"Extra Butter...Extra Salt..."-The Game S6, E19 (RECAP)

Another dramatic episode of The Game last night! Picking up from last week, Blue and Keira are in a
limo before they step on the red carpet for Keira's movie premiere. Keira's really nervous because she knows that this is make or break for her career. Blue calms her down, telling her that everything will be fine. Keira also reveals that there is a pretty graphic love scene in the movie. Before the scene, Keira plans to take a page from a friend and ask Blue to get him popcorn, with extra butter and salt, so that he's away and doesn't see the scene. After all, nobody wants to see their significant other with anyone, even if it is a fake movie scene!

On the red carpet, Blue lets Luke take pictures with Keira, even though he knows their past, as well as the fact that this love scene happened. Keira's friend Nina takes pictures though no one knows who she is, and has a "wardrobe malfunction" to get attention from the cameras. Malik and Tasha show up too, practicing their boundaries that learned from therapy last week!

After the hustle and bustle of the red carpet calms down, Keira finally gets to sit with Blue and apologizes. He tells her that tonight is her night and to soak it all up. Meanwhile, Chardonnay talks about Tasha's anger issues, and problems with men. Tasha apologizes for bringing her mess into Chardonnay's life, as well coming in between her and Jason. She's on what she calls a "Tasha Mack Apology Summer Jam," or something like that. At that moment, they see Jason, instantly irking Chardonnay (though she knows she still loves him!). Dr. Dawson made Tasha write down a list of all the people she needs to apologize to. Jason is on the list, so Tasha knows she will have to suck it up, and make some type of amends later. Before the film, Malik also talks to Tee Tee about moving forward with the idea of going into business together. Seems like he's finally getting his act together!

During the movie, the dreaded love scene comes up, though Blue has no idea.  Keira tries to get Blue to get her some popcorn and soda to keep him from seeing the love scene. It takes him a while to catch on, but he eventually gets it and starts walking out. From then on, we see Luke and Keira as their characters, walking into a truck to unload groceries. However, there is a makeshift bed of toilet paper, and the scene begins! Blue hears the screams from the audience and looks back at the screen. Everyone is laughing and oohing, completely in awe of the scene. Keira must have had some moves, because Blue looked completely dumbfounded. For a "virgin," Keira was getting it!

At the end of the movie, everyone applauds Keira for her performance, but Blue is extremely upset. Keira tries to talk things through with him, but her publicist pulls her away for more pictures and photographs. Malik asks Blue what he thought, but, of course, Blue doesn't want to talk! It's too soon for all of that!

Meanwhile, Chardonnay gets Tasha to "accidentally" bump into Jason. Jason calls her out for having a new dress, new bag, and new hair, that she probably bought with his money. Irritated, Chardonnay stomrs off, but Tasha stays and finally apologizes to Jason, after having a little breakdown. She hugs him a little bit too tight, and says that she forgives him, and wants to move on. However, she also calls out the fact that he is about to run off her close best friend.  She said that he needs to make things right with Chardonnay. He doesn't want the same thing  that happened with Kelly to happen with Chardonnay. Jason starts to write a letter to Kelly (on a napkin, but at least he tried!). It's unclear whether or not he is trying to get back with Kelly, or maybe just apologize himself for how things ended and move on.

Tasha goes to a low class diner, and she is very particular about what she wants. The waitress tells her that there are no substitutions, but Tasha gives her a wad a cash to get what she wants. The cook comes out to talk to her, and it's revealed that it's Tasha's father. She planned to see him all along...the next step for her recovery!

Back at the premiere, Blue thinks that Keira's love scene with Luke was way more than just acting. He asks Keira if she ever slept with Luke. When Keira keeps quiet and looks down, Blue realizes the truth. At that moment, Luke asks to borrow her, and Blue tells him that she's all his, implying that he's done with her! I'm so upset! I love Blue and Keira together and I hope that they can work things out. If Keira lied about being a virgin though, that was stupid and unnecessary!

After the premiere, Malik and Tee Tee talk about their new business venture, excited for the future! Malik says goodbye, and starts walking to his car. He's then approached by Franko and a gang of his friends, and the episode quickly ends. Next week is the season finale, and it's not looking too good for Malik! From the preview, I'm really scared for his life!

Check out the season finale of The Game next Tuesday at 10 p.m. only on BET!

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