"What The Phuket?!"-The Challenge: Rivals II Episode 5 (RECAP)

Another drama filled episode of The Challenge: Rivals 2 this past Thursday! Picking up from last week, Theresa and Leroy get it on one night, as the housemates try to peek in! Wes gets upset because they are hooking up in the bunk above his, and he's hooked up with Theresa before himself. The next morning, CT and Diem try to get the dirt, but Theresa keeps it cool. She admits that she likes him, and their personalities click. In the midst of all this, Wes moves out of the room, which Leroy sees as a punk move. With the help of Johnny Bananas, Leroy and some of the guys make a Wes doll using broomsticks and a huge doll head, and even drew hashtags on his bed (#whack #112pounds #Birdchest HA!).

The next day, Zach calls his mom and finds out that his sister had her baby, a boy, which is Zach's first nephew. Everyone congratulates him, and he's happy, but is mad that he was the only one in his family that wasn't there, since he's on the show. It was a huge moment and he missed it. He starts getting stomach pains, and gets very upset. He freaks out on the cameramen and goes Incredible Zach, breaking stuff! The house watches as Zach freaks out, as Knight hands him stuff to break egging him on. Frank watches annoyed. The doctors eventually come and check Zach out, and clear him for competition. However, it all just seemed a little extra. You knew what you were getting in before you came. Hell, I know what all goes into being on that show (or any reality show for that matter), and I'm nowhere close to being asked to compete. Suck it up and deal. (Side note: he's still the sexiest man in the house to me, so I still love him!).

That night, Wes comes up with a plan to try to get rid of Leroy. He talks to Diem about voting against Leroy and Ty at the deliberation since it's a guys' challenge. Diem deep down knows that Leroy and Ty will vote against her and Aneesa before most of the other girls teams, so she's actually considering it. Now, if this was a strategic move on Wes' part, I'd be all for it. But he's just jealous that Leroy got with Theresa, and is doing it out of spite. Childish.

The next day, the teams compete in "Frog Smash." The objective is to get across a 60 foot beam suspended 30 feet above water, while the other teams on swings try to hit you. Both times of the teammates count together, and you can't be too far behind your partner or you will get penalties. Because the girls didn't want Cooke and Cara or Nany and Jonna to win the challenge, the ladies all let Theresa and Jasmine across to get the best time, winning for the girls. The guys end up letting CT and Wes go as well, trying to keep Marlon and Jordan from winning as rookies, and the team wins for the guys! Since Zach and Trey got knocked off the beam and had the worst time, they were sent straight into the Jungle!

Back at the house, Zach tells everybody that he wants to go against Johnny and Frank, simply because Leroy and Ty end up with the most votes, heading to the Jungle to face Zach and Trey! Of course, Wes LOVES it. Theresa fights with Diem who definitely capitalized on Theresa's mistake! She plans on gunning for Diem in the next challenge. But Theresa, honey, it was YOUR vote that kicked things off in the first place. Be careful what you do in these challenges.
he doesn't trust Johnny. Theresa and Jasmine think about throwing in Knight and Preston because the rookies are really good, and they don't want to even mention their names for fear of getting thrown into the Jungle next. So poor Theresa decides to do a throwaway vote, which we've seen people do just out of fun to try to be neutral. Theresa throws Leroy and Ty out, which irritates Leroy a little because she didn't tell him before hand. The vote is pretty mixed, UNTIL Nany throws out Leroy and Ty as well! Diem figures, "Hey this is a good chance to get rid of a team who will probably vote us in next time," so she votes for them as well!  It was NOT supposed to go that way AT ALL! What started out as a joke ended up being a serious burn, because

At the Jungle, the guys play "Breaking on Through." The challenge features two towers with four floors and a trap door on each floor. You use the tool in each trap door to get the level below and the guys have to alternate floors! At the end, they will have to break through a giant steel door and break through the bell. This is the PERFECT challenge for big man Zach, and he and Trey do extremely well, coming back and taking a win! In the heat of the moment, Zach throws his helmet at the other teams, as if to say "Ha! I got this." Just when I got scared for everybody left in that house, T.J. makes an announcement. Since Zach broke through the glass on the first level when Trey was supposed to, they did not win, and are getting sent home! It was kind of karma for the way that Zach acted when he won and earlier on in the episode, but I still kind of wanted him to take it. He is my major eye candy in that house! Leroy and Ty get to stay, and maybe just maybe Theresa will learn to think before she votes! Back at the house, she is relieved that Leroy is back and they have a celebratory hook up! Whatever will become of them???

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