"Revenge Is A Dish Best Not Served"-The Challenge: Rivals 2 Episode 6 (RECAP)

Wednesday brought another great episode of The Challenge: Rivals IIPicking up from last week,
Theresa talks to Aneesa about feeling betrayed by Diem after last week's elimination. Theresa came in this game as a really nice person, and I'm not saying that she should ever lose that. However, THIS IS A GAME. She needs to learn that everybody is playing this game to win, or at least they should and she should too. Yes, everybody has different friends in the house, but it's a CHALLENGE, and the main objective is to get that money! We can hang out after this is over. Theresa expresses that she only trusts her partner Jasmine in this game, as she should. Since they won the last challenge, they get to pick the order of this challenge coming up, so they need to make smart choices! That night, the house gets a clue from T.J. for the challenge. "They always say keep your friends close and your enemies closer." Wonder what that could mean???

The next day, the teams play "Frenemies." T.J. calls for half of the girls' teams to come over to him, and tells the other girls to walk by the wall. Nobody knows what T.J. is about to have them do! After T.J. tells the girls next to him to rejoin the boys, he reveals the objective of the challenge. One partner from each team is going to be suspended in a harness over 30 feet of water. T.J. will ask a series of questions to the teams about their partners, which have to match up with their partner's own answers. One strike, you get a warning. The second, the partner in the harness is dropped into the water, and that team is eliminated. Since Jasmine is being put into the harness, Theresa has to make the order by herself.

As the challenge goes on, T.J. asks questions like "Who does your partner think is the fakest personstill in the house?" and "Who needs the most attention?" Jemmye and Camila struggle because they really don't communicate with each other. Jemmye guesses wrong on her tries, landing her and Camila straight into the Jungle. Jemmye takes a type of offense at the answers too because a few of the girls thought she was the fakest, and calls out Jonna for it! Meanwhile, because Paula and Emily know each other well, they win yet another challenge! The guys' round comes down to Frank and Johnny and Leroy and Ty. After Frank misses his second question, Leroy and Ty take the win for the guys!

Back at the house, Theresa tries to get some of the Rookie guys to throw in Aneesa and Diem for the Jungle, saying that she will have the Rookies' backs if they do. Theresa is just scared to go in, honestly. Though they say they will try, Marlon and Jordan believe that they should make a power move to shake up the house. Johnny gives his two cents that they should lay low, but Marlon basically tells him to mind his business. At deliberation, Diem and Aneesa, Cara and Cooke, and Theresa and Jasmine all get one vote. Marlon and Jordan then decide to go with Theresa and Jasmine,seeing as thought Diem and Aneesa have had their back since day one. Theresa is irritated, but she shouldn't be. This is a GAME. Get over it. Both Jasmine and Theresa are livid, and plan on getting revenge if they come back. Jasmine asks Jonna why she would give Jordan the time of day. Theresa goes off on Jordan, saying that there will be consequences if she comes back. Girl bye. People play this game way too personally, with too many emotions.

At the Jungle, Jemmye and Camila square off against Theresa and Jasmine in "Catch 22." There are 22 balls next to four treadmills. The treadmills will start moving and the partners will throw the balls at their teammates, while their partner tries to catch it and throws it in their basket. As time goes on, the treadmills will be moving faster and faster, but the girls have to keep running. If you land in the mud pit behind you, you're done for that round, and have to watch as the other team takes it. The game is best two out of three, with three balls winning the round. Jemmye and Camila surprisingly do very well, in spite of their communication issues! After both land in the mud pit during two rounds, Jasmine and Theresa are sent home! Definitely fine by me, because I was getting tired of Theresa anyway.

Back at the house, Jonna watches Jordan work out, flirting and laughing with him. Jonna. Nany watches, feeling like Jonna absolutely has to have male attention. She wants her to be focused on the game, and not guys!

Hard to believe that we're halfway through The Challenge, and, as the teams get closer and closer to the money, the drama heats up! Check out a sneak peek of what the rest of the season below, and watch all new episodes of The Challenge: Rivals II on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. only on MTV!

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