Hollywood Exes S2, Episode 10 (RECAP)

The past week has been has been absolutely CRAZY. I'm definitely behind on a lot. Balancing the So I owe two recaps of Hollywood Exes this week (last week's and last night's episodes). Haven't had a chance to watch and recap Wednesday's episode of The Challenge: Rivals II yet. Basically staying away from any and all things MTV until I do! My life has become a balancing act, which I'll write about on BrittanyShawnte.com sometime this week.

Picking up from Episode 9, the girls are back in a good place after their Utah trip. Nicole has brunch in her backyard with her sister-in-law Jamie and her mom Ellen to discuss the wedding plans! Jessica swings by as well. With this second wedding, Nicole definitely wants something more toned down than her first, with probably a local setting. She wants to go ahead lock in the date, but she and Michael are still working out that prenup! Once that's done, details can finally be finished. It's a struggle, but it's important that they both protect themselves in case things do go wrong. I'm hoping that they don't though, because they seem really great together!

Later, Sheree meets with Jessica for dinner. Sheree reveals that she is completely over moving Terrell's stuff into their house, planning to have a garage sale, but even that might not be enough. Truth is, Sheree has gotten settled into her space with her son Trey, and now that Terrell is moving down from San Diego, she has to adjust. Jessica then asks for some much needed advice on Josie, who is doing terrible in chemistry and math! Jessica gets very emotional about it, because she has no idea what Josie is really doing, and it's hard to stay on top of her. Apparently, Josie has also skipped a class as well, which Jessica gets an email about. She calls Josie from the table to get an explanation! Josie blames her mom taking away her car for the reason she missed her morning Bible class. Her friend was late getting her so she didn't get there in time. At the end of the day, Jessica, as a mom, needs to start putting her foot down. Josie, to me, has too much freedom. She seems like a good kid overall, but she needs more structure as well as consequences for her actions. Jessica also reveals that Jose up and moved to Vegas! The man is not a dependable father, and is probably the reason why Josie's trying to act out. Now, granted, Josie is responsible for her own decisions, but she needs a strong father figure in her life, and Jose isn't that at all.

The next day, Nicole goes out with Mayte and Jessica to look at some dresses. Greeted with champagne, the ladies look through some fabulous choices. Since they all have been married before, they talk about their first wedding gowns. Mayte absolutely hated hers even though it was custom made, but Prince LOVED it. The women also talk about how they felt like they lost a piece of their own identity in their relationships, feeling somewhat controlled because their husbands were the major breadwinners. For Mayte and Jessica, it's hard to find a guy that is financially stable, but feels like he doesn't have power over you just because he has money. Nicole eventually tries on a bunch of dresses, all of which are pretty. She wants something simple and elegant, yet completely different from her first when she was married to Eddie. Mayte and Jessica join in on the fun, coming out in these crazy looking poofy dresses! It was fun, but hopefully Nicole picks something out and walks down that aisle soon!

That afternoon, Shamicka and Andrea meet up for lunch. Shamicka is so glad that she has the ladies in her life now. She's dealing with her divorce, and is beyond grateful for their support. The ladies have all been the celebrity wife and then ex-wife, so they understand what she's going through, especially Andrea who shares personal stories with her. Drea remembers at the Grammys one year. She was left at the hotel, and then Mr. Robert Kelly went on the red carpet with another woman. Absolutely disrespectful, but Andrea swept it under the rug. When you love someone, you tend to make excuses for his or her behavior, and Shamicka completely related to that. I think she and Andrea will have a great relationship! They're different, but still very much alike!

Meanwhile, Terrell and Sheree finally have their garage sale. It's crazy just how much stuff they have! Mayte comes over and brings Gia, who shows off some more of her walking skills! Terrell gets really excited to meet her. He loves babies, but Sheree hopes that he doesn't think that he's going to have one with her. She doesn't find it that appealing to start over with a new baby the more time goes by, especially since her son Trey is basically grown! Shamicka comes through as well with her grandmother. By the end of the day, Sheree and Terrell make a little dent in getting rid of some stuff, but still definitely have a long way to go!

Later, Jessica goes to a therapist to talk about her issues with Jose and Josie. It's quite possible that Jose not being around is directly related to Josie's problems in school. She might just be acting out because of Jose not being in her life. He hasn't made her a priority in her life. He doesn't even pay child support! Jessica knows that, even though this all hurts her, she can't crumble, because she is all that Josie has. The therapist advises that Jessica should talk to Josie about all this, and try to work things through. Josie herself needs to voice her own opinions to her father as well.

Mayte and Andrea meet up and talk about Gia and the official adoption. Mayte has had to go through so much already to adopt Gia, but she's almost there. She just can't wait until Gia is completely 100% hers. Andrea encourages her to remain prayerful and hopeful through this process. However, Drea wants Mayte to prepare herself for the harsh possibility that she might lose Gia. I hope that she doesn't. Adoption is such a tricky thing, I know. However, Gia is very happy with Mayte and Nelly and I think that Mayte deserves to keep her and be a mommy!

The next day, Jessica talks to Josie and plans to work through her homework with her to get her back on track with school. Jessica asks her if it's bothers her that Jose is gone, but Josie's not even surprised. Josie has become a little numb and cold to it all, saying that she doesn't trust anybody, and doesn't want to talk to a therapist because she's been let down so much. It's sad that Jose has made her like this. Jessica tells Josie that she needs to lay it all out to him about how she feels. When she calls him, Jose explains that he made the move to possibly be a hitting instructor for a baseball training facility. Josie asks why he can't do that in L.A. Jose quickly gets defensive, saying that he felt like she had no time for him, always wanting to be with her friends.Josie lets him have it because it's ridiculous. You're the parent and Josie's the kid. Even if she wants to be with her friends, make the extra effort to spend time with her. He feels "ignored," but he just really doesn't show up. When Jessica tells him that he can't keep coming in and out of Josie's life, and that she's become cold to him, Jose gets pissed, saying that Jessica has been sabotaging their relationship from the beginning. He even throws a low blow saying that she slept with an 80-year-old for money, and hangs up! At that point, Jessica refuses to deal with him anymore, and rightly so. She's not going to keep Josie away from her father, but Jessica's done dealing with him. I don't blame her. And I wouldn't blame Josie if she decided she wanted to do the same.

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