Hollywood Exes S2 Episode 8 (RECAP)

Busy last couple of weeks...probably months! Today I launched my official website, BrittanyShawnte.com! The site features my resume and writing clips, as well as personal blog posts, pictures and video, so check it out! With the hustle and bustle of everything, I couldn't get this recap up yesterday, but I couldn't forget about Hollywood Exes! Especially when it's getting GOOD!

I thought I actually missed this episode last week, but I guess VH1 didn't air it. Probably because of the VMAs last week. So picking up from two weeks ago, the girls prepare to go to Park City, Utah, after Shamicka invited them out. Andrea and Shamicka go shopping and hang out, getting to know each other a little bit. They talk about wearing their fur, though Andrea said she told Mayte she wouldn't buy any more fur. The ladies love the fur coats though, and they seem to click very well! Shamicka talks a little about her background growing up in South Central, revealing that she has an alter ego, Shamicka Sherron! She's nice, but don't push her, or she's pushing back! Andrea also informs Shamicka about her problem with Jessica. Drea does want to relax and not be on edge the whole time, so she's hoping to work it out before they leave.

That night, Jessica and Sheree also go shopping for some coats and clothes for the cold weather to come, and, of course, they both go straight for the fur! Sheree asks Jessica how she felt after Nicole's party with Drea being there. Jessica doesn't want to have a confrontation with Drea during the trip. She wants to work things out before the trip as well, which is good! Meanwhile, Mayte goes through her clothes to pack some warm clothes as well. It's the first time she'll be away from Gia, and she doesn't know if she'll be ready. If Mayte wasn't around, she probably wouldn't go. She's scared, but still wants to bond with the girls.

The next day, Jessica reachs out to Drea and they meet up for dinner. They're both wearing the same outfit, so it makes them laugh, easing the tension a little bit. Jessica surprisingly apologizes with no excuses, no explanations. Andrea also apologizes for her part in everything  They both realize that they were arguing over something so small, but, at the end of the day, they both love each other. I'm glad that they were able to push through. Drea knows that at the root of it, Jessica's a good person, and she is learning to change and grow. Drea also talks about her issues with her kids, and traveling back and forth. It's all having a toll on her, and it's clear that it played a part in her conflict with Jessica. Jessica had no idea that she was going through so much. The conversation brings them closer, and now they can go to Park City in a better place!

Later on in the week, the ladies finally arrive in Utah, and head to the lodge! Shamicka has tubing, shopping, and dinner plans for them. The lodge is really, really beautiful! The girls go to claim rooms, but one of the rooms has bunk beds in it. Mayte gets upset, telling Shamicka straight up that she's not sleeping in a bunk! Shamicka even tries to share her room to accommodate Mayte, but Mayte's not having it! Sheree then finds an open space on the top floor but since there is a sofa bed, that's still not good enough for Mayte! Shamicka eventually just switches rooms with the girl. I'm not a fan of bunk beds myself, but Mayte was extremely rude and extra dramatic! Shamicka set this trip up to get everybody together, and here goes Mayte acting up!

That night, Shamicka and Nicole bring out their fur when they go out to dinner. Of course, Mayte goes off, but it's cold! At the end of the day, if the girls want to wear fur, they can wear fur! Shamicka gives attitude right back to Mayte, telling Mayte that it's her choice if she wants to wear fur! It upsets Mayte and she refuses to go out to dinner. Nicole, Sheree, and Shamicka leave out with Mayte, leaving Jessica and Drea to try to calm Mayte down. The other girls are irritated at Mayte, and rightfully so. I understand being down for a cause, but you can't force somebody to believe what you believe. And you definitely can't get mad and throw a tantrum if they go against what you believe. Mayte was beyond childish from the beginning. Mayte eventually goes to dinner with Drea and Jessica, but refuses to sit at the same table with the other ladies. Drea and Jessica stay with her. Nicole calls Jessica to come over, clearly putting her in the middle. Mayte is clearly upset, but the girls are over her immature behavior, Shamicka especially. Jessica and Sheree want Mayte to resolve her differences with Nicole and Shamicka, but Mayte really wants to leave to go home, stating that she's not trying to have a new girl in the group. Seems like from jump Mayte was not feeling Shamicka, and now it's all coming out! Really not feeling her these last couple of episodes!

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