"The Huxtables Have Fallen"-Being Mary Jane S1, E3 (RECAP)

Another good episode of Being Mary Jane last night! Picking up from last week, right at the opening of the episode, Mary Jane's brother Patrick catches her giving Andre oral!!! MJ really needs to get some blinds or curtains, because that glass house tells ALL of her business! Come to find out that Andre used to be a promoter at Patrick's old club, which is how Patrick knows that he's married! Mary Jane freaks out, of course. Again, she knows she's wrong, and her brother just caught her in the act! She brings up the fact that Andre didn't fix her pool light like he promised, and he jumps right in to screw the light back in. Afterwards, he asks if there's anything else he can do for her, and he returns her sexual favor! After the implied sex, Mary Jane stares at the ring Andre gave her, but ends up giving it back, saying that she doesn't want an engagement like this.

The next day, the family tries to plan Patrick's birthday. He then comes in being shady, asking for an eight letter word for "unfaithful" for a crossword puzzle, right as Mary Jane is sitting there! That brings up the topic of adultery to the table, which Mama Helen is totally against (I believe her words included "vile" and "stupid!"). Patrick was completely out of line to do that though. MJ asks how much to buy his silence, and he asks for 30 grand. Mary Jane truly believes that Andre loves her, but Patrick tells her that she reminds him of himself as a crack addict. MJ is an addict to Andre. However, Patrick promises to keep his mouth shut about the whole thing.

At work, Julian pitches a story to Kara about a woman, Samantha Haven, who died three years ago in front of her TV watching Showtime. It was a little unrealistic, because nobody would get away with not paying rent or their cable bill for three years. Plus the smell would have been horrendous! But I digress. The point it she died alone, and nobody missed her. Kara pitches the story to MJ, who isn't sure, because it's basically an expose on lonely women. Kara spins it, stating that it's a universal issue, not just with women, that the world is becoming so disconnected and isolated. Later, after watching some of the footage from the documentary about Samantha, MJ decides to do the story. I think that she partly sees herself. Someone who is successful, but still alone, and she kind of wonders, if she were to die, would anyone miss her?

Later, Patrick speaks with his father about possibly calling off the party. Paul tells him that sometimes celebrations aren't for you but for others, namely his mom, who seems to be quite happy planning this whole thing. Paul makes it clear to Patrick that he better show up! He does, later on in the show, and his family celebrates him.

The next day, Kara confronts Mark about why he didn't show up to their meeting about his show. He was caught up in traffic, apparently. She tells him that if he doesn't want to do the work to save his show, then just let her know. She's giving a status report on the show the next day, regardless. If Mark doesn't put his pride aside, he might just lose his show all together!

Mary Jane runs the Samantha Haven story, and asks the question if social media and technology is disconnecting us all from the world. Rev. Jesse Jackson makes a cameo, saying he does partly blame it all for this woman being gone, and no one realizing it. It's true. We often isolate ourselves and get so wrapped up in social media, that the line between the Internet and real life quickly becomes blurred. I know this as a blogger that it's easy to become disconnected from the outside world.

At the station that night, Mark talks about his very first interview that lasted only 23 seconds, but impressed his boss. He worked his way up in this industry over 17 years, and it's hard for him to change. Kara is honest that his show is boring, and he needs to revamp somehow. Kara also thinks there should be a pop culture segment as well. His work is what kept him here, but these changes need to happen in order for him to stay. Mark decides to give in and work with her.

Mary Jane's friend Cynthia comes through. Cynthia compliments her on the angle of the Samantha Haven story. She also admits she had Greg fire Julian, saying that she thinks it's important that everyone stays in their own lane. It seems to be a dig at Mary Jane as well. This woman might just be gunning for her to lose her job! Jealously much?!

Back at her house, MJ does an "addiction quiz" and sees that she is 100% addicted. She deletes it, but then frantically calls her provider to get the number back! Definitely an Andre addict! Meanwhile, Patrick has an idea for a "mobile lounge" aka food truck and has a meeting with a former partner at his club. Because Patrick has been out of the business for so long, it's not looking too great for him. Afterwards, MJ calls Patrick, realizing that she is an addict, though not in the typical form. Patrick drives her to their Aunt Toni's house, which she is totally against. However, she goes in and has a plate. A little girl calls her little cousins out, claiming that Mary Jane is not really related to them. When MJ states how she is, Kashari Amber Wallace asks why she's never seen her around? Mary Jane is somewhat taken aback, admitting she doesn't know. I think she does though. I think she's been trying to forget certain parts of her life, even with changing her name from Pauletta Washington to Mary Jane Paul. She's somewhat embarrassed of her family, even if she doesn't directly say so.

Afterwards, Mary Jane doesn't want to go home just yet. Patrick drives her to his old club. Patrick tells her upfront that she needs to leave Andre alone, but she's already "in love" with him. Patrick admits that he himself was addicted to being the king of Atlanta with his club, and cocaine became a part of that. He stresses that Andre is not worth it, and she can do better. Patrick tells Mary Jane that he is working towards a new opportunity, and MJ pledges her support. All he asks is that if she feels herself slipping that she will call him, and not Andre.

Back at the house, Patrick doesn't have a key so his father has to let him in, though it's 2 in the morning! He looks around at his present situation, and pulls out some cocaine. Meanwhile, Mary Jane ends up having Andre over again. Looks like they both relapsed. Addiction is a serious thing.

Watching this show, I think a lot of us can be quick to judge, myself included. "She's messing with a MARRIED man! Who does that? She knows she's wrong." I don't agree, but, if it's one thing I remembered tonight, is that many of us, if not all, have or have had an addiction somewhere along the way. Whether it be drugs, alcohol, a significant other, whoever. I don't condone MJ's behavior at all, or anybody else that would mess with someone married, but I got my own glass house (mine just happens to have really thick curtains!), so who I am to judge anyone else on anything? I hope that throughout the rest of the series, we will see Mary Jane grow and become stronger, and get rid of Andre. Hopefully she finds somebody good for her. I really want that for her!

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