Hollywood Exes Season 2 Finale (RECAP)

Sunday night was the season finale of Hollywood Exes and it definitely wasn't one to miss! Picking up from last week, Nicole takes her mom Ellen out for drinks with Mayte and Jessica for a night of fun. Jessica asks how Shamicka's party went, and, of course, the "hood rat" thing is brought up. Jessica automatically goes off because Sheree was the only one who knew about and said that she wasn't going to say anything. Jessica explains herself, saying basically that she didn't mean it in a mean way. Now, she's mad at Sheree, which I can understand. Of course, Shamicka plans to talk to Jessica, but Jessica feels betrayed by Sheree. All in all thought, this is a whole bunch of unnecessary drama right before Vegas for Nicole's bachelorette party!

The next day, Mayte and Nelly prep for the final hearing for Gia's adoption. They're all dressed up and a little nervous, obviously, because they see Gia as theirs now!  Even though there's a lot of traffice (which only heighten Mayte's stress), they get to court for the hearing. Though the cameras aren't allowed in, the ladies come out afterwards and it's official! Gia Janelle Garcia is Mayte's daughter forever! Mayte is a mom and I'm so happy for her! She's wanted to be a mom for so long after suffering the loss of her baby years ago. Gia is definitely in great hands!

Later, Shamicka and Sheree go get their nails done before Vegas. Shamicka is nervous to go on the trip because of the Jessica situation. She doesn't know how she's going to address it, but it will definitely be addressed. Sheree tells her to just watch the approach and not be condescending. Sheree hasn't seen or talked to Jessica since their dinner, so she doesn't know what to expect either.

The next scene shows Nicole, Mayte, Andrea, and Jessica making it to the Palms Casino in Vegas!!! Shamicka and Sheree plan to come on another flight later. The ladies are showed to their suite, which is absolutely amazing! Jessica really did it up for them! While they talk, eat and drink, Jessica admits that she's not all too thrilled about Shamicka and Sheree coming because of the whole "hood rat" thing. The ladies break it down to her, that black women don't want to be called hood rats. In Jessica's mind, strippers on a pole are hood rats, which is what she jokingly thought of seeing Shamicka on the pole.. Mayte calls Jessica out in a second, saying that she's contradicting herself because she did Playboy back in 2005. Some people think that that's degrading like Jessica thinks of stripping. Jessica reacts badly and starts crying because of it!

It was clear in that moment that something else is going on with Jessica. She reveals the stress she's going through in dealing with Josie. In fact, Josie's ski trip fell through right at the last minute before Jessica got on the plane to Vegas. Josie is supposed to go stay with her friend, but Jessica is unsure if she will really go. Jessica calls her, and the girl is still at home! From that conversation on the phone (which Jessica had on speaker), Josie needs her behind whupped! She talks to Jessica any old kind of way, and even hangs up on her. The ladies all tell Jessica that she needs to go crazy on that little girl one good time, which I agree with! Jessica ALLOWS Josie to stress her, when she needs to be a parent and put Josie in her place.

Right in the heat of everything, Shamicka and Sheree walk in. Jessica walks away in seeing them, because the last thing she wants to do is deal with them. However, she pulls them aside after she calms down a little bit. They talk about Jessica calling Shamicka a hood rat, and Shamicka explains why it's so offensive. She apologizes, but admits that she's upset at Sheree for telling Shamicka when she said she wouldn't. Sheree apologizes, but she did want to buffer the situation before someone else told her. It's good that they are able to get through it, and hopefully now they'll be able to enjoy the trip!

The ladies then go gambling, but Jessica is still out of it because of Josie. Josie did go to her friend's house. Nicole tells Jessica that she needs to have a good heart to heart with Josie when she gets back home. Now that Jessica is a little bit more relaxed, the ladies can have a good time! They sit down and have some drinks later, where Mayte shares that the adoption's final! Sheree also reveals that she went to her son Trey's gig, and her ex Will Smith was there. However, they were able to talk and laugh with no problems! Andrea doesn't think that she'll ever have a good relationship like that with her ex, but she needs to figure out how to keep going. She admits in a confessional that she thinks that it's best for her to be in Chicago with her babies right now. They all get emotional at the  table for a second, but they find a way to laugh through it.

That night, the ladies go to the club. All of a sudden, Jessica starts yelling at Mayte, as they're walking in! I don't know if Jessica was drunk or what, but she went off! She tells Mayte not to compare her to a stripper ever again, which Mayte denies (though, in a sense, she did). It hurt Jessica's feelings, but Mayte calls her crazy and tells her that she's naked all the time anyway! Jessica basically says their friendship is done and walks off. It was terrible, because Nicole is trying to have a good time at her bachelorette party, and Jessica is being really dramatic. Even if you had a problem with Mayte, you could've brought that up AFTER the trip. Nicole tells Mayte and the other ladies to  have a good time regardless. Minutes later, Jessica texts Mayte to come upstairs to talk, and she promptly says no. Andrea tells her to just let it go, and even takes her phone from her. Meanwhile Jessica pouts in the room, saying in her confessional that she doesn't know who her friends are anymore. The Vegas trip turned into a mess, but the ladies still toast to Nicole at the end of the episode. It ends on a higher note as the girls party and laugh, celebrating Nicole's pending nuptials! It still sucked that Vegas ended the way it did, though.

I honestly never know if this show is going to be renewed for a new season. What I love most about it is that it offers humor with a side of drama. Through everything, what separates Hollywood Exes from some of the other reality shows feature women cast is that they always seem to work through their issues. It's for that same reason though that I always worry that the show won't be renewed. People love drama, and a lot of it. I'm not sure if Hollywood Exes will be coming back for a third season just yet, but I definitely hope they do!

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