"The Hospital Episode"-The Game Season 6 Finale (RECAP)

Last night was the SEASON FINALE of The Game, and it did not disappoint! Picking up from last week, Malik is fighting for his life in the hospital after he got jumped. Everybody comes to the hospital, not knowing who was hurt at first. The news simply reported that a Saber was beat down after the movie premier. The police question Keira about Malik and Franko, with Blue eventually getting the cop to leave her for a second since she's visibly upset. Keira thought that it mgiht have been Blue. Even though they aren't in the best place after the last episode, it's clear that they still love each other.

Meanwhile, Tasha is still at the diner trying to talk with her father, with no idea that Malik is in the hospital.  Her therapist told her that she needs to let go of her past, which includes her father who wasn't around for her. She grabs his hand and says that she forgives him. "In the spirit of moving on," he says that he forgives her too, saying that she was a terrible daughter. How is that?! He says that she never bothered to come see him, even though she knows where he lives. After Tasha calls him a "passive aggressive alcoholic roadblock" to her life, Walter states that if it wasn't for him, she wouldn't be the woman she is today! They continue to go back and forth. My thing is this: either you're going to move forward from the past or you're not. That's with friends, family, significant others, whoever! If you can't find it in your heart to try to start fresh, then forgive, but move on with your life!

Back at the hospital, Tee Tee really seems to be the only one who actually cares about Malik's state. Nina comes down, but does an interview beforehand saying that she's carrying Malik's kid. Jason passes cracks saying that they all should expect the worst, and hope for the best, though the worst is probably going to happen. At that moment, Chardonnay comes in, rushing to Jason, thinking that it was him. Jason offers her his jacket since she's obviously freezing in her dress. Right when Chardonnay wants to talk to him about their issues, the policeman comes to question him. He asks her to steal some sugar and creamers for her really quick. Irritated, Chardonnay goes to get them, and then finds Jason's note to Kelly in his pocket, and storms out! Meanwhile, the doctor  comes out with an update saying that he needs to speak to a family member. After Keira gives him her cute little catchphrase, the doctor reveals that Malik is out of surgery, but that's all he can say for now.

At the diner, Tasha and Walter are still arguing. At that moment, Tasha sees on TV that Malik was jumped and is in the hospital. She runs out, and Walter runs after her.

Meanwhile Keira wants to talk to Blue about everything, It was the night that Blue brought Ciara to the photo shoot. She didn't want to lose him, so she lied. Blue realizes after tonight that life is too short, and she didn't want to lose him. Keira tells Jason he should go after Chardonnay. He feels like he's dragging her through the emotional mud all the time. Blue says that beneath it all, he loves Chardonnay, and thinks that Jason needs to stick it out. Jason says that sometimes you need to know when to throw in the towel. At that moment, Tasha shows up asking where her son is!

In Malik's room, Tasha prays over him, saying that God allowed them both to leave the hood and escape this foolishness. She would rather Him take her! Walter prays and apologizes for what he's done, and asks God to take him before his daughter and grandson, and Tasha agrees. At that moment, Malik prays that God will take both of their chatty selves so he can gets some sleep! Malik wakes up, saying take both of their chatty selfs so he can sleep! He's surprised that both of them are even in the same room! I like how this serious episode still had good little quips to lighten the mood!

Tasha goes back to everyone and says that Malik is really banged up, but he's going to be okay! Blue looks over at Jason, telling him that life is too short, and he needs to make up with Chardonnay. Chardonnay is still at the hospital sitting in the car (Jason finds her after he located her phone). He tries to explain the letter to her, but Chardonnay refuses to her him out, believing that he had feelings for Kelly still after all this time. Jason reveals that there were two letters, the one to Kelly, but also one to Chardonnay, which is in the other pocket. He gives it to her to read. To sum it up, Jason says that, for him, it's not an option to leave. He would do anything for her, and wants another chance to be the husband she deserves! Jason even signs it "FORMER football player who brought the city a championship, Jason Pitts," showing that he is giving up his career for her! It was the sweetest moment between the two of them. Ahh love!

Back inside, Keira begins walking out to leave, wanting to let Malik spend time with his family. She wants to head out without Blue. In just one night, Keira had decided that she and Blue cool, but she thinks that they are just getting in each other's way. Maybe it's just bad timing for them, and they should both just focus on their careers. Meanwhile, Malik talks with Tasha, Walter and Tee Tee. The doctor comes in revealing that he will be fine. However, the damage to his arm, is very bad, which means he'll probably have limited mobility in his arm, maybe never regaining full use. The episode ends as Malik, Tasha, Walter, and Tee Tee all take in the news. Malik's a quarterback, so what is going to do now?! This could be turn out to be okay or very bad for Malik. If I was a writer for the show, I would explore how this could make him fall back into alcohol and drugs again to try to get rid of the pain of losing his career. Or maybe having Malik be positive and go after his planned business venture with Tee Tee. Maybe he could fight to try to get his career back regardless. All I know is that even the potential of losing his career will have a HUGE impact on Malik next season!

I absolutely loved this season of The Game! Though I was initially VERY upset with Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall gone, Lauren London and Jay Ellis made up for it! I loved seeing their roller coaster relationship, and think that, for once, BET got it right on that front. We saw Tasha finally come face to face with her issues, and start maturing. Malik did as well! Jason and Chardonnay's relationship grew even through their ups and downs. I think this was a turning point for the series actually. I'm excited now to see Season 7, versus before I was apprehensive. Next season, we'll find out what happens with Malik and his arm, and whether or not his career as a professional football player is over! It's going to be good!

What did you think of this season of The Game?

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