"Thrilla in Camila"-The Challenge: Rivals II Episode 8 (RECAP)

Another day gone in The Challenge: Rivals II! Picking up from last week's nail-biting episode, the house is out partying, having a great time! CT chats with Diem, telling her that he still loves her and doesn't know why she hasn't kissed him yet! They dance and flirt. Meanwhile, Jonna talks to Frank. They both live in L.A. and she hopes that she will have his back like he promised he would before they left. Frank mentions that he is disturbed by these "young kids" in the house who seems to have no loyalty in the game, and blah blah blah. What I didn't get about that whole conversation is that Frank is still young himself and this is only his SECOND challenge! See, because he won his first challenge last season, you can't tell him a thing! This is why I don't like him most of the time. Anyway, Frank continues to go OFF on Knight and Jemmye especially, and the two overhear them.

Back at home, Jemmye fights Knight for not defending her, which is beyond dumb. Jemmye, you're a grown woman. You have a problem with what somebody said about you, then address it! You're arguing with Knight, when the main person you need to be confronting is Frank! Camila then gets in the middle of everything, claiming that she doesn't want her partner to lose focus. Johnny tells Knight not to pay any mind to Camila, which gets a rise out of her, seeing as the two have some romantic history. Camila goes completely crazy and tries to get to him to fight! It was all a huge to-do over NOTHING. The way I see it, everybody is drunk, and needs food and sleep! That's all that is.

The next day at the Challenge, the house comes down to see a huge trapeze and get nervous! T.J. announces that the teams will be playing "Swingers." The teams will swing from the trapeze to grab another bar. They then have to swim all the way to a buoy and around, to head back to the end of the course. Since it's a girls' day, the girls' team with the slowest time will head straight to the Jungle! Aneesa and Diem get to make today's order, and, of course, Cara and Cooke are up first. They're the scapegoat of the season, which sucks for them, but they're still in the game! While they are swimming to the end, Cara starts freaking out in the water, losing her breath. Cooke refuses to quit and motivates her to get through it. They finish, but they have a horrible time. A lot of the teams actually struggle with this challenge, because the current is really strong, which makes it hard to swim back against. With most of the guys just quitting, Wes and CT end up winning for the guys! For the girls, the teams were separated by five seconds. In spite of their drama the night before, Jemmye and Camila pull it out and are safe from elimination! Because of their huge struggle in the water, Cara Maria and Cooke ended up losing, getting a spot in the Jungle!

Back at the house, Cooke and Jemmye talk about how Cara's inability to swim puts their team at a huge advantage. Meanwhile, Frank and Johnny are in a tight spot because they were either going to vote in Cara and Cooke or Jemmye and Camila. Since one team is safe from elimination, and another is already going in the Jungle, Frank is leaning more towards the one person he said he wasn't going to throw in--Jonna, along with her partner Nany. He talks to her about it all, but Jonna admits that she's going to be upset if he throws her name out there. 

At the deliberation, majority of the guys vote for Nany and Jonna, including Johnny and Frank, pissing Jonna off. In this game, sometimes, you do end up hurting a friend towards the end. I don't think it's selfish to play for yourself. It's a COMPETITION. However, I do think that people need to stop making promises like "Oh, I won't vote you in. I'll have your back the entire time." Be honest and upfront. Look, I am going to try to have your back in this competition. But keep in mind, that we're competing and this is a game. We're both playing to win, and I might do something that might piss you off but don't let your feelings get in the way. If people don't get that, then they don't get that. I just think that people play this game with wayyyy too many emotions. You have to do what you have to do to save yourself. That might seem selfish and inconsiderate, but that's the way of the game. *rant over* Later, Frank asks Jonna if she has anything to say to him. She claims she's just trying to prepare herself for tonight, but of course she's upset. Meanwhile, CT flirts with Cooke to get Diem upset as they all sit in the kitchen. Real mature CT!

At the Jungle, Frank wears a Jonna headband even AFTER he voted her in there! Jonna and Nany square off against Cara Maria and Cooke in "Snapper," which the guys have played before. There is a giant red circle in the center of the Jungle. One member is blindfolded will bells on her feet, and will try to break a stick over their opponent, as her team member tries to guide her. Best two out of three wins! It's definitely a communication game, which Nany and Jonna weren't great at. Cara Maria and Cooke communicate well, giving great directions on how to move towards their opponent , and they win, sending Jonna and Nany home! Of course, Jonna only hopes that Frank gets his karma!  At the house, Frank talks about how he's changed, and doesn'rt believe he didn't do anything wrong to me. The only thing that he did wrong was make a promise that he couldn't keep. This is a GAME. It's getting towards the end, so it's only a matter of time before people were going to start voting in their friends. We all know that. And if you don't, you need to watch some seasons of The Challenge online somewhere beforehand and see what you're getting yourself into!

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