"The Dark Knight Rises"-The Challenge: Rivals II Episode 3 (RECAP)

Plenty of drama on this episode of Rivals II! Picking up from last week, Derek has a very interesting confessional, in which he states that Marlon is touchy feely with him, finding out that Marlon is bisexual and they hooked up one night! In his own confessional, Marlon admits that he is bisexual and that he and Derek did fool around. The housemates are being nosy and ask Jordan about Marlon's sexuality. Because Marlon is so tough, no one really could tell that he was bi. I didn't watch his season, so I didn't know either. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter. What matters is that he holds his own in competition.

However, in a game of charades later where the housemates imitate each other, Knight does a
disrespectful imitation of Marlon, playing like he is giving a blowjob to another guy. Marlon goes off, ready to fight Knight, and it takes a crew of guys to keep him and Knight away from each other. I'm not even all that surprised. Knight has always been disrespectful, because he doesn't know where to draw the line. Later, Aneesa talks to Marlon, and tells him that he will constantly evolve as a human being. She understands his situation because she is bisexual herself. Behind the scenes, Trishelle, annoyed with Aneesa's voice, starts talking trash about her. Jemmye tells Aneesa, and Aneesa goes off! Trishelle has A LOT of mouth, calling Aneesa a stripper and saying that the girl doesn't know what she is, and on and on and on. Aneesa calls her TRASHELLE, and when Trishelle gets in her face, she promptly grabs her hair and holds her while Trishelle tries to get away! Trishelle knew better than to get in the ring with a pitbull...she's like the size of Aneesa's thigh!

The next morning, Trishelle packs her bags and quits because of the fight, leaving Sarah in the dust. Shortly after Trishelle leaves, T.J. brings the house together, and tells her that her time in Thailand is over, which sucks, because if there is any girl that deserves to be able to compete, it's Sarah. She has a huge love of competition, and always seems to get crappy partners (though she did win third with her team last season on Battle of the Seasons). Trishelle, you are completely weak, and need to not ever do a Challenge again in life. Because T.J. detests quitting, I hope that he and MTV keep you out of doing any more challenges. You're irrelevant.

At the day's challenge, the teams square off in "Mind Over Splatter." Two teams at a time have to go across two ropes suspended 30 feet over water. Each team has 10 minutes to get across the ropes or they will be disqualified. This challenge is a guys' challenge, so the guys definitely want to do well! Before they start, T.J. informs CT and Wes, as well as Knight and Preston, that they will get a 30
second time penalty for quitting the last challenge AND they have to go first. Knight and Preston do well at first, but Knight eventually falls into the water. Preston tries to hold on until Knight can get to him. They fail though. In their heat, Marlon and Jordan KILL, impressing the vets! Johnny and Frank make good time too.

The girls manage to get across the ropes fast as well. At the end of the challenge, Paula and Emily end up taking it again for the girls! They definitely are the girls' team to beat! Preston and Knight lose the challenge and head straight into the Jungle because of their DQ! T.J. reveals that the top three teams are Marlon and Jordan, Johnny and Frank, and Trey and Zach. T.J. announces Johnny and Frank as the winners, which was well deserved, even though I don't really like Frank. At all.

Back at the house, the girls deliberate and thinks that Derek and Robb should go back in. However, Derek thinks that he will be safe, and that Aneesa won't vote him in. At deliberation, most of the girls, along with Diem and Aneesa, vote Derek and Robb. With three votes, Derek and Robb get thrown in the Jungle again.

At the Jungle, T.J. reveals that the game will be "Snapper." There is a giant red circle in the center of the Jungle. One member is blindfolded will bells on his feet, and will try to break a stick over their opponent, as his team member tries to guide him Best two out of three wins! Robb and Preston are spun around. It's literally like hitting a human piñata. In the first round, Derek and Knight direct their teammates. Robb KILLS Preston with his stick. The second round, Knight and Preston come up a code word "NOLA" in which Knight will get low and strike. It works for them, because Knight takes the second round over Derek. The score is 1-1 and it comes down to Robb and Knight. Preston and Knight end up taking it, sending Robb and Derek home, which was disappointing. I was rooting for Robb and Derek to take it because I think that they are a decent team. Plus I just really don't like Knight.

Back at the house, Knight apologizes to Marlon for his tasteless joke. Marlon accepts his apology, but will definitely keep his eyes open when it comes to him. Later, Nany and Marlon talk it out, and they vibe. He has feelings for her it looks like. Nany doesn't care that he's bisexual and they hook up at the end of the night. Bisexual does have a stigma that you're just gay, but Marlon likes girls too. But who cares if he's bisexual, gay, or whatever? At the end of the day, he is a strong competitor and that's what matters on The Challenge. Everything else is secondary.

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