In The Spotlight: Jordan Kelly

Have a new spotlight for you all today--upcoming comedian Jordan Kelly! Born in Washington D.C., and raised in Suitland, MD, Jordan got his start in comedy just by hanging out with his friend Chris, and making others around them laugh, something that's he's always had a passion for.  He went out to do his first YouTube with Chris, cracking jokes all the while. "The amount of feedback we received made me feel like it was a calling," Jordan says. He and Chris continue to work together on YouTube, keeping the laughs coming!

The aspiring comedian draws inspiration from other comedic legends such as Richard Pryor, Red Foxx, and Bernie Mac, as well as newer comedian Kevin Hart. "They all brought their own way of comedy to the world, and that's what I want to do." Jordan admits. Though he was originally in music management, he now focuses on school, work and developing his comedy career, as well as film and photography, working on new videos, skits, and possibly even a short movie. "I would like to see my comedy go to the highest level it can go," Jordan says. "I was always told if I work hard more things will come to me, so I'm here and I hope the world is ready to laugh."

Check out one of Jordan's YouTube videos below!

You can check out more of Jordan along with his friend Chris on YouTube, and follow him on Twitter as well as Facebook! You can also get in contact with Jordan's publicist Fiona Cross for more information.

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