"The Busted Episode"-The Game S6 E11 (RECAP)

The Game is back from hiatus! Didn’t get to finish the recap of the last episode, but here it is in a nutshell. Blue found out that he took Keira’s virginity, and was pissed that she lied about it. They, unfortunately, ending things before they could ever really get started! AND after Chardonnay finally tells Jason that Tasha is the one messing around with Rick, not her, Jason barges in on Tasha and they get in a huge fight. When Pookie comes over and sees the drama, he quickly puts Jason in a chokehold and demands to know what’s going on!

Picking up from there, Jason finally tells Pookie that Tasha is sleeping with Rick. He and Chardonnay leave, while Tasha, of course, denies it. Pookie demands that Tasha call Rick on speaker, looking brokenhearted. Tasha tries to hang it up after two rings, but Pookie tells her that she better not dare. When Rick picks up and asks when she is coming over, Pookie promptly packs his bags because he realized that Tasha has been playing him all this time. He's heartbroken and speechless. He leaves, with Rick still on speaker phone, listening to everything! “Well…that was awkward,” he says.

Chardonnay and Jason can't find the car in the garage afterwards. They're both upset at each other—Chardonnay’s mad at Jason for acting a fool just then and Jason, of course, is mad at Chardonnay for lying to him for Tasha.

Tasha immediately tries calling Pookie, but he ignores her calls, obviously. When Rick calls her though,  she plans to come over. She heads over to Dropbar first to try to find Pookie, and runs into Keira. Keira is drinking trying to forget Blue. Tasha steals a girl's phone to try to talk to Pookie, but he hangs up on her. Keira and Tasha then turn to see him on TV at the Trey Songz concert on security detail, so Tasha knows exactly where she needs to go.

Later, Malik shows up to the bar and wants to talk to Keira about Blue. He tells her that Blue is running around telling people they slept together. Keira tells him that it's true, but she's done with Blue. Later, Blue himself comes over, and reveals to Malik that Keira didn't even tell him that she was a virgin. They both agree that they will take hoes over virgins any day. Less complicated? Ehh.

Meanwhile, Jason and Chardonnay pull up to a drive-thru. Jason implies that Chardonnay is like Tasha, and believes that she's okay with cheating and might do the same. That pisses Chardonnay off, so she orders a rack of food, knowing that it will get Jason mad since he’s so cheap (I mean, the man tried to talk to the manager to get a discount on a two piece and fries!).

At the concert, Tasha tries to get to Pookie through another security guard she knows, but he refuses to let her near him. Tasha promptly texts Trey's own mother to get in, and she quickly comes to pull her into the room. She goes to talk to Pookie. Tasha tells him that he is a good man, and that he deserves better, but he's not having it! He refuses to forgive her, because he did nothing wrong. All he did was love her, and she broke his heart. They won't ever be cool again, and even tells her to keep his name out of her mouth all together and get out! WOW! I can't say she doesn't deserve it though. Pookie is a good dude, and, if she wasn’t over Rick, she shouldn’t have taken it there with Pookie in the first place. Now she has to live with the fact that Pookie doesn’t want anything to do with her.

Meanwhile, Chardonnay and Jason eat next to each other. Chardonnay asks him if he still has feelings for Kelly like Tasha said, which he claims is ridiculous. Because of everything that’s happened, and Tasha beign the central cause, he tells her—no, FORBIDS her, to hang out with Tasha anymore. HA…as if that will really stand as feisty as Chardonnay is!

Later, Malik comes to visit Tasha. Pookie already told him what happened. Rather than being mad at his mother, he hugs her and tells her that it's always going to be Tasha and him together. Malik wants her to find somebody that will be right for her. Malik asks Tasha for the ring Pookie gave her, and she gives it to him, though she was looking at it and contemplating everything before he came. Moments later, Rick shows up with his bags like he's moving right in, and they kiss. It’s easy to judge Tasha, but I won’t. When you’re really not fully over somebody, even when you say and maybe think you are, you can get involved with someone else and not even think about the first person. However, when that other person comes around, all of these emotions come flooding back, and now you’re balancing two guys. It’s easy to get caught up in that. Who knows what will happen between Tasha, Pookie, and Rick? Guess the rest of the season will tell!  

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