"Crossing Jordan"-The Challenge: Rivals II Episode 7 (RECAP)

The drama continues as the teams go for the big money on The Challenge: Rivals II! Picking up from last week, several teams in the house get a nice workout in. Diem tries to get Aneesa to swim for some exercise, but Aneesa is not having it! She's irritated because she feels like Diem's on her back all the time. She vents to Frank, feeling like Diem always tries to force her to do things, and she's being talked to like she's a five-year-old. Frank goes to talk to Diem, and tells her to talk things through Aneesa. Diem can go a little overboard, but she just wants Aneesa to be better, so that they can be a better team. They are partners regardless, and they need to get that in their spirit, and work together!

At the next day's Challenge, T.J. holds an adorable puppy named Pookie, and announces the teams will be playing "Blind Leading The Blind." The maze is hidden by a big wall to the other contestants. Each team will tie themselves together, and go through a maze blindfolded. The major catch is that an electrical dog collar will be attached to all of their arms, and will shock them as they go throughout the maze! The closer you're getting to end, the more you will feel that shock, so it's kind of a good thing? But not really. It's a guys' day, so the men will have to pull it together to try to stay out of the Jungle.

Ty and Leroy decide the order of the challenge, putting Diem and Aneesa and CT and Wes first to start the maze. The teams get shocked by the second! Just watching it is painful! Throughout the shocks, the teams steadily make it through. Nany and Jonna do HORRIBLY, getting disqualified because they couldn't take the shock, and don't even make it that far from the entrance! Good thing for them that it wasn't a girls' day! In the end, Johnny and Frank kill at this challenge, winning it for the guys!. Aneesa and Diem FINALLY win a challenge together, which boosts their morale! Marlon and Jordan struggle in their heat, but Ty and Leroy end up going backwards in theirs, losing time and sending them straight into the Jungle.

Back at the house, the girls thinking about throwing in Preston and Knight, which Johnny quickly shut down. The two are an easy team, and Johnny thinks that they should send the Rookies in. One, they're a good team, and two, they're rookies and haven't seen the Jungle yet. Frank brings up the fact that they also broke their word in the Challenge. Jordan overhears them, and gets pissed off. He confronts Frank in the kitchen, asking how the campaign against them is going. Of course, Frank denies it, though it's CLEAR that he wanted them to go in, and they get into a huge argument (you know Frank can't turn down a fight!). Jordan may have intentionally wanted to get under Frank's skin, but Frank didn't have to lie about trying to get them into the Jungle. Point blank period, rookies have to earn their stripes. Shoot, in the past, all of the rookies would be gone by this point in the season.

At deliberation, the girls vote to send another guy team in against Ty and Leroy. With four votes, Marlon and Jordan get voted in the Jungle. I know they don't like it, especially this far in the game, but the Rookies need to get their feet wet in the Jungle. It's time to earn their stripes, and show the vets that they are a force to be reckoned with. When Jordan talks Camila about how he feels Frank and Johnny turned the vote against his team,  Frank gets pissed off again and gets in his face. Frank claims that he's scared of the Jungle, but Jordan thinks that he is scared of his team. Johnny tells Jordan like it, admitting that they're a good team, but they're still Rookies. They were going to go in sometime anyway, and now's that time! Go in, get it done, and come back to the house and prove people wrong.

The next night, Leroy and Ty square off against Jordan and Marlon in the physical game, "Last Chance," which we saw in the very first Jungle. In a narrow hallway, two players will play defense, and the other two offense. As the defense tries to block, the offensive player will run to ring a bell on the other side of the field. The best two out of three wins! After two grueling rounds, the score is tied. In the third round, Ty gets RIGHT NEXT to the bell, but Marlon keeps him pinned (putting his football skills to serious work!), allowing Jordan to get to the bell, sending Leroy and Ty home! The house is SHOCKED, because Ty was literally feet away from the bell. Though the win is huge for Marlon and Jordan, it puts even a bigger target on their back, especially since Frank is pissed at them. I'm proud of these Rookies though! They came in strong, albeit a little cocky, but they're a good team, and they're proving it!

Back at the house, Marlon celebrates getting back home, with his main goal being to send home Johnny and Frank. Jordan is over all of the politics, and just wants to win to stay. Now it's getting to the nitty-gritty, and the games are REALLY about to begin. Frank talks about how he's going to change things up and get tougher, with Johnny thinking he's drawing too much unnecessary attention on them. But that's Frank. The season is only going to get more intense from here, so you have to keep watching!

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