"Thrilla in Camila"-The Challenge: Rivals II Episode 8 (RECAP)

Another day gone in The Challenge: Rivals II! Picking up from last week's nail-biting episode, the house is out partying, having a great time! CT chats with Diem, telling her that he still loves her and doesn't know why she hasn't kissed him yet! They dance and flirt. Meanwhile, Jonna talks to Frank. They both live in L.A. and she hopes that she will have his back like he promised he would before they left. Frank mentions that he is disturbed by these "young kids" in the house who seems to have no loyalty in the game, and blah blah blah. What I didn't get about that whole conversation is that Frank is still young himself and this is only his SECOND challenge! See, because he won his first challenge last season, you can't tell him a thing! This is why I don't like him most of the time. Anyway, Frank continues to go OFF on Knight and Jemmye especially, and the two overhear them.

In The Spotlight: Jordan Kelly

Have a new spotlight for you all today--upcoming comedian Jordan Kelly! Born in Washington D.C., and raised in Suitland, MD, Jordan got his start in comedy just by hanging out with his friend Chris, and making others around them laugh, something that's he's always had a passion for.  He went out to do his first YouTube with Chris, cracking jokes all the while. "The amount of feedback we received made me feel like it was a calling," Jordan says. He and Chris continue to work together on YouTube, keeping the laughs coming!

The aspiring comedian draws inspiration from other comedic legends such as Richard Pryor, Red Foxx, and Bernie Mac, as well as newer comedian Kevin Hart. "They all brought their own way of comedy to the world, and that's what I want to do." Jordan admits. Though he was originally in music management, he now focuses on school, work and developing his comedy career, as well as film and photography, working on new videos, skits, and possibly even a short movie. "I would like to see my comedy go to the highest level it can go," Jordan says. "I was always told if I work hard more things will come to me, so I'm here and I hope the world is ready to laugh."

Check out one of Jordan's YouTube videos below!

You can check out more of Jordan along with his friend Chris on YouTube, and follow him on Twitter as well as Facebook! You can also get in contact with Jordan's publicist Fiona Cross for more information.


"Extra Butter...Extra Salt..."-The Game S6, E19 (RECAP)

Another dramatic episode of The Game last night! Picking up from last week, Blue and Keira are in a
limo before they step on the red carpet for Keira's movie premiere. Keira's really nervous because she knows that this is make or break for her career. Blue calms her down, telling her that everything will be fine. Keira also reveals that there is a pretty graphic love scene in the movie. Before the scene, Keira plans to take a page from a friend and ask Blue to get him popcorn, with extra butter and salt, so that he's away and doesn't see the scene. After all, nobody wants to see their significant other with anyone, even if it is a fake movie scene!

On the red carpet, Blue lets Luke take pictures with Keira, even though he knows their past, as well as the fact that this love scene happened. Keira's friend Nina takes pictures though no one knows who she is, and has a "wardrobe malfunction" to get attention from the cameras. Malik and Tasha show up too, practicing their boundaries that learned from therapy last week!


REVIEW: MTV Video Music Awards 2013

I'm still reeling off of the craziness that was last night's MTV's Video Music AwardsFrom Miley twerking to the *NSYNC reunion, there was a LOT to talk about, and my entire timeline was going off all night!

The pre-show, hosted by various MTV correspondents including my favorite Sway, had appearances from Robin Thicke, Miley Cyrus, Emeli Sande, Lady Gaga, and more! Danity Kane even showed up on the red carpet to make the official announcement that they are back!!! Well, minus D.Woods. She has "other projects," but she needs to put that to the side because DK is about to blow back up, and I'm so excited! Their new song, "Rage," will be released soon, and I can't wait to hear!


"Crossing Jordan"-The Challenge: Rivals II Episode 7 (RECAP)

The drama continues as the teams go for the big money on The Challenge: Rivals II! Picking up from last week, several teams in the house get a nice workout in. Diem tries to get Aneesa to swim for some exercise, but Aneesa is not having it! She's irritated because she feels like Diem's on her back all the time. She vents to Frank, feeling like Diem always tries to force her to do things, and she's being talked to like she's a five-year-old. Frank goes to talk to Diem, and tells her to talk things through Aneesa. Diem can go a little overboard, but she just wants Aneesa to be better, so that they can be a better team. They are partners regardless, and they need to get that in their spirit, and work together!


"In Treatment"-The Game S6, E18 (RECAP)

Last night's episode of The Game was a first! This entire episode revolves solely around two characters, Tasha and Malik, and was definitely very intriguing to watch. After Tasha realized that she needed to get help to deal with her relationship woes in last week's episode, she goes in for a session with a therapist that Kelly recommended. "The Fixer," she called him. Tasha pays him good money to "fix her" within 24 hours. Prayers went up to him in that moment! Tasha thinks that this session will be a quick fix, but the therapist lets her  know that therapy takes times, and they need to get to the root of her problems. The "relationship problem" is merely a symptom, and they need to identify the disease.


"Applause"-Lady Gaga (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Lady Gaga is back with a new artistic video for single "Applause." The song  is the first single off of the singer's upcoming album ARTPOP, which is set for release on November 11.

Sporting various wigs, wings, a gilterry tail, and unique bikini tops, Gaga dances around throughout the video, which viewers are sure to define as weird or maybe even typical Gaga. I actually like the whole theme of this new era of her music. ARTPOP is her combination of art, fashion, and technology with her music. Though Gaga has a reputation of doing the most with her style and videos, I'm liking some of it in this video! Check out "Applause" below!

Hollywood Exes S2, Episode 7 (RECAP)

Hollywood Exes is really trying to bring the drama this season! Picking up from last week's drama, Andrea and Mayte are still at the restaurant after Jessica stormed off, and they talk about the fight that just went down. Andrea thought that Jessica was going to come in a mature way, but she feels like Jessica went into instant victim mode. Mayte trying to mediate didn't work well at all. Both Andrea and Jessica have played a role in this whole issue--Jessica for always running her trap, and Andrea for going around talking about Jessica behind her back all the time rather than confronting her.


"Revenge Is A Dish Best Not Served"-The Challenge: Rivals 2 Episode 6 (RECAP)

Wednesday brought another great episode of The Challenge: Rivals IIPicking up from last week,
Theresa talks to Aneesa about feeling betrayed by Diem after last week's elimination. Theresa came in this game as a really nice person, and I'm not saying that she should ever lose that. However, THIS IS A GAME. She needs to learn that everybody is playing this game to win, or at least they should and she should too. Yes, everybody has different friends in the house, but it's a CHALLENGE, and the main objective is to get that money! We can hang out after this is over. Theresa expresses that she only trusts her partner Jasmine in this game, as she should. Since they won the last challenge, they get to pick the order of this challenge coming up, so they need to make smart choices! That night, the house gets a clue from T.J. for the challenge. "They always say keep your friends close and your enemies closer." Wonder what that could mean???


"Miss Me A Little When I'm Gone"-The Game S6, E17 (RECAP)

You already know every Tuesday is Game Day, and I'm continuing to love this season! Picking up from last week's episode, Blue and Keira talk on the phone while Keira is in L.A. Keira tries to seduce him into some phone sex, but Blue is sitting at the bottom of a bathroom stall and doesn't really want to. Keira reveals she has a press junket tomorrow that she's nervous for, because her comeback is riding on it. She wants to shed her child star, party girl image. Blue encourages her, telling her that she will do well. When the two hang up, we see that Blue is at a party for Juvon, complete with drinks and LOTS of girls, a party that he failed to mention to Keira!


Hollywood Exes S2, Episode 6 (RECAP)

Major drama on last night's episode of Hollywood Exes! Picking up from last week, Jessica goes to
visit Mayte to see Gia and clear the air between the two of them. Holding Gia, Jessica wonders if she wants to have another baby herself! Mayte says that it's hard being a single mom, but it's worth it. Jessica tells her that the adoption happened so fast, and comments again how she can't believe that a mother could part with her baby. Mayte tells her that she wants her to understand that this sacrifice can be the ultimate gift of love. Yes, Jessica can say things at the wrong time, but I don't think she means any ill will at all. With everything going on, Jessica tells Mayte that she would rather have had Mayte tell her herself that she was offended, rather than hearing through everybody else. Of course, Jessica's upset that Drea has been talking about her behind her back, and it's irritating. The one thing I will say about Jessica is that she has no problem voicing her opinion. Good, bad, or indifferent, she will tell you how she feels straight up, even though she does need to work on her filter. Drea is getting to be a little annoying to me this season.


"What The Phuket?!"-The Challenge: Rivals II Episode 5 (RECAP)

Another drama filled episode of The Challenge: Rivals 2 this past Thursday! Picking up from last week, Theresa and Leroy get it on one night, as the housemates try to peek in! Wes gets upset because they are hooking up in the bunk above his, and he's hooked up with Theresa before himself. The next morning, CT and Diem try to get the dirt, but Theresa keeps it cool. She admits that she likes him, and their personalities click. In the midst of all this, Wes moves out of the room, which Leroy sees as a punk move. With the help of Johnny Bananas, Leroy and some of the guys make a Wes doll using broomsticks and a huge doll head, and even drew hashtags on his bed (#whack #112pounds #Birdchest HA!).


"A Swan Song for Rick and Tasha"-The Game S6, E16 (RECAP)

Every Tuesday is Game Day! Picking up from the last episode, Rick Fox is practicing in the mirror for his stand up routine. Tasha thought he was joking about the whole thing, but he's so serious! Rick even practices in the bathroom mirror with Tasha behind him. His jokes are so corny, but Tasha pretends to laugh anyway.

Moments later, she goes in the living room to vent to Chardonnay about Rick. She starts to think that she made the wrong choice in choosing him. Now, how exactly some corny jokes are making you rethink your entire relationship, I don't know! Chardonnay tells her that she can't just run away from a relationship just because of that. Tasha then admits that she needs to try to support him.


Hollywood Exes S2 Episode 5 (RECAP)

Sunday night brought another good episode of Hollywood Exes! Picking up from the last episode, Sheree goes to talk to Jessica about why Jessica left Mayte's party so early. Jessica says that she was worried about Josie getting into something while she was out, so she felt the need to spy, insisting that it had nothing to do with Drea. Sheree doesn't totally buy it, and also brings up the fact that Jessica brought up Gia's birth mom and how that took away from the celebration. Jessica needs to apologize and explain to Mayte that she didn't mean to take away from the moment. She does want to make it right with her so hopefully they are able to work through things. The conversation switches to their trip to New York, which will be a nice change of pace for them!


"Mortuusequusphobia"-The Challenge: Rivals II Episode 4 (RECAP)

Forgive me for not getting this up sooner! Last week was absolutely crazy, but I had to still recap Rivals II! Picking up from last week, the housemates party at Diamond Nightclub, and have a great time! Jordan and Jonna are flirting and having fun, and they kiss! Looks like Jordan got over Sarah pretty quick. CT and Nany flirt as well, with Diem closely watching. Back at the house, Jemmye tells Nany that Diem made up a rap about her, calling her a slut in the club. Jemmye is DEFINITELY an annoying instigator sometimes. Of course, that causes Nany and Diem get into a little altercation, but it's whatever. Personally, I wouldn't trust CT or develop any feelings for him Nany. It's clear that he is still in love with Diem. Have fun but don't get caught up!

Moments later, Leroy and Johnny play a prank writing a rap about Nany and leaving it on a table for the house to see, pretending like Diem wrote it. It's so funny hearing it read back! It's just a joke, but Nany takes it to heart.


"365 Days"-ZZ Ward (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

"365 days, you been making me wait. So keep your two-timing games. It's a lot of too late."

Blue eyed soul singer ZZ Ward has dropped her official video for her track, "365 Days," the second single from her debut album, Til The Casket Drops!

I absolutely LOVE this girl! The first time I heard her was during an episode of Pretty Little Liars (the title track, "Til The Casket Drops" was used in promoting season 3 of the show). I fell in love with her voice and raw emotion instantly. She's an incredible overall artist that I think is going to do some serious damage in this industry!

Check out the video below!

"Psh!! I'm Good!"-The Game S6, E15 (RECAP)

Tuesdays are Game days! And this episode of The Game this past Tuesday was a GOOD one! Picking up from last week, after practice, Blue asks Malik if Keira has said anything about him. Malik says that all of Blue's sweating Keira is really making him look bad, and claims that he doesn't want to throw a ball to a dude that's all stuck on a girl! He even goes as far as to say that Blue needs to go back to being the guy that was with Ciara on draft night, the one who just wanted to have a good time! Blue tells him that he's that guy and that he's "good." However, seconds later, Malik acts like he's calling Keira and Blue runs back to see if she said anything about. Malik tells him that in order to get over Keira, Blue needs a "poontang parade," and Malik is going to plan it! Oh...Lord.


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