Hollywood Exes S2, Episode 11 (RECAP)

Loving Hollywood Exes this season! There's a good amount of drama, but there's a great amount of fun, business ventures, and comedy! As this season is dwindling down, I hope that VH1 renews it for a third.  Picking up from last week, Tony and Andrea go to the park, and Drea shares that she has a new plan up her sleeve. She called her manager, and plans to do a dance fitness DVD. With the DVD under her belt, she wants to travel and do master classes in major cities. For Drea, this DVD isn't about losing weight quick. It's about women embracing their sexy curves, but toning up! The video will feature a lot of fun, sexy moves but still calorie burning! It's definitely going to be a lot of work. There has to be a casting call for background dancers, a set location, filimint crew and more. It's going to be A LOT of work, mostly for Tony!

That night, Nicole invites the girls to go to a Hollywood party for her friend, celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean. As the party goes on, Jessica gets drinks at the bar and suddenly sees her second ex-husband Garth and his girlfriend! Apparently the guy is a very good plastic surgeon who Jessica even worked with during their marriage. Jessica talks to him and catches up, but she kind of pushes herself all over him! Even though she's probably drunk, she needs to have a little bit more sense in her head to do all of that.

The next weekend, Sheree has closet organizers come in to help make room in her closet for Terrell's stuff. Even with that garage sale they had, they still have a lot of stuff cluttering the closet that she still has to get rid of! The ladies do a great job of cleaning out the closet. However, they took out things that seemed outdated or out of season. Sheree struggles to let go of the stuff, but she eventually backs off and lets them do what they've come to do.

Meanwhile, Jessica and Drea spend more time together again and go to the beach to talk. Drea talks about her fitness DVD which will be shot at Debbie Allen's studio! Jessica shares that she saw Garth at the party, and she still feels a little connection between them. After watching her this season, I don't necessarily think she's really back into him. I think she's in love with the idea of being in true love and having something work. We've all been there, but that's no reason to try to get back with an ex, especially when he has a girlfriend! Andrea advises her that there is a reason why they got divorced, and she may want to consider that before moving forward.

The next day, Andrea meets her dancers at Millennium to practice for the DVD. The workout will be filled with moves that ladies can use when they want to get sexy for their significant other! She put Tony in charge of wardrobe, who finds cute little pieces for the ladies to wear. Rehearsal goes very well, but it's clear that Andrea's ankle is still not fully healed. She's going to try to do the routine in her heels, but there's no telling how that's going to turn out.

That evening, Nicole, her mom Ellen, and Mayte, goes to Jessica's practice. Ellen wants to get her vagina rejuvenated and tightened. It's weird for Nicole to watch her mother do this, but she goes to support. Even though Nicole's father passed, Ellen figures she would give her husband a present when she gets up to heaven herself! This lady and her jokes make up some of the funniest parts of the show! Ellen actually likes it, but she comes out walking funny afterwards!

Later, Sheree shows off the renovated closet to Terrell. It's so clean and perfect. Terrell really appreciated the effort, because he knows how much Sheree loves her clothes and shoes. This is his home now too, and Sheree didn't want him to feel like a guest anymore. Meanwhile, Jessica and Mayte show up to Garth's office as Mayte wants to get her breasts reconstructed. However, Jessica knows she just wants to see Garth again! Jessica used to work there, and it brings back a lot of memories for her. She's beginning to think that the divorce wasn't the right decision. During Mayte's consultation, Jessica is very distracting and flirtatious. The whole thing was very awkward. Here's this man just trying to do his job, and his ex is all over his back. Jessica, get it together!

The next day, Andrea gets to film her workout DVD only....she's late. What's worse is that her background dancers are not there either! By the time everyone gets there, gets dressed, puts makeup together, they are 45 minutes behind schedule. Unfortunately for Andrea, her shoot is a definite case of Murphy's Law. Everything that could go wrong, does go wrong! Andrea ends up getting a run in her stocking and has to shoot her scene over after taking them off. Then the air conditioner comes on, holding up production since it's so loud! She also breaks her nail in the midst of everything. However, in spite of it all, the shoot comes together and looks very sexy and fun! AND Miss Andrea does it all in heels, injured ankle and all! You better check your email honey!

Later on, Mayte and Jessica walk Mayte's dogs. Mayte is nervous about the pain after she gets her breasts done again. Jessica reassures her that she'll be okay. Mayte also brings up the sparks between Jessica and Garth. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like those sparks were a little one-sided just from watching! Garth looked a little embarrassed behind it all to me. Jessica admits that she was dumb in divorcing him. She didn't understand why he had to work so much, becoming very insecure and distrustful of him, eventually pushing him away. Mayte thinks that Jessica should say something to him, and she plans to when she goes with Mayte for her operation. This girl. I want her to focus on Jessica for a second. Everyone needs that time of being alone to be able to get the mind right and figure out what he or she wants out of life in general, not even just love. Plus the man has a girlfriend! Now Jessica is seeing that the grass isn't too much greener on the other side, and thinks she wants him back. But she was just thinking about getting back with Jose earlier on in the season! This is just me from the outside looking in. Jessica needs to worry about herself and Josie for now. Anything else that comes along and is meant to be, will be.

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