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I'm excited to give y'all the first spotlight of 2014! (As always, if you are interested in being featured on Spotlight, please email me!)

Today, we have South African band, Skylight, made up of talented musicians Greg Jorden (vocals and rhythm guitar), Wesley Ayliffe (lead guitar), Peter Klien (bass), and Bradley Cumming (drums)! The band was officially established back in the summer of 2009, after Greg, Pete, and Brad performed together at a Christmas Carols event in late 2008. As the trio worked on their first tracks together, Wes, who worked as an engineer in the studio, became a part of the group. “We really connected, and they invited me to a rehearsal,” Wes recalled. “The rest is history.”

Check out more about the group below!

In 2010, the group’s song “Always Enough,” hit the scene, and garnered them a spot on the annual Joburg Day festival line up, performing in front of a crowd of 18,000! That same year, the band also appeared on SA’s Got Talent competition, rising to the Top 20 before being eliminated.

In 2011, Skylight began working on their debut album, Made for More, which was released in May 2013 (I’ll be posting a review on the album soon!).“We are all made for more,” Wes said in explaining the significance behind the title. “As a band we believe that this album is more than just songs. It has a message of hope for the listener.” The album was created in hopes to inspire listeners to live “with hope and purpose,” according to Peter. “We believe that people were made for more than just “getting through” life. Everyone has the potential to influence the world around them for the better.” The band worked with Grammy and SAMA-winning producer, Darryl Torr, on the album, whom Greg calls a “creative genius.” “He can hear things that nobody else can,” Greg explained. “It was exciting to bring him an idea and to see how he transformed it into something great. It was a privilege [to work with him].” The album features tracks “Give It Up,” “Born To Love You,” and the inspirational “Always Enough,” which was unanimously one of the band’s favorites on the album (“It has a message, which we as a band believe in, and have seen in action,” Brad said of the song). With a message of hope and inspiration, Made for More is sure to have a major impact on listeners (You can buy a copy of the album now on iTunes!)

The group’s chemistry is something that can’t be denied, as you’ll hear in their music. Inspired by groups like Matchbox 20, Switchfoot, The Fray, and The Script, Skylight has a fun and mellow rock sound, that the audience What’s great to see with them is that, beyond just the band, they all bond as friends as well. “We’re all quite different, especially Pete,” Greg joked, “but we get each other. It’s easy going and a lot of fun!” Brad added, “We work well together. The creativity comes naturally when we jam what’s inside of us.”

Being from South Africa, Skylight also recognizes the impact that their home has had on their sound, and how the music scene there continues to rise. “It’s so good to see so many artists doing so well, and making the most amazing music,” Greg noted. “Currently there are some really talented artists in SA, producing music that is of an international quality,” Pete added. “The bar has definitely been raised over the past few years. This has inspired us to record the best quality album possible.” However, they also acknowledge that sometimes it can be tough to get their music heard. “Local music doesn’t always get the exposure it needs for our radio and TV channels which prefer international artists,” Wes admitted. “However, I believe that the live music scene is better than ever.” Brad chimed in: “I believe times are changing. There are many talented people in this country and some great music is coming out! I think it’s going to keep getting better.”

In addition to promoting their album, the group is also involved in other activities. Greg and Brad both are involved at their church, Gracepoint, as well as other musical projects (Greg plans to start a songwriting team, and Brad is playing music for other projects for growth and experience!). Wes states that they are always writing new music, either for themselves or other artists, and plans to collaborate with other songwriters this year. In terms of what sets Skylight apart, Greg joked, “Our good looks! Haha…no! I’m not sure if it separates us, but I’m very proud to say that we’re all really good friends.” Wes added: “We’re all driven by the message of love and hope that our music holds. We are all made for more, and we want to share the joy of that with those around us.” Their hopes for the future? To get their music heard by as many as possible. “We’re all looking forward to a big year ahead as a band,” Wes responded. “Response to the album has been good so far, and we’re excited to take it wherever it goes.”

Skylight is definitely a rising band to look out for! They have a great sound, and even greater inspirational message for listeners. Be sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter, as well as more of their music on Soundcloud and YouTube!

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