"Psh!! I'm Good!"-The Game S6, E15 (RECAP)

Tuesdays are Game days! And this episode of The Game this past Tuesday was a GOOD one! Picking up from last week, after practice, Blue asks Malik if Keira has said anything about him. Malik says that all of Blue's sweating Keira is really making him look bad, and claims that he doesn't want to throw a ball to a dude that's all stuck on a girl! He even goes as far as to say that Blue needs to go back to being the guy that was with Ciara on draft night, the one who just wanted to have a good time! Blue tells him that he's that guy and that he's "good." However, seconds later, Malik acts like he's calling Keira and Blue runs back to see if she said anything about. Malik tells him that in order to get over Keira, Blue needs a "poontang parade," and Malik is going to plan it! Oh...Lord.

Later, Jason is in the middle of an ice bath after practice at home. He doesn't want the team to see him as the old weak guy on his last leg. Chardonnay tells him that regardless of what he feels like he has to prove, football is taking a SERIOUS toll on him. Jason refuses to stop, though.

Blue goes to see Keira and check up on her. Keira tells him that there will never be a good time to talk to her. He wants to apologize, but she's pissed. Luke comes out into the doorway, half naked, and tells him that he should probably get spare keys made, alluding to last week when Blue acted like he lost his key. Of course, Luke is really implying that he's going to be around for a while, and Blue should move on. When Luke walks away, Keira tells Blue that it's none of his business who she's smashing and who she isn't. They're done, and she slams the door in his face. Blue calls Malik and is ready to get the poontang parade started!

Meanwhile, Tasha has prepared a bunch of baskets for the Sabers' Veterans Appreciation Week, and Chardonnay plans to help her deliver them. Keira shows up to quit the Sunbeams for real this time. Chardonnay says good for her, and she would've been out a long time ago if she knew what all goes into being a football wife or girlfriend. Tasha tells her that she can't run from love. Keira tells them that she has a new man, but Tasha ain't buying it! Tasha and Chardonnay starts talking about their sexual experiences and how they had sandwiches with their boos right after. Keira doesn't care, though she mentions that the sandwich she had with Blue was PB&J. She claims to be over him, but it's clear she's not completely

Later, Chardonnay goes to visit a veteran named Alan Johnson to give him a basket. He suffers from neurological damage, even having to write everything down to remember things about himself. It all came from taking too many hits on the field week after week. Of course, it shakes up Chardonnay because Jason is already halfway down this road.

Meanwhile, Luke tries to get it on with Keira, but she doesn't let him. She says she's suddenly starving for a sandwich, and Luke wants to make her a grilled cheese. However, Keira says that he can't make it or buy it, telling him that he should probably go, realizing inside she wants Blue.

At the "poontang parade," it's a little dry at first when Blue walks in, but Malik has a bus load of ladies ready for them! They go to a strip club too, and Blue really enjoys himself, even getting up on the pole! The party heads to a grocery store and collects more and more people as time goes on! Everyone's popping champagne, eating junk food, dancing, which takes Blue's mind off of Keira finally.

The next morning, Chardonnay tells Jason that she was busy dropping off baskets, and tells him about Alan. He laughs a bit, but Chardonnay tells him it's not funny. Jason is heading down the same path, and Chardonnay refuses to watch him kill himself. She gives him an ultimatum, that he has to pick between her and football. Jason tells her that she does NOT want her to make him choose.

Meanwhile, Keira heads over to Blue's and confesses her feelings for him, being honest that she was using Luke. Of course, Blue feels the same way, BUT at that moment, three girls from the poontang parade walk out into the kitchen, pissing Keira off. Blue refuses to back down from being with her, saying that there's no more running away for either one of them out of fear or anger. Keira tells him to get it out of his system, because tomorrow he belongs to her ONLY! Yes!

By the end of the episode, we see new changes in the characters' lives. Chardonnay packs up her stuff and leaves Jason, refusing to see him get hurt more than he already has. She goes over to stay with Tasha, completely hurt and broken. Meanwhile, Blue goes back to Keira's with a sandwich, saying that he didn't need a day to get it out of his system. Awww! Can't lie, watching them got me in my feelings a lot! What can I say? I get caught up in these characters' storylines!

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