Hollywood Exes S2, Episode 9 (RECAP)

Another dramatic episode of Hollywood Exes this past Sunday! Picking up from last week, the ladies come back home from their dramatic dinner, with no telling what would happen! Mayte storms to her room like a child. As women, they ought to be able to agree to disagree, as Shamicka says. While she talks, Mayte comes back in the room, and Shamicka talks to her about the things that she saw in her life, like substance abuse, which is why she doesn't drink. She doesn't want to push her beliefs on any of the ladies, and Mayte gives her a big hug in apology. Really what Mayte needs to do is take a page out of Shamicka's book and stop trying to push her positions about fur on everyone else!

The next day, the ladies relax before they go tubing. Nicole breaks out her fur headband, which she is going to wear if fur policewoman Mayte decides not to go. She hides it in the couch for the meantime. Mayte does end up deciding to go, and all the ladies push aside their fur out of respect. Mayte ends up leaving tubing because of how cold it is. It's convenient that there is a moving ramp to get up the hill! Meanwhile, Mayte gets hot chocolate and is bored, so now she wants to go out there and have fun! Nicole and Sheree have a snowball fight, and end up wrestling in the snow!

That night, the girls play "Concentration," which quickly becomes a drinking game! Since Sheree and Shamicka don't drink, they are dared to flash on the balcony! They also play "Never Have I Ever," and Jessica has essentially done it all! This is why I love this show! They fuss and fight, but they always manage to come back together and truly enjoy themselves!

The next day, the whole house goes to Main Street to go shopping. They see lots of fur, even a fur thong! Of course, with Mayte around, none of the other ladies buy fur. Andrea herself promised Mayte that she wouldn't buy any more fur, even though she sees a really cute pair of boots! Later, Mayte does a video chat with Gia and shares with the ladies! Two days before she left, Gia started walking, so the ladies see her in action! To not be there for her daughter is difficult, but she's happy that she got to see her.

That night, Nicole, Shamicka, and Sheree go to the store to get some food for dinner, leaving Andrea, Mayte, and Jessica behind. As the ladies sit on the couch, Mayte finds Sheree's fur headband. Jessica snatches the mink and decides to cook it! She douses it in cream, and then Mayte and Jessica set the thing on fire on the balcony! They justify their behavior saying that Nicole won't miss it, probably having a bunch of fur coats and things. Andrea sits back and just watches. Right as the other ladies walk in, Jessica throws the burnt mink on the hot tub! Right after putting the food away, though, Nicole suggests playing Truth and Dare in the hot tub!  When she goes out there, she sees her burnt up mink, and things go downhill from there! Nicole goes off on both Jessica and Mayte, knowing that they did it. Jessica said that she'll buy her a new piece, but Nicole refuses, because it was disrespectful in the first place! Though they both apologize, Nicole is still very upset, especially with Jessica.

After Shamicka gives her two cents on the situation, Jessica tells her to shut up and butt out. That turns sweet Shamicka into Shamicka Sherron, and she goes off on Jessica, saying that if Jessica ever touches anything of hers, she will jack her up! After their confrontation cools down, Jessica goes to talk to Nicole to try to work it out. Nicole's feelings were really hurt, because she and Jessica are so close. Even though Jessica keeps offering to buy her another, Nicole rejects the offer. She can buy another headband, but it's the principle of the matter. Jessica got on Mayte's bandwagon of fur haters, and, in the process, let Nicole down majorly!

Later, Nicole tells Mayte that she was going to wear her band, but when she knew that Mayte was going, she didn't. Mayte owns up to her part in everything, and apologizes. Andrea, of course, has to offer her opinion, saying that Jessica should've taken responsibility for her part from the very beginning. My problem with Andrea even speaking is that she watched the entire thing go down, and, if she really thought it was wrong, she would've fought a little harder to stop it. I know that Mayte and Jessica are both grown women, but she watched and even laughed in disbelief that this was happening. Ehh whatever. In the end, the ladies work it out, and they all hug each other, even Jessica and Shamicka!

The next morning, the ladies vow to have a peaceful day, going in the hot tub and reflecting on the trip Overall, they had a lot of fun. On the last night, the ladies go out to dinner. They're really overdressed for this small little restaurant, but they have a good time anyway! Sheree asks Nicole about her wedding plans with Michael. Though Nicole wants to be married, she and Michael are working out a pre-nup, which is why the wedding is taking so long! It's smart, because nothing is for certain, and both parties want to be protected. I just hope that they come to a mutual agreement soon, and settle down already!

Later on in the evening, Shamicka surprises the ladies with a horse-drawn sleigh ride! So nice! They all snuggle together and reflect on the trip. Even though there were some issues, they have a better understanding of each other, which was great to see.

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