"Girls Night In"-Being Mary Jane S1, E2 (RECAP)

How many of you are loving Being Mary Jane?! I know I am! The show hasn't been without its share of controversy about MJ's affair with a married man, and how it sensitizes the issue like Scandal, and all that. I personally like the show, because it opens us up to some honest discussion about love, marriage, cheating, etc. I even had a interesting little debate on Twitter last night with somebody about the important factors in a relationship or marriage (In my opinion, love is the foundation, but it's not the only thing to consider before being with someone).

After their romp in the gym last episode, Mary Jane heads over to Andre's hotel room to "talk." He tries to kiss her, and she shrugs him off. Deep down, she knows she's wrong for messing with him, but she can't seem to turn away. Then, out of the blue, the fool asks her to marry her! "We just screwed in the gym...that's not love!" she screams. He tries to get her to see his side, and pulls out the ring, and she blocks everything out. As he continues to talk about how much he "loves" her, and wants to be with her, she tears up. "All you do is make me cry," she says and she turns to leave. Andre yells after her saying that he needs to tell his wife "something" about their status. That right there...lets me know that he doesn't truly care. He just wants to try to justify the situation in some way to his wife!

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Later, MJ goes to see her dad who just bought a hot new car. They talk about Mama Patterson, who is too sick and tired to go out for a drive, which is a shame. MJ's niece, Niecy comes down the steps. MJ was supposed to take her to a doctor's appointment for her baby, but Niecy claims that her baby daddy Dante is going to take her. No apology or anything. Just a complete waste of Mary Jane's time.

Meanwhile, Avery has a conversation with Andrr about the different things she needs him to do for their kids. She then brings up the fact that a girl at her firm, Jill found out her husband was cheating on her, but didn't leave him. Instead, she drew up a post-nup that if he ever cheats, she gets everything! At that very moment, Avery pulls out a postnup of her own for Andre to sign, but he refuses. Avery sits in shock as she believes now that he does love Mary Jane. I don't think Andre's really in love with MJ. I think he's in love with the idea of the newness of the situation, and the potential of what it could be. Mary Jane doesn't love Andre either. She's in love with the idea of having a life with someone more so than anything.

That afternoon, Niecy waits for Dante to take her to her appointment, but he sure ain't coming! To be real, I need her to stop getting pregnant like it's cute. Meanwhile, Mary Jane gets the ring back  from Andre in a package at her desk, and doesn't know what to think. When she walks out for a moment, Kara tries to talk about their argument and try to fix things.
However, Mary Jane is pissed that Kara is working on Mark's show and went behind her back to do it! She has to hear it from Gary, their supervisor, of all people.

That night, MJ goes out to dinner with her dad, and he talks about how it can be hard it can be to watch her mom so sick. He still really loves her though. The topic then turns to marriage as Mary Jane brings up the fact that she doesn't know why we are all rushing to get married. Her father, however, can't wait until the guy calls her up for her hand in marriage! Little does he know, she already got a proposal...from a married man! During the dinner, an old friend Kathryn comes up to them and asks to finally visit MJ's mother. though it seems like she is really more so interested in her father! Mary Jane peeps it too!

The next morning, Mary Jane goes to talk to Mark about Kara joining his show. His show really is in trouble, and he could use the help honestly. She sees his wedding ring, and wonders if she wants to get married. Maybe it's just something she says she wants, just because she's supposed to. It's a good thought. Later, she goes to see her family, and finds out Dante didn't show up, and Niecy is heartbroken. Meanwhile, Kathryn shows up like a silver fox and hangs out with her dad.

Back at his house, Andre finds Avery sobbing in the closet. He tries to console her, but she promptly kicks him out!

Since MJ sees Kathryn's true intentions, he asks her mother if it would kill her to go on a drive with her father. Mama Patterson already sees what Kathryn is doing. She knows that she had it back in the day, but now she knows that her disease is taking over.  There's not so much she can do now, really.

That night, Tomiko, an old friend of MJ's who took her old job, comes over to see Mary Jane at her girls' night. Kara decides she can show up too, and brings wine as a peace offering. Kara apologizes, and knows that she should have told her the truth herself. They make up. As Kara walks away, a cop knocks at the door, but of course, it's a stripper! And the party begins!

Back at her house, Avery goes OFF on Andre, asking him who is going to want her now with two kids and her stretch marks. She was with him when he had nothing, and "made him into the man other women want," and he doesn't even realize. 

Back at MJ's, Tomiko shows off her wedding ring. One of her friends reveals she's messing with a married man. The ladies start to debate about it, but Mary Jane, of course, changes the subject before the light starts to shine on her. It's only going to be a matter of time before her secret comes out, though! From there, the ladies start talking about their secrets: Kara admits she got laid with an intern! Tomiko bought a bigger ring than her man actually gave her! The ladies want dirt on MJ, and she pulls out the sperm she took from David! In a baking soda box no less. Lisa is irritated that she did that, believing she could adopt (plus apparently MJ froze it wrong anyway). It was just an option for Mary Jane, I guess. She's almost 40 and still single, so she's trying to take her family planning into her own hands, I guess? But let's talk about how that stripper stayed there and milked up all their secrets!!! I see him blackmailing MJ especially since she is a broadcast journalist! 

Back to Andre and Avery's mess. He  tries to blame Avery for stepping outside of the marriage, claiming that the passion and sex is gone. Of course, they get into a huge argument. Meanwhile, Mary Jane is trying to text him, and he won't answer. They keep arguing and MJ's texts keep beeping. Surprisingly though, Avery and Andre have sex! Mary Jane wakes up the next morning to find that Andre still hasn't responded to her. Oh but he loves her. Girl bye.

The drama continues when an all new episode of Being Mary Jane airs next Tuesday at 10 p.m. EST! 

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