"Photo Shoot Ready"-The Game S6, E14 (RECAP)

Every Tuesday is Game Day! Picking up from last week, Malik and Reece finish up their little hookup in the hot tub. Malik is doing a Derek Blanks photo shoot for his water that Reece thinks will change her dad's mind about him. All of a sudden, a rock lands in the hot tub, which was thrown by Tori's son Brandon. Tori, Malik's assistant who he has hooked up with in the past, tells Malik that she had to bring him to the job. The father promised that he would pick Brandon up but never did. Malik tells her that it's fine, that "Malik Wright Inc" is pretty lax in the HR department. She and now rap artist Franko were high school sweethearts, but Franko focused on his rap career. Now she shares custody with him, but doesn't want him anymore because of the drama he brings.

The next day, Tasha gets a call from Malik inviting her and Rick to participate in the photo shoot, but Rick doesn't want to do it. He believes that he doesn't have much of a career now, and he's ashamed a little bit. Tasha tells him that once a Laker, he's always a Laker, which he says is old. Tasha tells him that they will be in and out, just taking pics and that it will be fun! He reluctantly agrees.

At the gym, Blue asks Keira if she's mad that he was blocking her and Luke. Keira, still irritated, says that they are fine, and Luke plans to come visit her this weekend AND do Malik's photoshoot with her. Blue plans to go to the photo shoot too, and Keira tells him he should bring someone so he's not so lonely. Blue continues to tease her about Luke until she storms out, turning the lights off on him as she leaves.

At the photoshoot, Reece has hired a bunch of white folks to make the shoot look "more diverse," in her words. Tasha and Rick come as well, confident that they both look good and will knock this shoot out. Chardonnay comes along with Jason, and brings him some cheese and crackers that he asked for, but he says that he asked for cocktail weenies. Jason has definitely been suffering from memory loss, but Jason refuses to hear it.

Blue brings Ciara to the shoot, purposely trying to irritate Keira, which definitely works since she and Ciara are close. Blue teases Luke about his belt, and Keira pulls him to the side, telling him how immature he is for all of this. Immature, indeed, but he's just acting out because of how much he likes Keira.

The shoot quickly goes downhill. Derek Blanks asks Rick to spin a ball on his finger, and Rick walks out, annoyed that he would ask that. Tasha leaves, chasing after him. After Derek asks Jason to take his sunglasses off, the camera's flash really bothers Jason because of his concussion and he walks too. Chardonnay stays for a second, but then goes after him. Jason goes into a supply closet, claiming he's good. However, he realizes that his concussion may be a little more serious than he thought. Chardonnay thinks it's time for him to retire, which Jason says is not an option, but not because of the money. He tells her that he was on steroids when they won the championship, something only ex-wife Kelly and her brother Brandon knew (this happened back in Season 2). He wants to prove to himself that he can win another championship without the drugs. It's a very emotional scene for the couple, especially for Chardonnay who doesn't want to see Jason hurt anymore or worse.

The shoot continues to lose all the black folks. After Keira makes another crack at Blue, Ciara asks what is going on with them. Luke reveals they dated, and Ciara asks if Blue smashed her. Ciara gets mad at Keira saying that Blue was hers first ("I Christopher-Columbused that ass," her words!), and she walks out. Keira shortly follows along, livid with Blue, and Luke follows her. When Blue asks if he would be wrong if he stayed,  Malik tells Blue that if he stays, he's going to get his ass whooped. Malik continues on with the photoshoot with the white folks Reece hired.

Meanwhile Tori has an emergency and tells Malik she has to leave. As she is walking out, Franko arrives and reveals that he knows that Malik has been sexting Tori. Franko is PISSED, and tries to fight Malik, but Tori manages to drag him out.

Back at Tasha's, Rick comes back and Tasha wants to comfort him with sex, but he'd rather have donuts and be depressed. He feels like he's walking aimlessly in life and his best years are behind him. Tasha tells him that there has to be something else that he likes to do. Rick reveals that he has had a dream since he was young of what he could be....a stand up comedian! Tasha tells him to stop playing, but he's very serious, and shares some of his material. He's beyond corny, but Tasha fake laughs to support him.

Later, Reece and Malik look at the photos, and she tells him that the people who he is hanging out with are bringing him down. She even implies that he should fire Tasha, but knows that he won't because that's his mother. She tells him that to be the best, you have to be around the best. The words get to Malik, and he calls Tori in and fires her, with a severance package, because of the drama on the set. Malik is becoming more and more business-oriented, which I commend him for. He's come a LONG way since the beginning of this series, but I don't want to see him completely forget his friends and family just to be successful. Just....maybe don't invite them to be a part of your business ventures? I think that's better.

At the end of the episode, Blue is tempted to call Keira but puts his phone down. In her apartment, Keira tries to call Ciara but she doesn't pick up. Luke is there to comfort her as she cries. Got me in my feelings a little bit as I watched. I know that Blue and Keira have to build up to a relationship, but I just want them to be together already! I can't take this dragging out for the rest of the season.

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