"Final Destination"-The Challenge: Rivals II Episode 11 (RECAP)

So I FINALLY got a chance to watch last Wednesday's episode of The Challenge: Rivals II! I know, BEYOND late, seeing as though the finale and live reunion premiered last night (that recap will be up today as well). It's been a crazy exhausting week and a half and I have a lot to catch up on in my writing life. The week before this episode, we were left on a cliffhanger as Diem and Aneesa faced Jemmye and Camila in the last Jungle, "Hanging By A Thread." The main objective of the game is to cut through two ropes while hanging upside down. Obviously, the winners will go on to the Finals! Diem struggles to even touch the rope and starts freaking out! Though Camila is short and can't reach the rope either, Jemmye uses her saw to bring the rope to her and they get through it. Once Diem and Aneesa figure that out, they begin to work through the ropes too! Unfortunately, they just couldn't pull it out in time. Jemmye and Camila win, sending Diem and Aneesa home right before the Final. It sucks because I really wanted to see Aneesa in the final, and it's hard to get that close and lose like that. Though they're both upset, they're grateful that they got to know each other better and become closer. Diem also holds no ill will towards CT (though me being the grudgeful person that I am, I definitely would!).


In The Spotlight: Coyotito

I have another artist to spotlight today (Any artist, designer, producer, etc, looking to be featured please contact me). This has been a LONG time coming, but greatly deserved! It was important to me to feature rapper Coyotito, not only because he works with Anthony Glover of Concrete Entertainment (who I featured a little over a year after I started Spotlight, and still keep in touch with), but because, after listening to his music, I was hooked! The man is truly a lyricist, which I believe is rare in hip hop today.

Born and raised in the Hollygrove neighborhood of New Orleans, “Tito” as he is also known, grew up watching videos of his favorite rappers on TV. Even as a young kid, he dreamed of being a rapper and began recording his own lyrics over popular songs, using a tape deck and recorder. “The moment I fell in love with hip hop was when I heard Special Ed’s ‘I’m the Magnificent,” he said of his love of hip hop. “The beat, the lyrics and his whole style was just fresh to me.  It made me feel so good to the point where I just wanted to recite it and listen to it over and over again.”In addition to Special Ed, artists like Rakim, Scarface, Fiend, Soulja Slim, and Jay-Z inspired him to hone his craft and mold his dream.


Hollywood Exes S2, Episode 11 (RECAP)

Loving Hollywood Exes this season! There's a good amount of drama, but there's a great amount of fun, business ventures, and comedy! As this season is dwindling down, I hope that VH1 renews it for a third.  Picking up from last week, Tony and Andrea go to the park, and Drea shares that she has a new plan up her sleeve. She called her manager, and plans to do a dance fitness DVD. With the DVD under her belt, she wants to travel and do master classes in major cities. For Drea, this DVD isn't about losing weight quick. It's about women embracing their sexy curves, but toning up! The video will feature a lot of fun, sexy moves but still calorie burning! It's definitely going to be a lot of work. There has to be a casting call for background dancers, a set location, filimint crew and more. It's going to be A LOT of work, mostly for Tony!

That night, Nicole invites the girls to go to a Hollywood party for her friend, celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean. As the party goes on, Jessica gets drinks at the bar and suddenly sees her second ex-husband Garth and his girlfriend! Apparently the guy is a very good plastic surgeon who Jessica even worked with during their marriage. Jessica talks to him and catches up, but she kind of pushes herself all over him! Even though she's probably drunk, she needs to have a little bit more sense in her head to do all of that.

Hollywood Exes S2, Episode 10 (RECAP)

The past week has been has been absolutely CRAZY. I'm definitely behind on a lot. Balancing the So I owe two recaps of Hollywood Exes this week (last week's and last night's episodes). Haven't had a chance to watch and recap Wednesday's episode of The Challenge: Rivals II yet. Basically staying away from any and all things MTV until I do! My life has become a balancing act, which I'll write about on BrittanyShawnte.com sometime this week.

Picking up from Episode 9, the girls are back in a good place after their Utah trip. Nicole has brunch in her backyard with her sister-in-law Jamie and her mom Ellen to discuss the wedding plans! Jessica swings by as well. With this second wedding, Nicole definitely wants something more toned down than her first, with probably a local setting. She wants to go ahead lock in the date, but she and Michael are still working out that prenup! Once that's done, details can finally be finished. It's a struggle, but it's important that they both protect themselves in case things do go wrong. I'm hoping that they don't though, because they seem really great together!


"True Colors"-The Challenge: Rivals II Episode 10 (RECAP)

It's getting down to the wire for The Challenge: Rivals II! Picking up from last week, the house swims in the pool, and CT and Diem joke around. Diem vents to Aneesa saying that she feels "full" around him, and that he sees her for exactly who she is. That, of course, makes her feel good, and, after struggling with this second bout of ovarian cancer, it seems like she really needs that. Aneesa doesn't know if Diem's setting herself up for failure when it comes to her emotions, though. Johnny, who is very close with Diem, later tells her that CT is manipulative and might be playing with her emotions. Camila tells her that no one knows how they really feel except for them. Diem doesn't really think that CT would screw her over in this game at the expense of her feelings.Meanwhile, Cooke thinks that the other ladies are threatened by her and Cara. They know that they have to win the last challenge. Otherwise, they risk going home in the Jungle, because they will definitely get thrown in!

Later, T.J. sends the house a clue: "Who are the real winners and losers amongst you? We'll see your true colors at tomorrow's challenge!" When the other ladies, minus Cara and Cooke, talk about the game, they realize that their fates are up to the game now. Through a lot of politicking, they have gotten this far together, but the next few days, things may get a little crazy! Camila hopes that the other ladies will get to the Final, but not Cooke and Cara. Paula gets angry all of a sudden at the conversation and walks out. When Camila goes to talk to her, Paula expresses that she thinks that people will definitely not be friends after this, which upsets her.


Drake Sued For Allegedly Selling Copied Owl Pendants

More legal trouble for Drake? According to TMZ, a Hollywood jeweler, Michael Raphael (owner of Baden Baden Inc), is suing the rapper for allegedly creation copies of his almost $50,000 owl pendant for Drake's own crew! The owl pendant is one that Drake rocks a lot.

Raphael claims that his company was hired to make Drake this custom diamond and platinum pendant back in January, which was paid for by Drake for $49,204. Six months later, Raphael saw copied gold designs of the pendants on Drake's Instagram account (these celebs stay getting in trouble with their social media accounts!).


Mario and Courtney Lopez Welcome A Boy!

Aww it's a boy! Mario Lopez and wife Courtney welcomed their second child, son Dominic, last night, September 9!  Mario broke the news on Twitter: “It’s a boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please welcome Dominic Lopez to the world,” he tweeted. “Couldn’t be happier… Courtney and baby are doing just fine.”

The couple also has another child, Gia Francesca, who turns three this Wednesday. Big sis Gia has been very excited for her new sibling to come, Mario has said. “She’s pointing at the baby and saying, ‘There’s a baby in there,’” he told PEOPLE earlier in the year, also adding that she wanted to know the sex of the baby, something her parents wanted to be a surprise for everyone. “She wants to know if it’s a boy or a girl, but we don’t know because we’re waiting to find out. That’s kind of tough sometimes, we just don’t know!” Courtney added that she wasn't sure if Gia really understood the fact that her mommy was carrying another little baby : “Gia kind of understands that there is a baby in my belly,” the mom said shortly after announcing her pregnancy back in February. “She also told me our dog Julio has a baby in his belly — so who knows!” Aww too cute!

Congrats to the happy family!

Image via Frank Micelotta/Invision/AP

Hollywood Exes S2, Episode 9 (RECAP)

Another dramatic episode of Hollywood Exes this past Sunday! Picking up from last week, the ladies come back home from their dramatic dinner, with no telling what would happen! Mayte storms to her room like a child. As women, they ought to be able to agree to disagree, as Shamicka says. While she talks, Mayte comes back in the room, and Shamicka talks to her about the things that she saw in her life, like substance abuse, which is why she doesn't drink. She doesn't want to push her beliefs on any of the ladies, and Mayte gives her a big hug in apology. Really what Mayte needs to do is take a page out of Shamicka's book and stop trying to push her positions about fur on everyone else!

The next day, the ladies relax before they go tubing. Nicole breaks out her fur headband, which she is going to wear if fur policewoman Mayte decides not to go. She hides it in the couch for the meantime. Mayte does end up deciding to go, and all the ladies push aside their fur out of respect. Mayte ends up leaving tubing because of how cold it is. It's convenient that there is a moving ramp to get up the hill! Meanwhile, Mayte gets hot chocolate and is bored, so now she wants to go out there and have fun! Nicole and Sheree have a snowball fight, and end up wrestling in the snow!


"Diemnesia"-The Challenge: Rivals II Episode 9 (RECAP)

The Challenge:Rivals 2 is coming down to the wire! Picking up from last week, only four teams remain for both the men and the women! The house exercises hard, and the guys prepare for the last guys' challenge. Meanwhile, CT and Diem continue to flirt. CT also admits that he likes having Wes for a teammate, and is determined to win this challenge! Later, Preston talks about his relationship with teammate Knight, which is really bad. They manage to work all right together, but it's clear that they will never be friends.

That night, the house goes out to party. CT and Diem connect on the dance floor, of course, because they both still have feelings for each other. They make out at the bar, with everybody else thinking that Diem has lost her mind! Back at the house, CT prepares his bed to have some alone time with Diem, but she passes out drunk! Johnny tells him the next day that she is going to act like nothing happened, which is exactly what she does. She acts like she can't remember, but Diem you weren't that drunk! Stop faking like you don't still love some CT!


"The Hospital Episode"-The Game Season 6 Finale (RECAP)

Last night was the SEASON FINALE of The Game, and it did not disappoint! Picking up from last week, Malik is fighting for his life in the hospital after he got jumped. Everybody comes to the hospital, not knowing who was hurt at first. The news simply reported that a Saber was beat down after the movie premier. The police question Keira about Malik and Franko, with Blue eventually getting the cop to leave her for a second since she's visibly upset. Keira thought that it mgiht have been Blue. Even though they aren't in the best place after the last episode, it's clear that they still love each other.


Hollywood Exes S2 Episode 8 (RECAP)

Busy last couple of weeks...probably months! Today I launched my official website, BrittanyShawnte.com! The site features my resume and writing clips, as well as personal blog posts, pictures and video, so check it out! With the hustle and bustle of everything, I couldn't get this recap up yesterday, but I couldn't forget about Hollywood Exes! Especially when it's getting GOOD!

I thought I actually missed this episode last week, but I guess VH1 didn't air it. Probably because of the VMAs last week. So picking up from two weeks ago, the girls prepare to go to Park City, Utah, after Shamicka invited them out. Andrea and Shamicka go shopping and hang out, getting to know each other a little bit. They talk about wearing their fur, though Andrea said she told Mayte she wouldn't buy any more fur. The ladies love the fur coats though, and they seem to click very well! Shamicka talks a little about her background growing up in South Central, revealing that she has an alter ego, Shamicka Sherron! She's nice, but don't push her, or she's pushing back! Andrea also informs Shamicka about her problem with Jessica. Drea does want to relax and not be on edge the whole time, so she's hoping to work it out before they leave.

Kerry Washington Stuns on Glamour, Talks Secret Marriage and Style

Kerry Washington looked great on the cover of Glamour for the October issue! Dressed in a pink Diordress, the actress spoke with the magazine about why she chose to keep her relationship a secret, her style game, as well as revealing that her parents disapproved of her career choice (what?!!)!

Check out more from the interview below!


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