"Mortuusequusphobia"-The Challenge: Rivals II Episode 4 (RECAP)

Forgive me for not getting this up sooner! Last week was absolutely crazy, but I had to still recap Rivals II! Picking up from last week, the housemates party at Diamond Nightclub, and have a great time! Jordan and Jonna are flirting and having fun, and they kiss! Looks like Jordan got over Sarah pretty quick. CT and Nany flirt as well, with Diem closely watching. Back at the house, Jemmye tells Nany that Diem made up a rap about her, calling her a slut in the club. Jemmye is DEFINITELY an annoying instigator sometimes. Of course, that causes Nany and Diem get into a little altercation, but it's whatever. Personally, I wouldn't trust CT or develop any feelings for him Nany. It's clear that he is still in love with Diem. Have fun but don't get caught up!

Moments later, Leroy and Johnny play a prank writing a rap about Nany and leaving it on a table for the house to see, pretending like Diem wrote it. It's so funny hearing it read back! It's just a joke, but Nany takes it to heart.

Leroy is attracted to Jemmye. She tells Wes that it's not going to happen, but she blushes when he talks about it. She's definitely attracted to him, and doesn't care about Knight anymore.

That night, the house gets a clue for their next challenge: "Working together will help you from getting stumped at tomorrow's challenge." So the next day, of course, the house plays a game called "Stumped," which is really quite literal. The teams have to navigate through a giant maze made up of bamboos, with the goal being to get through the maze as quick as possible. The catch? The teams will be carrying a 20 foot bamboo pole tied to their wrists, having to get that pole through the maze with them! The teams get 20 minutes to make it, or they will be disqualified. Since they won the last challenge, Paula and Emily put up the strongest teams first to see their strategy. The problem is that the bamboo is getting stuck everywhere! It's a struggle for both the girls and the boys to make it through, showing that it's definitely all about communication.

Since they couldn't make it in the time allotted, Knight and Preston get another DQ. Lucky for them, today is a girls' challenge day. Theresa and Jasmine get disqualified as well, heading straight into the Jungle. Jordan and Marlon do a great job with this challenge, winning for the guys, which is great, but it puts a target on their backs as well. Rookies often get eliminated first, and they're a strong team, so the guys might try to get them thrown into the Jungle next. Meanwhile, Paula and Emily win it for the girls, taking their FOURTH challenge in a row!

Back at the house, CT and Wes talks to Zach and the guys want to vote for Cara Maria and
Cooke. No one cares about them, and the house wants to use them as a scapegoat. As long as they stay here, they will always get throw in. Wes and CT tell the team that they will probably go in. However, Cooke goes around and talks to some of the guys and tells them they should vote Aneesa and Diem. Diem gets pissed off, but Cooke's playing the game. Can't be mad at her for trying to keep her butt out of the Jungle. I'd do the same.

At deliberation, the guys vote on who will face Theresa and Jasmine in the Jungle. It definitely would've stirred the pot A LOT if guys threw in Aneesa and Diem. However, even though Cooke tried, the guys vote Cara Maria and Cooke with five votes.

Later, Leroy and Ty sing and rap about themselves, and other people in the house to lighten the mood. Leroy continues to rap moving on to Jemmye, who he has a little crush on, with Knight sitting right there. Jemmye has caught feelings for Leroy a little bit too, and the two joke around. Knight claims that he is sick of Jemmye's voice and grabs a bottle of ketchup, which Jemmye is DEATHLY afraid of. It gets on her, and she freaks out! Obviously, Knight still has some type of feelings or needs some type of closure with her. Leroy doesn't want to get in the drama, and starts flirting with Theresa.

At the Jungle, T.J tells the girls that they will play "Who Can Take It," the most dangerousChallenge history! There is a metal gurney in the midst of electronics, car batteries and jumper cables! Each player is strapped to the gurney, and T.J. will then hit a button and send a shock through the constestants' bodies! It's best two out of three, with the first person to say they quit losing the round of her team. This mess is DANGEROUS! Just as the girls prep for the challenge, T.J. stops them and reveals that the challenge was a fake!!!  No one is going home this round. It hit me later on though, that this was because Trishelle and Sarah are no longer in the house, so there was no need for any girls' team to be eliminated this week.

However, back at the house, Paula, Diem and Emily are pissed that nobody went home, especially because they all wanted to see Cara and Cooke leave. The house goes out to party and have a good time anyway though.  Diem takes off her wig before leaving, and she looks gorgeous! CT goes to see her, and shows her love, boosting her morale a little bit! Even though CT can be seen as a monster who needs serious anger management in these challenges, he's such a softie with her. Diem talks more about her experience with her second bout of ovarian cancer, and reveals that she wants to become stronger and show that she is a competitor to contend with! Good for her!

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