In The Spotlight: Nikki Billie Jean

Today we have a spotlight on designer/blogger Nikki Billie Jean, creator of Billie Jean Bowties &Designs! (As always, if you are interested in a feature, feel free to email me!)

Born and raised in Maryland, Nikki is a 2009 graduate of Archbishop Caroll High School in Washington, D.C., and a 2013 grad of Penn State. She first took interest in fashion after subscribing to Seventeen magazine in high school, but really got the chance to show off her style in college. “Every time I had an opportunity to express myself when it came to fashion, I seized that moment,” she said. In her sophomore year, she helped organized a fashion show for an event at Penn State called “Taste of Africa.” “I modeled, directed, and even helped make clothes for this show,” Nikki stated. “After this show, I knew fashion was something I really wanted to get into."

Check out more about Nikki below!


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