"A Swan Song for Rick and Tasha"-The Game S6, E16 (RECAP)

Every Tuesday is Game Day! Picking up from the last episode, Rick Fox is practicing in the mirror for his stand up routine. Tasha thought he was joking about the whole thing, but he's so serious! Rick even practices in the bathroom mirror with Tasha behind him. His jokes are so corny, but Tasha pretends to laugh anyway.

Moments later, she goes in the living room to vent to Chardonnay about Rick. She starts to think that she made the wrong choice in choosing him. Now, how exactly some corny jokes are making you rethink your entire relationship, I don't know! Chardonnay tells her that she can't just run away from a relationship just because of that. Tasha then admits that she needs to try to support him.
At the next Saber game, Marie Claire is doing a feature on Keira, with the writer asking about her typical morning routine. The reporter gets Keira to talk about her relationship with Blue, with their nickname being "Bleira" Right when Keira says that they are doing well and she is his good luck charm, he drops a pass on the field! The Sabers wind up losing, and later, the couple watches a sports show about it. Fans blame Keira for the loss, saying that she's bad luck for Blue like Jessica Simpson and Evelyn Lozada were thought to be for their footballer exes. Blue tells Keira to ignore it and tells her that it's okay and it will blow over! Keira announces that she will miss the next game since she has to go to L.A. With her gone, the team actually wins! Poor Keira!

At his standup, Rick actually gets some laughs, which I thought might have been genuine, until we find out that Tasha paid the audience! Chardonnay calls her out on the fact that she always lies, which Tasha claims is her comfort place. I don't care. If my man was corny, I would let him know before he makes a fool out of himself!

At Dropbar, Malik toasts Blue for the win, saying that he did a great job. The team tells him that it's because Keira wasn't there, with Malik even admtting he believes in superstition when it comes to sports. Blue obviously doesn't, but the second Keira shows up, he gets drinks spilled all over him. Like the girl a lot, but she's turning out to be really bad luck for her man!

Before the next game, Keira shows up to Blue's apartment, but he refuses to open the door. He tells her that she should buy a new pair of shoes instead of coming to the game, and slides his card under the door! She asks if he thinks she's a jinx, which he doesn't answer. Feeling disrespected, annoyed, and probably a little embarrassed, she walks away. Blue quickly opens the door and she yells at him, pushing him inside. Blue admits that it's hard to keep the thought that Keira might be bad luck out of his head when everyone talks about it. He apologizes and asks for a good luck kiss. She tells him no, and that she will be getting new Louboutins and a matching bag to match! That's kind of what you get Blue! Unfortunately for the two, Keira does come to the game, and the Sabers are absolutely terrible on the field! Keira feels terrible that they lost, and it's clear that both she and Blue are feeling like she could be detrimental to his game.

Later, Rick comes to Tasha, and tells her that he plans to go on a comedy tour, stating that it's the most obvious thing to do. Tasha thinks it's unbelievable...literally! At his open mic night that night, Rick is DRY! Since Tasha didn't pay them this time, the audience starts cracking jokes on him. Tasha starts going in on the audience herself, and gets a bunch of laughs from everybody! Rick gets upset and walks off stage. Tasha goes to chase him, but definitely shouts herself out before she leaves! The audience chants her name, wanting an encore. Tasha tells Rick that she was just trying to save him, and she's FINALLY honest with him about everything, saying that he's not funny and she paid hobos to laugh at his jokes. Tasha also reveals that she's not convinced that she made the right choice in picking him.

Rick tells her that he's dealt with a bunch of stuff from her too, saying that she's loud and obnoxious, which is true a lot of the time! He tells her that in hindsight she wasn't even worth it, and at the end of the day, he's still RICK FOX and he's going to be all right. He tells her that she needs to figure herself out before she ends up all alone in life. Exactly the words that Tasha needed to hear! She nitpicks about different things in guys, breaks up with them, and moves on to the next. She'll never be happy that way. She needs to wonder what it is within herself that makes her push guys away! Look at me getting caught up in these characters like they're real people! Real people are in these situations though.

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