Celebrity Halloween 2013!

Happy Halloween yall! Have fun, dress up, drink, be merry and eat lots of candy! I would, but I'm trying to get on my slim and sexy for summer 2014 and what not. Anyway, in honor of today's festivities, here are 10 of my favorite celebrity looks so far this Halloween!
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In The Spotlight: The Enemies

So happy to be featuring all of these great artists, authors, and designers on the blog, and there are definitely more to come! As always, feel free to email me if you would like your work to be featured!

Today, the spotlight is on Irish pop/rock band, The Enemies! Founding members Ronan McQuillan (lead vocals/guitar) and actor Colin O’Donoghue (vocals/guitar) started the band back in 2003, adding along members John Boy Berkley (bass), Johnny Crean (guitar), and Dazzy Oglesby (drums) along the way. In 2010, the guys finally buckled down and got serious about their music career, getting in the studio to record together! “You have to have a passion for music to pursue it as a career. Like any career really. Being surrounded by creative and talented people makes it an easy decision. There has to be a belief in what you do to continue through the bad times. And lots of sacrifice,” the band said of their career. That strong passion is definitely clear in their music!

Check out more about The Enemies below!

"Right There"-Ariana Grande feat. Big Sean (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Just hours ago, Ariana Grande premiered her official video for her newest single "Right There," featuring Big Sean! The visual, The video has a Romeo and Juliet, masquerade ball type of theme! Arnold Schwarzenegger's 20-year-old son Patrick Schwarzenegger plays her Romeo, and Big Sean plays the role of The Priest. As Ariana gets dolled up and walks the ball with her friends, she finds her true love! Check it out below!


In The Spotlight: Samuel Gough

Have more spotlights coming your way in the coming weeks and I’m definitely excited about it! Hopefully you all are finding these upcoming folks in the music/fashion/entertainment realm very interesting and check out their work! As always, if you or anyone you represent would like to be featured on The Spotlight, please email me and I’ll hook it up!

Today, the spotlight is on British electro-folk singer Samuel Gough! Born to an artistic family in London (his father was a writer, and his mother and grandfather were actors), music was introduced in his childhood relatively early, mostly classical. At seven years old, he began singing in a “very strict, terrifying school choir,” but at 14 he branched out and put a band together with friends called STUBBLE, as his boarding school. He was in boarding school at the time, but got permission to hit the local country pubs on Saturday night to play covers of old Cream, B.B. King and Allman Brothers songs. He ended up starting another band at 16 with his sister and cousins once based in Spain, on the island of Mallorca, playing the local summer fiestas!

Read more about Samuel below!


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Reportedly Engaged!

Looks like Kim Kardashian has another ring to flaunt. At Kim's 33rd birthday celebration last night at AT&T Park in San Francisco, Kanye West reportedly popped the question in a huge way!

After asking Kris Jenner for her daughter’s hand in marriage, Kanye supposedly gave Kim a huge 15-carat diamond ring from Lorraine Schwarts, while the field’s jumbo screen flashed, “PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE!!!”

MOVIE REVIEW: Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Story

VH1 premiered the original TV movie, Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Story just last night and everybody has an opinion about it! So of course, I had to share mine.  Starring Drew Sidora as Tionne 'T-Boz" Watkins, KeKe Palmer as Rozanda "Chilli" Thomas, and Niatia "Lil Mama" Kirkland as the late great Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, the movie recounts the making of TLC into one of the biggest girl groups of all time, but also their hard struggles along the way. Rochelle Aytes and Carl Anthony Payne II also appear as Peri "Pebbles" Reid and L.A. Reid, who first signed the group.

I'll admit. I was VERY NERVOUS when this was announced. I respect both Drew and KeKe as actresses, but I wasn't sure they could pull something like this off honestly. I REALLY wasn't sure about Lil Mama. However, after seeing one of the trailers, I quickly changed my mind! Lil Mama looked so much like Left Eye, it was ridiculous. The trio captured TLC's chemistry and mannerisms to a tee! So it was definitely a movie that I had to check out and review!

Check out my thoughts and sound off about the movie below!


In The Spotlight: Sultanov

Another spotlight to kick off your Friday (All musicians, poets, designers, etc. interested in a feature email me!). Today, the spotlight is on singer-songwriter Sultanov! Based in Russia, Sultanov incorporates rock, folk and pop, giving listeners a great blend to listen to!

Born Dan Sultanov, he grew up in the mix of two cultures, Russian and Azerbaijani, both strong, yet very different walks of life. Sultanov grew up in a very artistic family, which fueled his own artistic side. His grandfather is internationally known Azerbaijani painter and draughtsman, Tahir Salakhov, a leader in Russian art. Sultanov’s mother is a painter and dancer, and his father has been playing music all of his life. The singer was always With that in his blood, it was only natural that Sultanov himself would break out into the arts, and he chose to dive headfirst into music!

Check out more from Sultanov below!


"Cold Piece"-Melanie Fiona (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Today must be the day for my favorite songs to finally get their music videos! Melanie Fiona
dropped her video today for "Cold Piece," a song that she previously released earlier in the summer. It's a fun song, but it speaks a real message about falling for somebody whose heart is cold and unaccessible to love. She has parted ways from Universal Music and is now indie, teaming up with Pepsi and Complex Media for the visual.

“I’m at a place where I can make music very creatively free, and working with Pepsi was just very easy,” she says. “With labels, there’s a whole plan and everybody’s talking about all these different things at once. But with Pepsi and Complex, it was just, ‘here’s some of our ideas, what are yours, and we’ll see you on the day of the shoot.’ It was very relaxed and wasn’t stressful at all. And to know that they wanted to create a visual for it was so cool – I wouldn’t have had my own ice cream truck with my name on it had I done this myself! It’s like, wild.”

Check out the video below!

"Hot Sugar"-Tamar Braxton (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Tamar Braxton just dropped a big surprise for her Tamartian friends right in the middle on an episode of Tamar and Vince: her official video for "Hot Sugar!" Her third single from Love and War, "Hot Sugar" is sexy and fun, and the video gives us that as well!
The video is creative, showcasing Tamar's love on Instagram as she invites fans to "choose the Tamar you want to share!" Tamar dances a little with her little eye candy in the background too! It's so much fun and I love it! She looks absolutely gorgeous....really killed this one! 

Check out the video below!
Image via Tamar Braxton/VEVO

Glee Officially Ending After Season 6

Sad news Gleeks! Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy has confirmed that Glee will be ending after Season 6, which has been rumored for quite some time.

He's been planning how to end the show for a while, and had originally wanted it to end with a focus on Cory Monteith and Lea Michele's characters, Finn Hudson and Rachel Berry. However, after Cory's tragic death in July, he had to re-think things.  "The whole [last] year of the show -- which will be next year -- was really designed around Rachel-Cory/Finn story," Ryan said, according to EW. "I always knew that. I always knew how it would end. I knew what the last shot was -- he was in it. I knew what the last line was; she said it to him. So when a tragedy like that happens you sort of have to pause and figure out what you want to do." However, Ryan thinks that the new ending is "very satisfactory" and still honors Cory.

I'm a little sad, but it was to be expected. All good things must come to end. Plus, I'll be honest and say that the new Glee kids on the block have not had as great of a connection as their predecessors. That might be a little bias talking since I've been watching the show since the very beginning, but it's true. I'm interested to see how the show will end, but I have until 2015 to think about that.

What do you think of Glee coming to an end?

Image via Fox


Fashion Brand Showcase (courtesy of Ashley Chin)

My girl Ashley Chin is always on the move! She shot me over some pics last week, showing off her modeling skills and promoting upcoming brands! The "Rebel Just Because" tee shirt to the left, which you'll see in a few different poses, is designed by clothing brand SoCiaL Rejectx

Ashley is also starting her own fashion blog, Style House Mob, which will hit the web in November. With this upcoming designer planning to get video interviews with various members of the fashion industry, as well as painters, rappers, and more, this new blog is definitely going to be one to be on the look out for! She's also steadily working on her own brand, Odd Century by Vane For Decades, which I can't wait to see more of!

The photos were all taken by Seifer Films. Check them out below!


"Simple Man"-Wale (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

"Forgive me, I'm a rider. Sure I'm just a simple man. All I want is money, f**k the fame. I'm a simple man lawd."-Wale, "Simple Man," The Gifted

Wale has officially dropped his video for "Simple Man," track 13 from his third album, The Gifted. Shot in Toronto back in August after Drake’s 4th annual OVO Fest, the video shows Wale performing for the people, as well as rolling through the city. Nothing grand or flashy, and it was better that it wasn't. It was a pretty chill video, as Wale raps on his career and life now that he's signed and making his way up in this industry. Drake and J. Cole also make small cameos in the visual as well. Check out the video below!


Hollywood Exes Season 2 Finale (RECAP)

Sunday night was the season finale of Hollywood Exes and it definitely wasn't one to miss! Picking up from last week, Nicole takes her mom Ellen out for drinks with Mayte and Jessica for a night of fun. Jessica asks how Shamicka's party went, and, of course, the "hood rat" thing is brought up. Jessica automatically goes off because Sheree was the only one who knew about and said that she wasn't going to say anything. Jessica explains herself, saying basically that she didn't mean it in a mean way. Now, she's mad at Sheree, which I can understand. Of course, Shamicka plans to talk to Jessica, but Jessica feels betrayed by Sheree. All in all thought, this is a whole bunch of unnecessary drama right before Vegas for Nicole's bachelorette party!


Hollywood Exes S2, E12 (RECAP)

Looks like I owe two recaps of Hollywood Exes (last Sunday's and last night's season finale!). Picking up from Episode 11, Nicole goes with her daughters and Ellen to pick out a dress at Panache. There are a lot of beautiful gowns. Ellen picks out a simple, elegant dress that's perfect for a beach wedding. It's absolutely amazing on Nicole, but Nicole ends picking another dress that is comfortable yet gorgeous! She is completely in love with it. Whenever she and Michael decide to walk down the aisle, she'll look absolutely stunning!

Later, all of the girls except for Nicole go to a pole dancing class for Andrea's birthday! Nicole couldn't make it because she had to meet with her lawyers to discuss her prenup. Jessica shows up a little later, even though she's not a big fan of pole dancing. The instructor teaches them some sexy moves that they can maybe use another time, and the girls have fun trying. Shortly after she leaves the ladies to their fun, and Andrea shows them some more moves, and everyone takes a turn. Jessica ends up calling Shamicka a "hood rat" as she's on the pole. Sheree seems to be the only one who really heard it though. Though it wasn't meant in a bad way, Jessica definitely needs to know that that's not something you say about anybody, let alone a black woman!


Naya Rivera and Big Sean Engaged!

A big congratulations goes out to Naya Rivera and Big Sean who are officially taking that next step in their relationship! That's right, the couple is engaged, six months after first stepping out as a couple!

Naya's rep confirmed the news to Us Weekly. The couple walked the red carpet at Latina Magazine's Hollywood Hot List party at the Redbury Hotel in Hollywood and the Glee star was rocking a very nice engagement ring on her finger!

Check out the ring below!


The Challenge: Rivals II Season Finale (RECAP)

Last Wednesday was the FINAL for The Challenge: Rivals II! Picking up from last week, one of the guys’ boats had capsized, which definitely would suck up time in this kayak race! I thought that it was Johnny and Frank, but it turns out it was Jordan and Marlon, but they continue to push forward to try to win. Of course, though, Johnny and Frank make it to the boat. I knew that was going to happen. In fact, I think it might have been staged just so we can see the rivalry between them and CT and Wes play out in this last challenge. Jordan and Marlon finish the game in third place, taking home $15K to split. They honestly should be proud of themselves for getting that far, because rookies rarely do! That night, the teams spend the night on the yacht, relaxing and having a good time.  Looking at the final teams, I think the best of the best were there in the end. It's going to be a really great fight to the finish!


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