Hollywood Exes S2 Episode 5 (RECAP)

Sunday night brought another good episode of Hollywood Exes! Picking up from the last episode, Sheree goes to talk to Jessica about why Jessica left Mayte's party so early. Jessica says that she was worried about Josie getting into something while she was out, so she felt the need to spy, insisting that it had nothing to do with Drea. Sheree doesn't totally buy it, and also brings up the fact that Jessica brought up Gia's birth mom and how that took away from the celebration. Jessica needs to apologize and explain to Mayte that she didn't mean to take away from the moment. She does want to make it right with her so hopefully they are able to work through things. The conversation switches to their trip to New York, which will be a nice change of pace for them!

In Chicago, Andrea and Tony go out for coffee. She is working with her dance company on a spring production and focusing on her kids while she's there. Tony asks her what's going on with the girls. Andrea admits that she's basically done with Jessica. She felt like they were building something, but she's good with not being friends with her. They do a moment of silence for the fallen friendship and let it go. Good. Enough with the back and forth. As grown women, you should know who you want to be around, and who you don't. No need to fake!

In New York, Sheree and Jessica make it over to see Nicole. After some struggles, the ladies open a bottle of champagne to celebrate Nicole's segment on Live with Kelly and Michael! Shamicka later comes and meets the girls. Sheree met her through Martin's first wife some years ago, but she was just meeting Jessica for the first time. Jessica asks her about herself, and Shamicka goes into the divorce which surprised a lot of folks. She quit singing to be a wife and mom, but is getting back into it, rediscovering who she is. In the end, Shamicka felt like she was a second thought in her marriage, but Jessica says that it's time for her to shine now!

Meanwhile, Andrea and Mayte are both doing their own thing in Chicago and L.A. respectively. Andrea rehearses for her show but her ankle is still sore. She's still going to give it her all, though. Back in L.A., Mayte films a bellydancing video and she looks HOT!!!!! Nelly brings Gia to the shoot and it's so amazing to see the family dynamic! Gia throws off Mayte's groove a little bit, but she loves having her around!

The night, Andrea hosts a family dinner at her house. She's definitely very happy to be home, getting to spend time with her family. Deep down, she's struggling to decide if she wants to open a studio in L.A. There are so many opportunities there, but Chicago is home to her and her kids. She doesn't want to rip them from their home and family. However, the stress of it all is definitely wearing on her, and she has to make a decision.

In NY, the rest of the ladies kick back with some Chinese food. Shamicka talks more about how she met Martin, and she wasn't fazed by him at first. However, Martin pursued her and captured her with his charm. They became friends and it progressed into something more. Later, Nicole practices cooking for the segment and they imitate what it's like to be on Live! Too funny!

In Chicago, Andrea is still hurting, and it's hard thinking that she might not dance again. She calls Mayte to vent. It's quite possible that the stress of being in between L.A. and Chicago is making the injury worse. Drea needs to figure out what she wants to do, and stick with it. Again, this back and forth thing isn't doing anything for her!

The next day before the show, Nicole admits that she's a little nervous because Michael made her that way! It's live and she doesn't really know the recipe! However, when Nicole gets there, she cooks with Michael and they do a great job together! She had a lot of fun and the ladies go out to celebrate her success. Shamicka herself is happy to be a part of the group now! I like her. She seems really, really sweet! I think that her storyline will be interesting because she's fresh into a divorce, and I hope that the ladies can help her to move forward.

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