"True Colors"-The Challenge: Rivals II Episode 10 (RECAP)

It's getting down to the wire for The Challenge: Rivals II! Picking up from last week, the house swims in the pool, and CT and Diem joke around. Diem vents to Aneesa saying that she feels "full" around him, and that he sees her for exactly who she is. That, of course, makes her feel good, and, after struggling with this second bout of ovarian cancer, it seems like she really needs that. Aneesa doesn't know if Diem's setting herself up for failure when it comes to her emotions, though. Johnny, who is very close with Diem, later tells her that CT is manipulative and might be playing with her emotions. Camila tells her that no one knows how they really feel except for them. Diem doesn't really think that CT would screw her over in this game at the expense of her feelings.Meanwhile, Cooke thinks that the other ladies are threatened by her and Cara. They know that they have to win the last challenge. Otherwise, they risk going home in the Jungle, because they will definitely get thrown in!

Later, T.J. sends the house a clue: "Who are the real winners and losers amongst you? We'll see your true colors at tomorrow's challenge!" When the other ladies, minus Cara and Cooke, talk about the game, they realize that their fates are up to the game now. Through a lot of politicking, they have gotten this far together, but the next few days, things may get a little crazy! Camila hopes that the other ladies will get to the Final, but not Cooke and Cara. Paula gets angry all of a sudden at the conversation and walks out. When Camila goes to talk to her, Paula expresses that she thinks that people will definitely not be friends after this, which upsets her.

At the next day's challenge on the beach, TJ reiterates the importance of winning this for the girls! Since the guys are already in the Finals, they're not competing. The girls compete in "Color Correction." There's a mile-long trail along the beach, which the girls have to run along to get to a hut. In the hut, there is a light panel that flashes a sequence of colors that the ladies have to memorize. Then they have to run back to the other end of the beach to put colored dials on a pole in the order they saw it. The catch of the challenge: they will also be chained together! There are two rounds, with the first two teams to win the first round moving on to compete in the winners' round. The team that finishes last will automatically head to to the Jungle! The ladies all struggle memorizing the colors after that long run up to the hut. When they finally get there, Aneesa throws Diem off of memorizing by saying her own colors out loud. Diem wastes time because she doesn't trust that Aneesa knows the colors herself, and stays to make sure she has it in her own head. That, however, hurts them in the end, giving Diem and Aneesa a ticket to the last Jungle. That sucks for them, because what's probably worse than going home first is being the last team eliminated before the Final, right when you're so close! Cooke and Cara move to the winners' round as well as Paula and Emily. In the heat, Paula struggles to remember the colors. Cooke and Cara, confident that they have the 17-color sequence down, take off for the end.  They win this challenge, which was the most important challenge for them to win!!!! I'm happy for them, because they were the underdog this entire challenge, and they busted their butts to get here. They were thrown in the Jungle time after time again as the scapegoat, and came out winning, so I think that they deserve a spot in the Final. The only thing is that now, Aneesa and Diem will have to go against two of their friends. Diem, however, wants to go against Jemmye and Camila, because Emily and Paula are definitely the stronger team. Camila thinks that the guys should just choose by themselves, and wants Diem to just stay out of it. Already the drama starts!

Before deliberation, the other girls think that Cara and Cooke shouldn't be here. Diem wants so bad to beat Cooke, and goes off about it! Diem and Aneesa goes to talk to the guys, who are split on who they want to send in. Diem thinks that the guys should ask her and Aneesa who they want to go against, and is rubbed the wrong way that CT didn't even ask. If he doesn't step up and defend her now, it will show his motives and true allegiance. At the pool, Diem talks to CT about it. CT and Wes said that she said that she would want the harder team if she was put into the Jungle. There's only two teams, and they think that they should throw in Paula and Emily, especially since Jemmye and Camila have had their back throughout the Challenge. CT says that they can't do everything for Diem. Here's my thing. Just last episode, probably the day before in real time, CT said that he would help her get into the Final, and now that the time is here, he's bailing! He's definitely showing his own true colors right now! If Diem wants Jemmye and Camila to make it easier for them, he ought to vote them in! It just makes him look shady, like he just played with her feelings all this time just to get ahead.

Meanwhile, Paula thinks that if she and Emily are not in the Final, Cara and Cooke will probably win. Marlon and Jordan want to send them in, because they sent the rookies in themselves before. Paula breaks out a few tears, and literally begs for the rookies to save them, especially because they went so hard in this game!  It pisses Jemmye and Camila off, but you have to do what you have to do to save your tail. It's the way of the game. At deliberation, the vote is split. Johnny and Frank vote for Jemmye and Camila, while CT and Wes vote Emily and Paula. The decision comes down to the rookies, and, in a shocking decision, they vote Jemmye and Camila. In the end, the rookies realize that Emily and Paula won 80-85% of the challenges, and that's why they saved them. Those two fought hard to be here as well, and deserve their shot!

Camila, after seeing that Diem looked relieved about going against her and Jemmye, goes off about it. They both think that Diem is fake, only playing the nice girl role when really she's manipulative to get what she wants. They're both honestly just upset that they're in the Jungle so close to the Final. Aneesa sets everybody straight, telling that that what's done is done, and they all just have to deal with it, and fight for that last spot.

Later, Diem, who is going a little crazy trying to mentally prepare herself for the challenge, drunkingly goes off on Cooke! She tells everyone that she tried to like the girl, and it didn't work, but Cooke doesn't care. Diem also feels used and manipulated by CT, and gets upset that Jemmye said that she got played. She has no idea what was real. When CT approaches her, she runs after him to confront him. At the end of the day, he played her ALLLLL the way to the left! He just looks really shady and inconsistent. If I were Diem, I would run for the hills, no matter how cute he is. You can't trust somebody who blatantly breaks his word like that!

The next night, the teams are seen walking into the last Jungle. Diem and Aneesa are getting ready to face Jemmye and Camila in the last Jungle of the season, which is sure to be intense! And the episode ends. I'm definitely anxious to see who goes home. Part of me wants Diem and Aneesa to win because I really do like Aneesa, but then I love seeing Camila in these challenges too! We'll see what happens next week!

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