"Storm Advisory"-Being Mary Jane Season Premiere (RECAP)

This summer, we got a glimpse into the life of Mary Jane Paul, played by the fabulous Gabrielle Union, on BET's new series Being Mary JaneThe two hour pilot that we saw back in July introduced Mary Jane as a broadcast journalist, who struggles with men, family and friends. The series has been picked up for a short season of eight episodes, and has already been picked up for a second (hopefully with more episodes)!

To start last night's premiere, we see Mary Jane running frantically to her friend Lisa's house (Lisa was seen as a doctor last season) and breaking in. Turns out that Lisa has taken a lot of pills, and is out of it on her bed. MJ quickly gets her up and helps to revive her. She stays the night with her friend, and even cooks for her the next morning. Lisa is clearly struggling with something, though we don't know what just yet. The next morning, the two talk, and Lisa promises that she will call Mary Jane before ever doing something like that again.

Mary Jane heads back to the arms of her lover David at home. At that moment, Andre (who MJ had an
 affair with, until she found out he was MARRIED!) pops up at the gate. When David goes to find out what he's doing, Andre claims to have pulled over to send a text, though he was definitely trying to get in! Mary Jane watches sneakily through the window, but acts like nothing at all is wrong when David comes back in. He then invites her to a concert, which she happily accepts.

Going into the office, Mary Jane stops to get coffee for her and her friend/producer Kara. Kara calls her and informs her that a co-worker has been fired, and that she needs to get into the office ASAP! At that moment, Andre shows up at MJ's car (can we say stalker?!!), wanting to talk. MJ tells him off again, saying that he is married and needs to get away from her, and speeds away.

Changes are happening at Mary Jane's station, and her supervisor Gary plans to have individual meetings to discuss who is best for the network. After the meeting, Kara tells MJ that she should cover a hurricane in Florida. Like most black women would, Mary Jane refuses because of her hair (and the fact that no one really wants to be in the middle of a hurricane!) and suggests a local girl to go down there. Back at her office, MJ gets word that a fan wants to meet her. Turns out that the "fan" is Avery Daniels, Andre's wife, whom Mary Jane told about the affair, though MJ had no idea she was married! Avery is really bold, pulling out phone records of Andre calling MJ, and drilling her about their affair, if they've talked about a future, and if he loves her! Andre told her that he loved her once, but it probably wasn't true. Avery walks out, seemingly with a sense of satisfaction, feeling like MJ will never actually be with her husband.

In the middle of the  broadcast on Hurricane Kenny, Kara's kids come to see her along with her ex-husband, waiting for her to attend the oldest son's recital. However, both Kara and Mary Jane are asked to stay to cover the hurricane. Kara has to disappoint her kids, and MJ has to break her plans with David. It's the life of working women all over the country, especially those with significant others and children. Sometimes you have to choose between your work and your personal life, and it sucks.

During the broadcast, Lindsay tries to come home because it's getting really bad down there, but Kara wants her to stay and get the story! Lindsay leaves the camera with a couple who is staying to ride out the hurricane, and Kara keeps rolling with them on the air for the ratings, and a possible award! Suddenly the camera goes black, implying that something bad might have happened to the couple. Mary Jane explodes on Kara, knowing that Kara used them for ratings. It doesn't work out bad for Kara, though. Afterwards, Gary asks Kara to consider consulting on another show, which she agrees to. It's crazy, though. Kara clearly had no conscience about using that couple the way she did. It's an issue that many companies, and the media especially (even myself), deal with all the time--ethics versus numbers. Would you rather stand by your standards, or push them aside to get more money, better ratings, or a few more clicks? It's a deliberate choice.

After the blowup, MJ calls David, who is driving to meet someone else. She hangs up angrily, but then calls him back and drills him about what's going on with the other girl. David then calls her out about Andre, but she denies sleeping with him. Since she couldn't go to the concert, he is meeting up with someone else. They aren't together, and David really doesn't owe her an explanation. He was honest with her about what he wanted at that point, and Mary Jane clearly wasn't ready. Most of us have been there. That's why I can't do the friends with benefits thing. Emotions get involved, even if you claim they won't.

Mary Jane's night seems to go on as usual, but it's clear she has a lot on her mind. She runs on the treadmill, but eventually gets off. Andre is also there (STALKER!!!) and follows that girl in the shower to talk! MJ demands the password to her phone which is her address (SERIOUSLY?! I know he just changed that for that moment!). She unlocks it, sees a picture of the man's family, and breaks down into tears. However, with Andre's slick talk, he gets her to have sex with her right then, right there! Again, it's a situation that many have dealt with, not necessarily with a married man, but being involved with someone you know you have no business being with! Mary Jane knows better, but it's hard to walk away sometimes.

What did you think of last night's premiere of Being Mary Jane? Will you be watching this season?

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