"Diemnesia"-The Challenge: Rivals II Episode 9 (RECAP)

The Challenge:Rivals 2 is coming down to the wire! Picking up from last week, only four teams remain for both the men and the women! The house exercises hard, and the guys prepare for the last guys' challenge. Meanwhile, CT and Diem continue to flirt. CT also admits that he likes having Wes for a teammate, and is determined to win this challenge! Later, Preston talks about his relationship with teammate Knight, which is really bad. They manage to work all right together, but it's clear that they will never be friends.

That night, the house goes out to party. CT and Diem connect on the dance floor, of course, because they both still have feelings for each other. They make out at the bar, with everybody else thinking that Diem has lost her mind! Back at the house, CT prepares his bed to have some alone time with Diem, but she passes out drunk! Johnny tells him the next day that she is going to act like nothing happened, which is exactly what she does. She acts like she can't remember, but Diem you weren't that drunk! Stop faking like you don't still love some CT!

The next day, the teams play "Rampage." There are four ramps over a pond. Two teams start at the top of their opposing ramps, and try to run to the other side to deposit balls into baskets, hopefully not running into each other in the process! The most baskets in the fastest time in three minutes wins. CT and Wes determines who goes against who. Of course, they have Johnny and Frank square off against Marlon and Jordan. though the challenge is three minutes, the teams struggles after a while, Johnny especially. It's a lot of running, and it takes a lot of momentum to get up those ramps! During the girls' heat, Cara Maria struggles a lot as well, with her knee pads dropping to the ground every two seconds, frustrating Cooke as they go against Emily and Paula. Afterwards Camila and Jemmye go against Diem and Aneesa, and their roudn is pretty pitifulruns into Cooke as they go against Emily and Paula. Cara just stands in the middle as she struggles with her knee pads. Camila and Jemmye versus Diem and Aneesa is pretty pitiful, but I know I would be the same way! CT and Wes pick the weakest guys' team Knight and Preston to go against. It gets a little physical, but CT and Wes still get all 20 balls in their baskets with 40 seconds left on the clock. They win the challenge, earning a spot in the finals! They're definitely sore winners, but it's cool. It was a very important challenge for them to win! Emily and Paula win for the girls, getting yet another $1000 in their pockets. Knight and Preston lose, heading straight to the Jungle!

Back at the house, Marlon already knows that he's going in the Jungle with Jordan, so he's not even going to waste time politicking with everybody. Meanwhile Frank hopes that CT and Wes winning lights a fire under Johnny to get him pumped for the finals! At deliberation, it's clear that Jordan and Marlon are going in, giving Johnny and Frank a ticket to the Final. Wes talks trash at deliberation about Johnny's struggle with the day's challenge, starting a fight. Johnny gets in his face, and CT actually defends Wes, saying that Johnny is all washed up! The trio argue back and forth as the rest of the house just watches, with the other guys joking that maybe somebody will throw a punch and get sent home! The whole argument was too much. It's obvious that CT and Wes want to prove that they can beat Johnny, who's won four of these challenges, while they've won none. NOW Johnny is fired up, and he and Frank are determined to just leave it all on the field! The conversation switches to Diem who a majority of the house thinks is a pawn in CT's game. CT tells her straight up that he doesn't care who wins for the girls, but he is still going to help her get into the final!

At the next night's Jungle, Preston and Knight compete against Marlon and Jordan in "Breaking On Through." The challenge features two towers with four floors and a trap door on each floor. You use the tool in each trap door to get the level below, with the team members having to alternate floors! At the end, they will have to break through a giant steel door and ring the bell.  Knight struggles to get through the chains on his floor, which really sucks for him and Preston. In the end, Marlon and Jordan win the elimination round, earning their spot in the final, and sending Preston and Knight home! It's exciting because I know that it's going to be a GREAT final with the guys! They fought their way here, even though they're rookies! Next week will be the girls' challenge!

The house goes out to a pub, and play games. Diem doesn't remember how she made out with CT the other night, but CT thinks she's falling for him again. Johnny, however, is losing respect for her, thinking that she is setting herself up to be heartbroken again! I don't know. I kind of love the two of them together. I think when it's good, it's really good, and when it's bad, it's really bad. It's up to Diem if she wants to deal with that again.

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