Hollywood Exes S2, Episode 7 (RECAP)

Hollywood Exes is really trying to bring the drama this season! Picking up from last week's drama, Andrea and Mayte are still at the restaurant after Jessica stormed off, and they talk about the fight that just went down. Andrea thought that Jessica was going to come in a mature way, but she feels like Jessica went into instant victim mode. Mayte trying to mediate didn't work well at all. Both Andrea and Jessica have played a role in this whole issue--Jessica for always running her trap, and Andrea for going around talking about Jessica behind her back all the time rather than confronting her.

A few days later, Sheree and Jessica meet up for brunch. We learn that Sheree has so much stuff between her and Terrell that her housekeeper quit! Jessica then tells Sheree about the fight, knowing that she probably threw the first punch in the argument. She wants to think about whether or not she should approach Andrea, and what the right way to do that would be.

In the car, Nicole calls Andrea to invite her for a get together for Nicole's birthday. She also wants Drea to meet Shamicka. Nicole knows that there's drama between Drea and Jessica, but she hopes that they can work it out. Andrea says that simply for Nicole, she will be coming to the party, though she won't speak with Jessica.

Sheree goes to talk with Andrea, saying that she has noticed that Drea's been a little off. Andrea has been very stressed lately. She looks at the other ladies' relationships with their exes which are decent for the sake of their kids, and she doesn't understand why she and her ex can't get over that hurdle. She supports him in what he does, because when he's good, their kids are good. Andrea feels like he doesn't support her in moving to L.A, and she's starting to feel guilty because of it. Of course, she wants her kids to come out there with her, but Drea wants him to realize that that doesn't mean that she's trying to take them from him. Sheree is honest with her, saying that she doesn't think he's going to be sympathetic with that, unfortunately. Sheree tells her that she needs to start getting her feet wet in trying and establish different things to support herself, and not depend on R. Kelly. Don't let not having his support stop you from reaching your dreams! It was good that Andrea got that all off her chest, but she does need to figure out what she's going to do. The traveling back and forth between L.A. and Chicago is too much.

Later, Mayte talks with Jessica. She thinks that both Jessica and Andrea are just angry, but they still love each other. They may not like each other, but they still love each other. Jessica had mentioned not going to Nicole's party before because of Andrea, but she decides that she will be there to celebrate her friend whether Drea is there or not.

The next day, Nicole's friend Rodney brings Nicole in his boutique to be a model that will highlight some of his pieces. The shoot has a Mongolian warrior princess theme, which features lots of leather and fur! Jessica is coming to support her, and Nicole knows it will be a problem. Nicole is literally head to toe is fur! When Jessica comes in, she is in shock to find Nicole in so much fur. Jessica takes a picture and shoots it over to Mayte. Mayte is pissed, and Jessica walks out saying that she's not going to talk to Nicole for a couple of days. It seemed like a joke, but knowing Jessica, who knows?

Andrea visits Sheree at her house, going to Sheree's closet which is a mess! Since Terrell is moving in, Sheree has to figure out how to fit Terrell's stuff in her closet. Andrea advises her to give away any clothes that she hasn't worn in a year, which proves to be hard for Sheree. She has some crazy stuff in her closet that is totally out of style, but she refuses to let it go! Eventually, the two make some progress, cleaning up the closet a little bit.

At Mayte's, she prepares to meet Nicole and Jessica, and tells Nelly to text her with updates about Gia. Nelly is tired of her texting her all the time about the baby, but it's in Mayte's nature as a mom! Ehh...maybe she texts her a little too much, but I'd be wanting to check in too. Since Mayte and Jessica are upset about the fur photo shoot with Nicole, they plan on sitting her down to educate her about their position. Nicole is irritated because there's no law against her wearing fur. She gets their position, but she's not them. You can be against something, but you can't force your position on somebody else. All you can do is express your point, and move forward. Nicole's grown. You can't tell her what to do or what to wear.

The next morning, Andrea calls Tony. She is preparing herself mentally for Nicole's birthday party, where Jessica will be. The way I see it, if you don't like her, who cares? Just go on about your business. Yeah, it might be a little awkward, but have fun and celebrate your friend! Tony tells her to be on her best behavior, and prepare to be the bigger person. Andrea says she will, but if Jessica gets out of line, she's sure there's an alley out back that she can throw her in!

That night, Jessica and Nicole have drinks before the party. Nicole tells her that Andrea will be coming, and she doesn't know what's going on between the two of them. Jessica openly says she doesn't care about Andrea, planning to enjoy the night. One by one, the rest of the girls trickle in. When Andrea comes in, Jessica sits still, though it's clear that she's annoyed by her presence. Everyone goes on to celebrate and have a good time. Sheree offers up an idea to say one word that embodies Nicole. When Andrea says "Sexy Mom," Jessica says that was two words, which puts Andrea a little on edge. However, no fighting goes down thankfully! When it's revealed that the girls are going to go to the mountains to ski for a few days, everyone's excited! Well, maybe except Jessica and Andrea, seeing as though they will be stuck together for three days. It still should be fun, but judging from the clip for next week, maybe not so much. Mayte gets upset about the room she was placed in, and Shamicka shows off her spunky side when she gets Mayte together! Should be an entertaining episode!

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  1. Mayte and Jessica need some Business..!! @Mayte, from the looks of things, don't worry about Nicole's finances get your money up. How you gonna tell a grown ass woman what NOT to wear..!? #ImJusSayN #HollyWoodExs

  2. Mayte may be anti-fur but that does not give her the right to dictate what a person wears. Its not a matter of respect. Its a matter of choice!!!A person can respect you but does not have to agree with you.



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