Hollywood Exes S2, E12 (RECAP)

Looks like I owe two recaps of Hollywood Exes (last Sunday's and last night's season finale!). Picking up from Episode 11, Nicole goes with her daughters and Ellen to pick out a dress at Panache. There are a lot of beautiful gowns. Ellen picks out a simple, elegant dress that's perfect for a beach wedding. It's absolutely amazing on Nicole, but Nicole ends picking another dress that is comfortable yet gorgeous! She is completely in love with it. Whenever she and Michael decide to walk down the aisle, she'll look absolutely stunning!

Later, all of the girls except for Nicole go to a pole dancing class for Andrea's birthday! Nicole couldn't make it because she had to meet with her lawyers to discuss her prenup. Jessica shows up a little later, even though she's not a big fan of pole dancing. The instructor teaches them some sexy moves that they can maybe use another time, and the girls have fun trying. Shortly after she leaves the ladies to their fun, and Andrea shows them some more moves, and everyone takes a turn. Jessica ends up calling Shamicka a "hood rat" as she's on the pole. Sheree seems to be the only one who really heard it though. Though it wasn't meant in a bad way, Jessica definitely needs to know that that's not something you say about anybody, let alone a black woman!

The next day, Sheree and Jessica have dinner and talk about the party. Sheree asked Jessica if she remembered what she said about Shamicka. Jessica didn't even realize how offensive that was. Sheree thinks that she's the only one who heard it, but tells Jessica that she doesn't plan to say anything.

Later in the episode, Mayte and Jessica go to Mayte's breast operation. Mayte's definitely afraid of the pain but goes through it anyway. Once she gets some drugs in her, she quickly calms down. The surgery goes really well, Garth tells Jessica. Jessica then decides that that's the perfect time to try to confess her feelings for Garth. She tells him that he looks happy and asks if he's going to get married again. He says that's personal, but she thinks they should talk later. However, she gets the sense that he's moved on and she needs to make a dignified retreat. Later, Mayte asks what they talked about, and Jessica admits that the conversation was very awkward. She thinks it was truly closure and she needed that. I've been saying that Jessica needs to focus on herself and Josie for a while, so hopefully she does. Love will come in time.

Meanwhile, Sheree and Andrea go out looking for possible boutique locations for Sheree. She has been running her boutique basically out of her house, and definitely needs a new place. They find the perfect spot for Sheree Elizabeth, and Sheree jots down the info to call later. In the car, she opens her big mouth and tells Drea that Jessica called Shamicka a hood rat. Jessica probably should've known not to say that but, then again, she might not have. Andrea jokes about developing a book of things that white women don't say to black women. After the convo, Sheree thinks that she should tell Shamicka rather than her hearing it from any of the other ladies.

Later, Jessica invites the girls over to her house because she has something to tell them. No one knows if it's good or bad, so they're all a little on edge. They do a toast and Jessica reveals that she wants to throw Nicole a bachelorette party in VEGAS, just in case Nicole decides to elope! Lucky! That will be so much fun for the ladies to have a wild weekend out on the town!

At the end of the episode, Shamicka hosts a girls' night, inviting her new friends, as well as friends from back in the day. Drea and Sheree arrive early to help her set up, and asks if Shamicka happened to hear any observation from Jessica while she was on the pole. When she says no, they try to pull away from the conversation, but, of course, Shamicka wants to know now! Sheree tells her that Jessica called her a "hood rat," but that she didn't say it in a mean way. Shamicka gets annoyed at the "That's just Jessica" train that everyone seems to be on. The news quickly spreads to the rest of the ladies. Lucky for Jessica, she can't make it because she had to take to Josie to a modeling agency, because she probably wouldn't have been torn apart with all of those ladies coming.

Many of Shamicka's friends eventually come through which makes her so happy. It's nice that Shamicka has those down to earth friends that have been there for her. Nicole says that Jessica is missing out even though she called Shamicka a hood rat! It got real quiet outside, with the ladies having to try to explain it to Shamicka's friends. Shamicka says that Jessica doesn't have any boundaries, and this whole hood rat debate continues without Jessica being able to defend herself. Shamicka definitely plans to have a conversation with Jessica about this. Here's my thing. Yes, Jessica was in the wrong for what she said. However, Sheree, my issue with you is that you said that you weren't going to say anything at all. If you were going to go back on that promise, then you could've picked a better time to do it. Not at a party with a bunch of Shamicka's friends around! Two, to sit and have a debate about it with everyone while Jessica wasn't there, wasn't fair to her.

The next day, Mayte's dad comes in to help with Gia while she recovers from her operation. Mayte has bruising and knows that she has to be careful. While in bed, she gets an email to submit her request for a court date, but it might take several weeks to put the case on the calendar and then the actual date may be weeks from then. Mayte sees herself as Gia's mother and couldn't stand to lose her! Hopefully, she won't, because that would be very saddening to watch.

The season finale of Hollywood Exes was last night, and I'll be posting the recap in a bit! Definitely a lot of drama so stay tuned! 

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