In The Spotlight: Coyotito

I have another artist to spotlight today (Any artist, designer, producer, etc, looking to be featured please contact me). This has been a LONG time coming, but greatly deserved! It was important to me to feature rapper Coyotito, not only because he works with Anthony Glover of Concrete Entertainment (who I featured a little over a year after I started Spotlight, and still keep in touch with), but because, after listening to his music, I was hooked! The man is truly a lyricist, which I believe is rare in hip hop today.

Born and raised in the Hollygrove neighborhood of New Orleans, “Tito” as he is also known, grew up watching videos of his favorite rappers on TV. Even as a young kid, he dreamed of being a rapper and began recording his own lyrics over popular songs, using a tape deck and recorder. “The moment I fell in love with hip hop was when I heard Special Ed’s ‘I’m the Magnificent,” he said of his love of hip hop. “The beat, the lyrics and his whole style was just fresh to me.  It made me feel so good to the point where I just wanted to recite it and listen to it over and over again.”In addition to Special Ed, artists like Rakim, Scarface, Fiend, Soulja Slim, and Jay-Z inspired him to hone his craft and mold his dream.

Quickly, Tito became a student of hip hop, studying how exactly his favorite artists put a song together. He learned not only how to choose a right beat for a song, but revealing a powerful message through the music. He also grew in his craft from his home environment of New Orleans, rich in music and culture. Growing up there, he learned that it was okay to simply be himself and show who he is in his music.  He could showcase a positive message in his lyrics, without falling into the typical lines about sex, fame, women and money. And that is what separates him from different artists out here! “I love hip hop music.  I have a passion for writing songs and coming up with the craziest lyrics,” the rapper said of his craft. I feel that I have the talent, mindset, and work ethics needed to succeed in this industry.” It’s that drive, work ethic and talent that is going to take him far!

Currently Coyotito is working on his new mixtape Shut Up and Rap, a new project in which he “channels his pristine lyrical writing skills and relies on that original hip hop sound to bring the industry back to the times when you actually had to rap about something, not just anything.” It’s definitely a tape to be on the lookout for! You can learn more from Coyotito on Bound43Music.com and ReverbNation, as well as Facebook! And check out some of his music below!

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