In The Spotlight: Glenn Aitken

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Today on Spotlight, we have New Zealand singer-songwriter Glenn Aitken! Glenn picked up playing piano at an early age, and then went on to teach himself guitar and saxophone as well. He played in bands four nights a week while studying at university, and when he graduated, he left to play with a band in Shanghai, China!

Inspired by the Beatles, Pink Floyd, and John Mayer among others, Glenn also admitted that his home of New Zealand also has had a strong impact on his career. “New Zealand has a thriving music industry full of amazing talent,” the singer said. “I grew up playing songs from such great songwriters [such] as Neil Finn and Dave Dobbyn.” Pop rock band Crowded House, formed by both New Zealand and Australian members, is one of his favorite bands to this day.

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Check Out the Official Trailer for Angelina Jolie's Maleficent!

I was checking tweets while the Grammys were on commercial break, when I heard an eerie voice sing "I know you...I walked with you once upon a dream..." Sleeping Beauty, which is where the song is originally from, is one of my favorite Disney movies, so my head immediately popped up. That's when I saw the official trailer for Maleficent, the live-action remake of the film, which stars Angelina Jolie as the evil sorceress! I saw a poster for the film a few months ago, but hadn't really heard anything else about it.

The trailer features Angelina in full costume as Maleficent, horns and all, with big battle scenes and shots of the infamous spinning wheel that puts Aurora (played by Elle Fanning) in a deep sleep. Maleficent will be released in theaters this May, and tells the classic fairytale from Maleficent's point of view, explaining why she cursed Princess Aurora in the first place.  "You know the tale...Now find out the truth," the trailer teases.

Check out the trailer below!

Complete List of Winners for Grammys 2014!

Last night was the 56th Annual Grammy Awards! I couldn't do a review, because I unashamedly flipped back and forth between the show and Bravo for most of the night. I was bored with most of it, minus a few performances including Beyoncé and Jay-Z's performance of "Drunk In Love," and Kendrick Lamar's collab with Imagine Dragons
Big winners of the night included Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Daft Punk, and Lorde. There were some definite snubs, but that's every year. Check out the full list of winners below!  


"The Huxtables Have Fallen"-Being Mary Jane S1, E3 (RECAP)

Another good episode of Being Mary Jane last night! Picking up from last week, right at the opening of the episode, Mary Jane's brother Patrick catches her giving Andre oral!!! MJ really needs to get some blinds or curtains, because that glass house tells ALL of her business! Come to find out that Andre used to be a promoter at Patrick's old club, which is how Patrick knows that he's married! Mary Jane freaks out, of course. Again, she knows she's wrong, and her brother just caught her in the act! She brings up the fact that Andre didn't fix her pool light like he promised, and he jumps right in to screw the light back in. Afterwards, he asks if there's anything else he can do for her, and he returns her sexual favor! After the implied sex, Mary Jane stares at the ring Andre gave her, but ends up giving it back, saying that she doesn't want an engagement like this.


"Girls Night In"-Being Mary Jane S1, E2 (RECAP)

How many of you are loving Being Mary Jane?! I know I am! The show hasn't been without its share of controversy about MJ's affair with a married man, and how it sensitizes the issue like Scandal, and all that. I personally like the show, because it opens us up to some honest discussion about love, marriage, cheating, etc. I even had a interesting little debate on Twitter last night with somebody about the important factors in a relationship or marriage (In my opinion, love is the foundation, but it's not the only thing to consider before being with someone).

After their romp in the gym last episode, Mary Jane heads over to Andre's hotel room to "talk." He tries to kiss her, and she shrugs him off. Deep down, she knows she's wrong for messing with him, but she can't seem to turn away. Then, out of the blue, the fool asks her to marry her! "We just screwed in the gym...that's not love!" she screams. He tries to get her to see his side, and pulls out the ring, and she blocks everything out. As he continues to talk about how much he "loves" her, and wants to be with her, she tears up. "All you do is make me cry," she says and she turns to leave. Andre yells after her saying that he needs to tell his wife "something" about their status. That right there...lets me know that he doesn't truly care. He just wants to try to justify the situation in some way to his wife!

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In The Spotlight: Skylight

I'm excited to give y'all the first spotlight of 2014! (As always, if you are interested in being featured on Spotlight, please email me!)

Today, we have South African band, Skylight, made up of talented musicians Greg Jorden (vocals and rhythm guitar), Wesley Ayliffe (lead guitar), Peter Klien (bass), and Bradley Cumming (drums)! The band was officially established back in the summer of 2009, after Greg, Pete, and Brad performed together at a Christmas Carols event in late 2008. As the trio worked on their first tracks together, Wes, who worked as an engineer in the studio, became a part of the group. “We really connected, and they invited me to a rehearsal,” Wes recalled. “The rest is history.”

Check out more about the group below!


"Can't Remember To Forget You"-Shakira feat. Rihanna (NEW MUSIC)

Shakira's collaboration with Rihanna is finally out! The upbeat track, "Can't Remember To Forget You," is a fun track that speaks on not being able to forget someone that you probably should. The good memories always have a way of creeping up on you, and making you forget all the bad in a relatio

"Working with her was utopia," Shakira said about Rihanna in a recent Glamour interview. “She’s the sexiest woman on the planet. And at the end of the day, we’re both just basically Caribbean girls. The chemistry was so good and so real. She taught me dance moves. She was a sweet teacher.”

I hope that they do a video for this one with a spicy Latin-Carribean feel! Spring isn't here just yet, but it's warming up, and I'm ready to party!

Check out "Can't Remember To Forget You" below!

Image via Shakira/Ace Entertainment


Miley Cyrus is the Face Behind Marc Jacobs' Spring 2014 Campaign

2014 is already looking good for Miley Cyrus! The singer has become the new face for Marc Jacobs' spring 2014 campaign!

Miley is sitting on sand, looking quite in her feelings, rocking a navy jacket, maroon shorts, and black sneakers. No silliness here! The ad is very moody, like she's contemplating life or something.

Miley and Marc have a pretty lengthy relationship, with Marc bringing her into fashion when she was 16. She even rocked a green gown designed by him to the Fashion Group International's Night of the Stars, which got her a spot in "Time's Top 10 Best Dressed" list in 2013!

Other celebs that have posed for Marc Jacobs include Dakota Fanning, Victoria Beckham, Helena Bonham Carter and Sofia Coppola.

It's not my favorite ad, but it's a very good look for Miley to be a part of this! I hope she left all that twerking in 2013.


"Storm Advisory"-Being Mary Jane Season Premiere (RECAP)

This summer, we got a glimpse into the life of Mary Jane Paul, played by the fabulous Gabrielle Union, on BET's new series Being Mary JaneThe two hour pilot that we saw back in July introduced Mary Jane as a broadcast journalist, who struggles with men, family and friends. The series has been picked up for a short season of eight episodes, and has already been picked up for a second (hopefully with more episodes)!

To start last night's premiere, we see Mary Jane running frantically to her friend Lisa's house (Lisa was seen as a doctor last season) and breaking in. Turns out that Lisa has taken a lot of pills, and is out of it on her bed. MJ quickly gets her up and helps to revive her. She stays the night with her friend, and even cooks for her the next morning. Lisa is clearly struggling with something, though we don't know what just yet. The next morning, the two talk, and Lisa promises that she will call Mary Jane before ever doing something like that again.


Eva Longoria Named Maxim's Woman of the Year

Gorgeous and talented actress Eva Longoria has been named Maxim's Woman of the Year! Her first time on the cover, and she looks great!

"It's especially awesome after how long it's been since my first cover," Eva said in an interview with the magazine. "I've had a beautiful relationship with Maxim over all these years." She's in love with the cover, believing this to be her best yet. "When someone sees the cover of this issue, they're going to say, '¡Que rico!'" the actress said "'¡Que rico!' Say it when something is really good, when you're enjoying something."

Lady Gaga Explains "Do What You Want" Video Delay

Lady Gaga's Monsters have been waiting and waiting for her video for single, "Do What You Want," featuring R. Kelly, but it looks like the project is facing some major delays! Gaga gave the official reason on her Little Monsters fan site this weekend:

"It is late because, just like with the 'Applause' video unfortunately, I was given a week to plan and execute it," the singer explained. "It is very devastating for someone like me, I devote every moment of my life to creating fantasies for you. All my most successful videos were planned over a period of time when I was rested and my creativity was honored. Those who have betrayed me gravely mismanaged my time and health and left me on my own to damage control any problems that ensued as a result. Millions of dollars are not enough for some people. They want billions. Then they need trillions. I was not enough for some people. They wanted more."


"Tia and Tamera" Ends After Three Seasons

Tia and Tamera Mowry are making big changes for 2014, including cutting their reality show! The twin sisters announced that their show, "Tia and Tamera", a hit on the Style Network, will not be coming back for a fourth season.


"The Vampire Diaries" Converts to Comic Books!

The CW hit show "The Vampire Diaries" is coming out with another twist for fans. The show is being turned into a comic book series under DC Entertainment!

The new series details stories from the Salvatore brothers' past (the first issue is called "Vervain!"). I'm not sure if it will shed light on the storylines that we already see on the show, or confuse us even more! The Vampire Diaries #1, the first in a monthly series, will be available in comic book stores January 8.

Now granted, I don't see myself actually buying a whole series of comic books personally, but it's still cool! And I'm sure that fans will sell them out! You can check out more pages from the first issue on The Hollywood Reporter.

Image via THR


James Avery Passes Away

Very sad news to start the new year! James Avery, best known for his role as Uncle Phil on "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air," died on Tuesday, his publicist confirmed to ABC News. The actor died from complications of open heart surgery, Cynthia Snyder informed the media.

Before becoming an actor, James served in the Navy in the Vietnam War from 1968 to 1969. He returned back to the States, moving to San Diego, and wrote poetry and TV scripts for PBS, including the Emmy Award-winning production, "Ameda Speaks: Poet James Avery." In addition to Fresh Prince, he also lent his voice to several animated TV series, including "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" and "Iron Man."  Most recently, James worked on Zach Braff's film, "Wish I Was Here," which will premiere at the Sundance film festival.


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