2 (RECAP)

Another day in The Challenge world! After last week's elimination, everybody sleeps in the living room while CT, Johnny, Anastasia, Theresa, and Trey dress up as ninjas and get everybody with water balloons! Operation Ninja Raid was a success! Anastasia can't hide the fact that she likes CT and flirts with him, even though she has the feeling that she likes him more than she should. Uhhhh....duh girl!

The next day, Anastasia and CT continues to flirt. Diem walks in, and CT pulls her aside to talk to her. He tells her that he's trying to be nice, but she keeps playing games with him. She knows that she likes him, and he sees that too, and plans to break her down to admit. I wish they both would just both admit that they are still in love with each other already. We ALL know that...well, except for Anastasia's dumb behind!

That night, the house works out to prep for the next challenge. Jordan only has one hand, which I didn't know because I haven't paid that close attention to him. However, the guy lifts weights just as great as Zach's strong self, and Sarah finds his determination sexy! Jordan thinks that Sarah is beautiful herself, he reveals in a confessional. 

CT vents to others in the house about how Diem is chasing girls away, and admits that he's trying to make her jealous. Frank and Trishelle tell him that Anastasia told them that they had sex, which irritates CT who thinks the house should mind their business. It turns into a heated argument because Frank is the biggest instigator you will ever meet in your life. He always wants to start drama, but he's only talk. Frank has NO idea who he's getting into it with, because CT will break him like a twig on the serious tip! Frank goes to vent to Johnny, who tells him not to even engage CT. 

At the challenge, the teams prep to play XXX Games, a great obstacle course down the beach with some naughty implications! Before the challenge, though, T.J. reveals Cooke's new partner (*drumroll*)...it's Cara Maria, who a lot of the people there dislike! After introductions are made, T.J. explains the course. The first section is called Woody, where they have to use a thrusting motion to saw through a log. The first place team gets a five second head start, with each team after getting a one second head start over the remaining teams. The second part of the challenge, Ball Gag, requires the teams to be attached at the torso, with one of the members being upside down while the other teammate holds them. Very naughty position! After they get through the rest of the course, the teams will find a ball on the pedestal and must retrieve it with their mouth. When they get to the sand, they will drop the ball in the sand, where their teammate will pick it up and place it in the slot on the ground.

Since it's a girls' challenge, the winner for the guys will get $1000 and get to pick the order for the next challenge! Wes quits automatically because he refuses to stick his head in CT's crotch, but CT has fun with it, competing by himself. Even though Preston and Knight take the lead from Woody,  Preston quits right before Ball Gag, refusing to be anywhere near Knight's private area. However, CT and Knight compete together just for the fun of it, but eventually get kicked off the course. Though it was a good Marlon and Jordan are fighting CT and Knight get kicked off the court. It was a tough battle for all the guys, but Zach and Trey win for the boys! 

During the girls' heat, Nany and Jonna get the first place head start, but they struggle to get each other up in the position they need to be! Meanwhile, Aneesa and Diem take off! Paula and Emily end up taking the challenge, but the rest of the girls still have to compete to not be last! Some of the girls could never get in the right position for the challenge, though, so they give up and start rolling together in the sand. Even though it was a decent effort, Anastasia and Jessica end up losing the challenge, getting a spot straight into the Jungle! T.J. announces the winners, but also announces, that since some of the guys quit, they will get a penalty on the next challenge! If you've been watching The Challenge long enough while T.J.'s been the host, you know that he HATES quitters! Bet people will think twice this season before giving up so easy!

Back at the house, the guys talk about who they will vote in against Anastasia and Jessica. Cooke and Cara are brought up, but Wes thinks that they will be a strong team to have his and CT's backs. At deliberation, T.J. lets the guys vote for the girls. Though some of the guys vote for Trishelle and Sarah, Cooke and Cara Maria get the majority of the votes, even though Cara just got there! It pisses Cooke off and she plans to get back at them if she gets back in the house. 

Afterwards Trishelle and Sarah talk about how CT voted her in. The truth is that Trishelle can be a bit of a crazy, confrontational person, which turns off other teams even though Sarah is one of the coolest people in the game. Sarah asks Trishelle if her heart's in the game. Trishelle wants to win, and that's what counts. Meanwhile, Diem and CT talk about CT's flirting. CT tells her that if she likes him then she needs to tell him! However, Diem wants to be independent and not have a guy who is her crutch. Anastasia is worried seeing them together. She talks to Theresa and realizes that she's being manipulated by him.

When CT walks in the next morning, Anastasia calls him disrespectful, and she ends up slapping him all over the room, where CT's bodyguard Knight tries to break it up. Oh, Anastasia....baby girl, sit down and have some one on one time with Brittany. CT doesn't want you. He never wanted you. You were never going to be his girlfriend, if that's what you were seriously thinking. So to act so crazy like this, over a guy you've know for a week, shows that you have a LOT of growing up to do. And don't blame it on age. Blame it on your maturity level. I know that she's watching this episode, and feels so stupid! But what's done is done. Jessica gets her together telling her that they are rookies and they have to work together and kill at this Jungle, before they get eliminated. 

At the Jungle, the teams play Hanging By A Thread. Each team will sit up on swings and Anastasia and Jessica put up a good fight, but, in spite of their efforts, they get eliminated. Immediately, Anastasia "struggles to see," and gets "lightheaded" again, being taken off the course. All of the dramatics I see here, I can only imagine how she was on Real World: Portland! Ugh, sorry to Jessica, but I'm cool with her being gone.
lower themselves upside down and try to cut their opponent's rope to drop them into the water! When the round is about to start, Anastasia gets "lightheaded" and Jessica tries to calm her nerves. T.J. tells her to just power it out and figh, which she does. Cara Maria and Cooke get a good start, but they start swinging which throws them off.

The end of the episode shows a new romance starting up. After the elimination, Jordan and Sarah flirt and hook up! They make a cute couple, and I could actually see them lasting outside of the house.

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