"Miss Me A Little When I'm Gone"-The Game S6, E17 (RECAP)

You already know every Tuesday is Game Day, and I'm continuing to love this season! Picking up from last week's episode, Blue and Keira talk on the phone while Keira is in L.A. Keira tries to seduce him into some phone sex, but Blue is sitting at the bottom of a bathroom stall and doesn't really want to. Keira reveals she has a press junket tomorrow that she's nervous for, because her comeback is riding on it. She wants to shed her child star, party girl image. Blue encourages her, telling her that she will do well. When the two hang up, we see that Blue is at a party for Juvon, complete with drinks and LOTS of girls, a party that he failed to mention to Keira!

At her apartment, Tasha cuddles up with some wine, getting her kicks from watching the Weather Channel. Chardonnay tells her to get it together. Chardonnay walked away from Jason, and she's still smiling! Tasha says that she could never be in Chardonnay's shoes, walking away from an already cheap husband who won't give her anything in a divorce, and thinks that Chardonnay will end up going back to a roast-infested apartment building, bartending again! After hearing all that, Chardonnay grabs the bottle for herself!

Meanwhile, at the party, Blue is talking with Juvon and Malik, when Malik realizes that his ex-assistant Tori and her crazy, angry and abusive baby father Franko are there. Franko is all in her face about something, which she passes off. When Tori notices Malik and waves, Franko grabs on her and threatens her with a bottle, and Malik goes to defend her! Franko gets in his face, and throws a bottle, barely missing him. The two fight hardcore and security tries to break it up. Meanwhile, Javon gets a small cut on his cheek and plans to call his lawyer (He's on his last leg as a Saber so he has to get some money somehow!)

The next day, after spending the night in jail for the fight, Malik gets home. His agent talked to the lawyer, and everything seems to be good. He also spoke to Tasha who is a mess herself, so Malik doesn't want to even get her involved. Reece is furious after she had to bail him out of jail. He can't get ahead with his brand, getting into fights. She reveals that she hasn't spoken to her father in weeks for him, taking a chance on him. However, now she feels like her dad might be right about him. In that moment, Tori shows up to apologize, pissing Reece off even more. Everyone keeps saying that Tori is not her problem, and Reece says the same. Malik tells her that she doesn't understand what Tori is going through because she's had a life of privilege. After that, Reece angrily walks away, leaving Malik with Tori. Personally, I don't see Malik and Reece together because their relationship is more about business with a side of lust. I don't think it's any real feelings deep down.

Back at the condo, Chardonnay and Tasha have straws in their wine, drinking and mourning their men! Tasha says that she can't stand Pretty Woman, because it makes her think what the hell is wrong with her if a prostitute can get a man? Chardonnay thinks that maybe they ought to start selling their goodies on the street, but Tasha says that hooker life ain't what she think (implying that she's been one?!)! The two, both drunk hot messes, run of their drinks and plan to go to Dropbar even though it's only 10 a.m.!

Meanwhile, Blue goes to see Keira, but she denies him a kiss. Keira asks him if he was at Dropbar, which he admitted he was. She found out about the fight, and thinks that he's hanging out with the wrong people. Blue thinks she's just mad because he was out without her, "getting his swag on." He pulls out his phone to show the girls that he turned down. Keira kicks him out, and Blue tells her that he doesn't have to answer to her. Leaving in such a rush, Blue leaves his phone, and Keira decides to look through it, as just about any nosy girlfriend would!

At Dropbar, Chardonnay and Tasha preach to a random guy over mimosas about how to treat a woman! The bartender Javier gets them both together, telling them that they are both a mess right now, and are scaring off his customers! Chardonnay tells Tasha that it's not a good look for them to be in their pajamas drinking while other people are sitting down having breakfast! Tasha expresses that she's the way she is because of how she grew up, and asks Chardonnay more about her upbringing. We find out that even though her attitude might seem to reflect the complete opposite, Chardonnay grew up in a middle class family with both of her parents in the picture! All this time, we all thought that Chardonnay was from the hood somewhere. Javier grew up with both of his parents too, leaving Tasha to think that maybe she needs to talk with somebody about her own personal issues that stem from her upbringing.

Meanwhile, Keira uses her key to get into Blue's apartment. As Blue walks in, she reveals that she called Blue's father to try to get through to him. The Colonel is there in a serious mood, throwing out his liquor and anything else that he doesn't think Blue needs while he's pursuing football. The Colonel then excuses Keira to have a serious talk with his son, resulting in her running out after he tells her that Blue is not here to have a relationship with an unemployed actress! It's obvious that he's angry because Blue has a great opportunity and seems to be blowing it a little. The Colonel calls out his relationship with Keira, saying that he needs to let her go. However, for the first time probably in his life, Blue stands up to him, refusing to lose Keira!

At the end of the episode, we see Malik leave yet another message for Reece so that they can talk. However, we also see that Tori is there wrapped in a blanket, and they obviously had sex. Blue goes to see Keira, with Keira hugging and apologizing to him. Blue is upset because Keira really had no right to call the Colonel on him. Keira just saw him going down the wrong road, and reflected back on her own partying ways and how it ended up being detrimental to her and her career. She was scared that he was going to end up like her, which is why she called him. Blue quickly calms down, telling her that he finally stood up to the Colonel, saying that he told his father that he loves Keira and Blue wasn't about to let her go. Keira is in awe, and asks him to repeat what he said. The two expresses that they love each other, which is amazing! I'm such a huge fan of Bleira. So happy that their relationship is progressing in a great way. Yes, their fictional relationship gives me hope for love!

Only two more episodes of The Game before the season finale! Make sure to check out new episodes on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. only on BET!

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